Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nothing Beats A Back Road

              Good morning readers!!   Yesterday I had the joy of taking all three kiddos to the dreaded dentist.   Actually I do not think it would have been as bad, if the trip had not been so close to Halloween.  And it was super nice that they made all three appointments at the same time, and in our town!  The kids got out of school early for the "fun" and mom works out of her office in our bedroom.   So to keep it quiet at home and make up for the dentist trip--we grabbed some snacks, water, and Mr Butch--*our newly adopted dog,  and headed off to Explore.   Of course I had time to snap some pictures along the way.  ;)  We headed down fourth street--away from the evil dentist and Wal-Mart to the end of the road.   This seems to be a very popular drinking area--so I would not advice showing up here later at night.  Unless you like to drink adult beverages with underage students.  But hey--everyone needs to have a hobby.  Just to the right of the dead end signs is a gate leading to the open fields and Exploring. 

       Before I really get into this blog post--the answer to where we were Exploring earlier in the week.  I again received no guesses, but if you live in Benson you probably recognized the area.   There are lots of ways to contact me.   But the fastest is at my highly un-popular Facebook page.  The link can be found at the bottom of this very blog post!  If this section gets more popular-- I will start giving prizes for the first correct answer!  


        At any rate the boys and I went all the way up the hill Ocotillo Road,  and went right.   Exploring with the college just in view.   More on this trip in my next blog post---all about quick local Exploring.  This page is an new up start for sure, so please share the page if you enjoy what you see here! 

                                                               In the heart of wonderful Benson, Arizona!
                                                           We want to be one of the first to fully welcome ALL of
                                                          the great snowbirds to the area--ALL who make for a great
                                                                                       Arizona winter time!!

        I am not sure why there are so many fake cactus around the desert.  Since you can find real ones of every size and shape.    But these ones right off of Fourth Street make for a great picture.  Pause for a few minutes and you can snap a picture with a train in the background.  Now back to today's blog post.  

     Heading out Fourth Street -just past the intersection you see this great row of trees---all slowly gaining there fall beauty.  

Both are always ready to find a new trail!

                    Yet another train rolls into the distance just past our hike.  Right after this it disappears behind the hills we were Exploring. 

                                                From a distance --again the clouds were wonderful this day. 


This area offers lots of climbing and losing of your footing.
Butch was right behind us every step of the way.
Even from a distance we could spot something at the top of this formation.
                           And this was what we found at the top.   As many times is the case--I am not sure of the story for this at all, but it was great fun to make up our own reasons for this statue to be up on the high perch.   He would have an amazing few if only he had a head.  

In one of the water run-offs the boys found the remains of an old truck.  This called for a perfect photo opp.
                                                       As Always

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