Friday, November 8, 2013

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               Today after lots of coffee, finds me on a mini road trip.  After coffee of course--unless I stop for coffee on the way!  A fine gentleman down the road saw our postings about the book club--and is donating ten boxes worth of books.   This is beyond great, but he had no way to get them to us.   I am always up for new Exploring and am going to try and get a nice hike in before grabbing the books.  Of course there will be pictures--and all of this should end up in my next Exploring blog page, unless it is beyond boring. 

         I do not think people realize the size of these bookcases -that were also donated to us for the project.  They are beyond huge--and it was not fun bringing them back from Sierra Vista at all.  There is also a small-ish magazine rack that we are using for music books.   I am very sure that pieces of it, did not make it all the way to our house.  In face several pieces jumped out of the truck on the very large speed bump coming into the boarder patrol check station, while leaving SV.   I was waiting for them to make me jump out and grab the parts.   But the workers were to busy staring at the huge cases, waiting for them to fall out, as I was.  
Have I mentioned lately how addicting coffee really is?
Or just how good it is!
Today's picture of the day comes from the heart of Benson, Arizona.
This classic motel has been around for a long time. 
And has seen this town through some changes!
It also offers some great photos. 
I have posted about this place before -and how fun it is to Explore. 
I do not enjoy being hugged by anyone -partically
Even someone I really love.
My wife's family is REALLY into hugs. 
Probably more so when they realized how much I hate them.
The hugs-that is -not necessarily the family members.
And I do believe a 19 minute hug would push me over the edge into
the "dark side" as in Darth Vader evil.
But if it is any comfort the dark side has cookies!
                 We buy and sell things all of the time to help make ends meet with our bills.   Yes--  we do pay all of the bills, on occasion.   I recall times when I would put all of the bills in a hat, draw out two--and they were the lucky two companies that got paid that month!   But at the moment we are very blessed, and even have some extra cash laying around the house.   Funny how right after getting the leach on society relatives to move away from us, we had cash for us again.   Anyways I have recently found some great buy and sell pages on Facebook.  And at the moment they are a better resource than Craig's List.  Less crap-more selling. 
    That said--while attempting to help another couple pay there bills, we got scammed on one of the local sights.  Annoying--but we can take care of those issues.   More annoying was how the local sights administration dealt with my complaints.   This sight, it seems has 800 rules--but few of them have anything to do with getting scammed.  They condemn swearing and drama and bad mouthing kittens, and 797 other petty things--so much so that you can quickly find yourself banned from the sight.  But they really can not do anything if you get cheated.   Shouldn't that be the top priority and rules for a sight that is just about buying and selling things??  I certainly thought so, and argued the point so much--that I am no longer a member of the buy/sell group.   Having 888 rules, just to have rules seems pointless and very government like to me.   Any time one did something, close to breaking a rule, that set of rules was sent to your message box, and posted online  for all to see.  This of course presented a challenge for me, break more idiotic rules--faster.   But I believe accepting challenges was breaking a rule also.   Thinking for yourself, was also breaking a rule.   Just like with big government!    I am in many other buy/sell type groups, and none of them run there pages anything like this one.   But Sierra Vista people defiantly have there own way of doing things it seems.   Not that there is anything wrong with that --usually.  ;)   I think I will send the above to the administration.   I have there e-mail after some great chats-were I was mostly wrong.  I am sure, even banned from the group, there is some rule about doing this also!
            I am going to keep today's post short, because I need to get on the road.   I hope today finds you all adventure and good fortune!    And as always   HAPPY TRAILS!!


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