Monday, November 11, 2013



                Helloooooo!    As you may or may not know--the level of crazy-stress inducing--stupidness has reached an all time high--or low  for us in the last few weeks.   After a few calming brews last night, or maybe it was half a keg, I decided that I do not wish to vent about this today.  The key word here, is today.   Today I wish to bring you comedy instead of drama.  Today I want to pretend my in-laws have not long ago sold out there souls for an unlimited supply of booze.   Today I ask --how does one escapee crazy, when they have married into it?   ;)   AND because I am plotting a super long post about all of the current "fun!"   But that is for another day.   Especially since the local chief of police is watching my every post----Hi Mr chief of police!   Today, I still do not know his name or why he chooses to send me angry text messages instead of send a police cruiser to my house.  Maybe because today I realize this person, has nothing to do with law enforcement.   Unless maybe he is in mall security.  That said----onto some jokes, yo!

Long ago I got to take anger management classes
we learned to count backwards from 10 to 0 to calm us down.
It didn't!

I have posted this before.
But love it, and feel it is worth another print or three.
                                                                                         True story

Thank you  O smart and yummy cookie!
                                                                        **Daily coffee plugs time!!**

This used to happen to me each and every day. 
And now a rare rarity for this page
Some deep posts....
This is why I hike so much
Next Exploring blog post all about our family night
in Benson, AZ watchin' wrestlin'
                                                                    They converted the high school gym into a
                                ring, and yes the above white boy does have an Afro!

                                                       Lastly ---I leave you with some calming sun set pictures
                                                                                   from last night   Enjoy!


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