Thursday, November 7, 2013

B Is For Random

     Today's picture of the day---comes from in front of one of Benson, Arizona's cemetery's.  Another area to Explore, with the rolling hills of the open desert just behind.  Again the clouds help make this picture.  I have a fascination with tree, cloud, and old building pictures at the moment.   We almost rented a house very close to the cemetery.  So close that beyond the alley in back of the house, was the end of the cemetery.  Although it would allow for a lot of privacy, I also think it would be kind of creepy!   This picture will make it in my next Exploring Arizona blog post---I am working on a post about super urban exploring.  But it is taking longer than it should, because the pictures I wish to use, are on two separate computers.  One my wife uses during the day for her work.  And while she is off on the weekends, I am off with the kiddos Exploring and getting more pictures.  

Yet another attempt to wear out our youngest and our youngest dog.
Attempt is the key word.
If I had as much energy as our son, I could have three full time jobs!


   There are a lot of old windmills in this area.   At all different levels of needing repair.   Just down the road from our house is this one.  Again no real point to these sentences---I just thought the pictures were snazzy.   You are welcome!

     And last a picture I did not take.   Also one that is defiantly not so easy on the eyes.  Please take this time to note that once you see something, you can not un-see it!  ;)   Fair warning.  

                                                    When you have the answer---please get back with me. 

           Thanks to my friends and family I will never run out of blog material! ;)   That said--if you are one of my few true friends---I will never slam you on this page.  Never again--never with your real name listed!  The same goes for my wife---mostly because I greatly enjoy sleeping on the bed.  But if you are one of the many that has wronged us ---it is on like Donkey Kong!   The DURP list has been growing in leaps and bounds this month.   And nearing the top of it right now is my mother in law.   I have been trying to keep the stories down to a minimum on the topic---because I have been told that they are making us sound crazy.  But you are what you associate with!  We had some huge issues with in-laws with lack of respect lately  and after to many conversations with the local police, these people are banned from our property.  To make this stick--we have Butch the new pit bull, who really needs a new chew toy.   Everything has been much calmer until the last week or so.   The relatives saw our truck at Safeway --and came inside to confront us.   Even though they used to live with us, they asked were to send the kiddos Christmas presents.   It quickly went south-- and most of the shoppers were circled around us--in awe just like they were watching a poorly written soap opera.   Wait---that's every soap opera.  We can not afford restraining orders at the moment---so in a way we just have to put up with the "fun."   Since that day....
   *Speaking of cops--the mother in law recently accused me because someone allegedly--put her van online for sale. She than informed m...e it was a federal offence and the cops would be by soon to allegedly arrest me.
*A 30+ pack of beer per day will eventually effect even the best minds. Her actions over the last year have filled many a blog page. And given her full DURP status. Best line of the week came last night---she called saying she did nothing wrong, she wants nothing to do with me or April, but she wants to talk to the kids---long message. After I explained--in text-- how we have a restraining order against her-and it wasn't happening--she asked for our lawyers phone number----My answer? It's 911
     This is the 3rd time she has said she has done nothing wrong.   And in her mind she truly has done nothing wrong.  But whole family's do not request restraining orders on people that truly do not do anything wrong.   Although the month or so of peace we did receive was amazing.   I always have our cell phone, and none of the relatives enjoy talking to me--so we get few phone calls.  I find the above amusing -and maybe you will also.   At best you will feel very sorry for us, and donate the cash needed to get the restraining orders ---That would be a perfect Christmas present.   Also on the list---the Coffee Drive road sign pictured in yesterdays blog post.  
And people wonder why I have been on so many hikes lately.

                                  Lastly for this fine day---PLEASE check out this very fine web sight.
                                By a very enterprising young gentlemen.  It is an amazing sight and I give it three thumbs up!!


                                                                               Check it out----do it now! 

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