Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Championship Wrestlin' In Benson, Arizona----O Yeah!

                                                                          Saturday night --fight night!

 The ring right before the event started.
      For it's size the Benson area has a wide variety of events and activities to fit almost any ones needs.  From the kid at heart to your actual kiddos.  And these are usually high quality events.  Last Saturday night was no exception, as Championship wrestling took over and transformed the High School Gym into the location of a very enjoyable smack down!    In Super Brawl 4. 
The publicity poster
With permission from--no one-- but hey it's free publicity for this great event.
Check out there great Facebook page for the next family pleasing event!

Our boys waiting for some Wrestlin'!
        Earlier in the week I could have bought five tickets to this event from a family that could not attend, at a very reasonable price.   But at that point, I had not even heard about the matches.  Right after that I started hearing the many ads over the radio and than looked up the Facebook page.  On the day of the event--I happened to land free tickets from another local family that could not go.   And I could not pass up that price--for an evening of fun.  Our daughter is not really into such manly manliness, so she made other plans-so the boys, my wonderful wife and I loaded into our truck to go enjoy.   With the boys being brothers with a four year age gap, and well being boys--every night is wrestling night at our house.  So I told the boys they were not allowed to take notes --on moves to try once we returned home. 

      The lights soon dimmed as we waited for the action to start.   The kiddos started in seats near us, but soon ended up just outside the ring.   Each wrestler walked around the ring-slapping high fives to the kids and interacting with them.  Usually in the form of yells set to involve the whole crowd.   For each of the eight matches, it was very easy to tell who the crowds favorites were.   And in many matches a "villain" was introduced from the ring announcer, followed by the appropriate boos and cheering.  This was a very well produced show.  A true family event -that encouraged participation.    I went to a similar event years ago in my hometown in Wyoming.   The town much bigger than Benson, well bigger than Benson--but the event was very quickly a bore.  No music when the wrestlers came out, no snazzy lighting, no show man ship, and that ring announcer never yelled or changed from his monotone script reading --almost putting the audience asleep.   At Saturdays performance there was no thought of being bored. 

Yes this white boy is sporting an Afro.
Guess where this guy is jumping.
Many of the wrestlers had a hard time staying in the ring.
Good thing there was a metal railing just outside of the ring.
Tag team crowd favorites.
I preferred the Hawaiian brothers with the much less kool hair but the styling dance moves.
Action shot --attempt.
Cave Man
Not sure what his official name was. 
But he was very amusing, and bad a**   he also had his own huge bone
to clobber over heads when the referees were looking else were.
Eight entertaining matches.
And of course a full selection of snacks was just a few feet away.
Best yet about this night---all profits went right into our award winning schools!
                This really was a great night.   That said the fight nights starting bell did not ring until 7:00 so us old folk
    were very happy to hear them announcing the final showdown.  We are both in our 30's and all.  ;)  Whomever said kids make you younger---only must of had one child.   But they managed to make the grand finale drag on waaaaaaaay to long.   Every time the above pictured fighter would come near his heavily loud mouthed opponent--the opponent would bail out of the ring.   Followed by a deafening chores of "booooos."

 Well into the match-just as my wife was offering to finish the match if they couldn't--we heard a familiar yell from the front of the crowd.  It was our youngest shouting "This is awesome!"  as he jumped up and down. 
That made the night for us.  
Can you guess were the boys and I went to Explore on Sunday afternoon??
Here are two pictures to help you guess. 
The answer in my next picture filled Exploring blog!


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