Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dear Santa

          **"To all those people I've hurt in the past I would just like to say...."you probably deserved it" lol"**-----
     True story!     Hey---not all of my quotes can be great.   Please check out past posts for more deep and or great quotes to inspire you. 

                                            **"I am only a morning person on Dec 25th!"**

And now for those of you that are going to be putting on your riot gear and joining the masses of shoppers tomorrow and beyond---here is a sneak peak of what is in store for you.....
                                                                              I always love a great sign.

Spell check is important---who'd of thunk!?
I can not spell for crap.   But most of my thoughts do not make it in the Saturday Post of on huge billboards.
And last I checked Facebook was not for the best spellers or best thinkers.
I can say my mother and past English teachers cringe every time I post a new blog though.
He is dead serious here!
And may well be saving the World as we know it, one shoe string at a time.
It is rare---but I have no comment.
     I realize I was spoiled in all my times living in Washington state--  were coffee was born, and tea drinkers get punched in the arm.  So many great coffee shops can be found, and many of my past blogs were written in coffee shops.  Enjoyable coffee shops, were the workers knew what they were doing.  The workers were also very friendly because they knew that just on the same block, you had 22 other coffee shop places to choice from.  People watching was also very enjoyable, between my typing.  Especially in a place were it rains so much.   The coffee joints around here ---beyond stink!   And that is saying a lot, since many coffee shops in Washington were surrounded by shops that sold fish.  They are hard to find, over crowded, and the workers are rude and most defiantly after a paycheck before customer service.   Just the day, at Starbucks  the coffee maker did not know what a drip coffee was!   Locally the best going out to have coffee and free Wi-Fi joint is actually Mc Donalds, sadly.  But this is a very small town.   I am often finding it much betterer to just stay home and guzzle free coffee while I annoy our dogs and duck random flying objects when the kiddos are home.    Just putting in my two cents worth.  

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