Monday, December 2, 2013

Merry December Y'All!

           Boy it seems just last week I was looking back at how much food I had eatin' and thinking about how much shopping time I still had.  November flew by--at least for us!  I have written many times in the past about my last minute shopping methods.  I actually do not wait until the bitter end, but am finding shopping even more fun this year, because our town basically offers Wally World and Safeway for holiday or any day shopping choices.  That puts me running the 40 miles to Tucson on Christmas Eve to 7-11.   To stalk the shelves and buy the always popular Christmas 40's of beer, Twinkies, and, condoms for stocking stuffers.   Luckily for Santa -this year Circle K is right across the street from us!   The boys and I found ourselves on the road Friday.  "Working."   I put this in quotes because I work for myself--and set my own hours.   I some what set how much of it is actual work also.   But the pay is good and the boss is great!   Much of this trip was running errands around Tucson.  And I can safely say, just from that one day of driving --I am already officially tired of Christmas songs!   And I enjoy Christmas songs.   Although I really don't like much country twang Christmas music.  I like them separately.   It only gets worse, until on Christmas Eve the only song playing is Jingle Bells for 24 hours straight.  In every version known to man from boys choir bells, to barking kitty's.  

           On a betterer note---- the other day I was not feeling well at all.   It was one of those fun stomach deals, minus the fun.  And actually I felt just fine, if I did not move an inch in any direction!   It was also an early release school day for our three kiddos, so not moving or peace and quiet were not options.  Before the kids returned home, I found National Lampoons Christmas Vacation on Netflix.   This is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies or shows for sure!   And I have not watched it for the last few years, so there was actually parts I did not have memorized anymore.    My 2nd favorite plays for like 4 days straight on cable TV---  A Christmas Story. 

      Although I am having trouble getting into the buying spirit---my Christmas gift is already slowly on it's way from the North Pole.   And believe me---I earned it!!!    Here we see it stopped off in Wyoming, oddly enough. ...

I think my main problem this year with getting in the spirit
is that it is so warm here in the desert. 
I am glad we have not seen any snow---but making a snow man
and freezing ones butt off is part of the whole December experience.
It is an 10 month experience if you happen to live in Wyoming.

                                                                         My coffee server for the morning.

And there you go...
This comes to late for all of us with kids.
I have many more thoughts on the extended black and blue Friday shopping of last weeksend.
But figure the above covers it very well.
Of course there were beat downs across the country, but Wally World stores again had the most headlines.
In cliff notes---people please stop peeing in the gene pool!
And try to recall the real reason for the season.

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