Thursday, December 5, 2013

Got snow?

     I have been slacking on all of my Exploring blogs in the last few daze.   Pretending to make time to shop-but last minute shopping  running through the store, just waiting for someone to kick me out, saying the store was closing.  the nerve of workers wanting to go home at night when I still had last minute shopping to do!   Please continue to check out all of my pages and share the links if you enjoy what you see.   This weeksend we venture to Wilcox to purchase a real Christmas tree.  Some how I can't draw myself to get one from Wally World.  Last year was the first year we go a real tree and the kiddos loved it.  Maybe next year we will venture into the woods and cut down a real tree!  Just like the Pilgrims did.

   And the decorations were hung with care....

  Have you ever tried to wrap a bike?   I have not---a bow or two on the handle bars seemed plenty appropriate from good Ol Saint Nick.  But I imagine it is amazingly hard to wrap a bike. 

Daily coffee plugs!!!
You knew this part was coming if you have ever glanced at a blog of mine before. 
Some day you will learn to stop reading such blogs!
One can change moles to grams? 
Because I believe I missed that day of school. 
After living many years in much colder places--including Wyoming were it is only bitter cold about nine months of the year.   I am sure if you check old posts you can enjoy many pictures of frozen stuff and loads of snow. 
I now really enjoy living in a climate were 50 is cold!  
Notice that is a 50 above freezing.
I am not a poet----and I know it!
But I can not take credit for this poem either.
Only for finding it and sharing it with my one reader.
So I am a big fan of Fat Tire brew.
Although it is defiantly not a cheap choice of adult beverages.
I do not agree with my brother on a lot of topics, but we usually like the same kinds of adult beverages.
I clarify because we are a Pepsi home, and his is a Coke home. 
Good thing several states separate us and all of that.
The above beer is bottled by the same company as Fat Tire, and after hearing about it
many times from my brother--I ventured out and bought some.
It is so not good, that I would not give a bottle to my biggest enemy. 
I had hoped that drinking several, would kill off my taste buds and help.  But no.
Maybe if I had frozen my taste buds first?  
On a similar note, Wal Greens has there own beer
also something with a tire on it   and it is very inexpensive.
Oddly enough it tastes pretty good also! 
Most cheap beer seems to taste like what I would imagine warm cat pee would taste like
and be equally as drunk inducing.
On a somewhat similar note
I believe that old people loose there taste buds.
I have worked in several restaurants were older people flocked, and the best seller by far
was the liver and onions! 
I would have to hold the plates as far from me as possible and run them to the table to attempt to even
avoid the smell.   And the customers would eat and savor the "meal." 
Another "proof" of this--and the way to tie all of this rambling together.
My brother is now in his 50's   thus loosing his taste buds.....


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