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More Super Urban Exploring--Benson, AZ

          **Another great Exploring blog first published in my newest blog series.   All about Exploring Amazing Arizona.   Enjoy!**

    A few posts back I wrote about how great it is in this area to be able to drive a very little in any direction, and be in the open desert.  With lots to Explore!  Many times -even with no fences, it seems I am on someones property though.  I hope to do a similar post from Tucson and other towns soon, but living in beautiful Benson, Arizona  the trips still focus near here.   Last week I ventured out with Butch and found a few more places to add to the list.  But first I must vent real quick....

    I realize we are surrounded by open desert---beautiful and ever changing, but also some what of a waste land.  Although I do take advantage of these walks, to be very lenient on picking up after our dogs--something I NEVER do in town--EVERY place we roam, we find huge piles of trash.  This is right down town- across the tracks from Safeway.   And compared is a very small pile.   I realize the dump is very expensive, and many of the trash piles we find are fun to Explore, but take a little pride in were you live.  I also find lots of just dropped trash when on actual trails too.   Please pack out what you pack in.
    Just off of 4th street if you park across from Safeway the empty water drainage allows for some Exploring in both directions.   You can also check out lots of local "art."   Much of my Exploring seems to be in dry river beds.  I find the walking easy and there might be neat things washed down stream in months earlier.   I recently watched a local video about how amazingly fast flash floods do happen though, so will stay completely clear of them during the rainy season.   On this day I had our youngest and our two dogs with me.
   Such channels can take you all around town.  But you have to really watch were you pop up--out of the channels.  It is very easy to find yourself in the middle of some ones property. 

    We have Explored up stream before so soon ended up in the middle of the great Lions Club city park.  

                                                                        At the top of one of the dirt hills.
                                                                    Always take time to check out the view.

Closer to our humble home is this abandoned building.
I always enjoy checking out any empty place the older the better!
If you venture behind this one, it is wide open---just sayin'
      Venture just outside of Benson--heading towards Tombstone--there is miles of open desert.   On the left near the tracks--is defiantly more private land.   Most on the right is wide open, and fence free.    And last week it was the perfect place for Butch and I to roam and de-stress.   Complete with great back drops for some pictures of course!

In this area there are some actual trails, road ways, and of course water drainage areas to roam. 

                                                 I am not sure how much security this fence provides any more.

Along with the out right trash--neat things to Explore can always be found too.
Of course I am easily amused-so most may be far from neat in your eyes. 
                                      The next day Butch and I drove just past Wal-Mart and parked. 
                                          Above he is patiently waiting for me to be ready to roam. 

      Across from this building is yet more open desert to roam.  Although it is not long before you run into fences.
 I also added this picture to explain why I could never work in a place like the above:  I would spend allllll day running around yelling  "Lube it up!"  I told you I was very easily amused. 

From the top of the dirt hill  
 Make shift shelter in the middle of the desert.   I have watched a lot of survival shows in the last few days.   The ones were they drop the people off in the middle of the desert or snowy land.  And I have very much decided, I would die.   My family came to this area with a small travel trailer, and tried to stay in it through the hottest part of the summer.  That was enough to make us all want to hurt each other-and we had most of the comforts of home, except maybe a decent A/C.
   Near this cross--most adventures are delayed by fences.   Not necessarily a stopping point.  But it was on this day.   I often talk about creature dangerous in the desert, but our oldest and I had a recent run in with some older people while on there property.   I explain it more on my random rambling page   at:     and it really was not that big of deal.  But after I thought about how many people in this great state have guns, and are very proud of them.   With such large property lines, running into a land owner is not real likely, but the odds of him owning a loaded gun are very high.  And I for one, am very sure I can not outrun bullets. 

            Everything in the desert is sharp---and before getting into the truck I spent a half hour removing these fun prickly do-dads.

 I spent the next few days surrounded by trees.   Rare in this part of the state.   I find myself taking pictures of the sun often.  Probably after spending so many years in The Great Northwest---were you see the sun once each winter.  And wonder all day what that bright ball of light in the sky is.
Some old wood...
On these days between the Exploring I was actually working.
This reminds me
We have some very fine Mesquite fire wood for sale.
If you live in the Benson area   and need firewood
Please give me a call
for a great deal!
Next we Explore Christmas time
and last weekends amazing light parade!
As Always

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