Thursday, August 30, 2012


       Good morning y'all!   First off have you read about the Durp who opened the clothing store named "Hitler" complete with a swastika to dot the I.  He claims to have previously had no idea why the name was so offensive.  Really?  Does he think his customers are this dumb?  America and beyond is quickly getting dumberer, but wow.   If we do not study history and the past, we really are destined to repeat it.   If you do not know what a Durp is ---please take a look at my past blog post, it explains it all well.    If you do not find the post amusing, Surprise!  You might very well be a DURP!!  Be prepared to not be very well liked were ever you go.  

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     Confused kitty--is still trying to figure out what exactly he is looking at.  While staring back at you.   And he says "Hi!"

I want this on the back of our car.

                                                            Next question?
                                That's not right----but many times the truth hurts. 

    I already miss the sun!   And it has only been a couple of daze of cloudy.  I figure if it is going to be cloudy and gloomy, it might as well rain, but Mother Nature does not usually agree here in the Great North West.  If you take any stock in the weather report, it is supposed to be mild and sunny-ish the rest of the week though.  

      And now on to some coffee stuff--- Because I almost always end up rambling about coffee.  And because I am still drinking the magical liquid of the God's.
      Actually more people have a problem with me, if I do not have my coffee ;)
      I have posted the above before, but it is worth a 2nd post for sure.
        Another common theme for me, is that sheep are safe.   Think what you must. ;)
        **Walk with me as I age....*

        I hope this poem has the same effect on you as it did on me - then my forwarding it will be worth the effort. Walk with me by the water - worth the read...




         ...I forgot the words.

          Tuesday, August 28, 2012

          Way To Early In The Morning To Be Up AND Make Sence

                                               **"If you smoke after sex, you are doing it to fast!"**

                                               **"Do I get bonus points if I act like I care?"**----House

                                                    **"Turns out, chess is nothing like checkers."**

                                   **"If you have no TV, what does all your furniture face toward?**

                       **"No one gives a sh*t about all the things your cell phone does. You didn’t event it, you just bought it. And anybody can do that!"**---Sh*t my dad says web sight

                                                 **"The best person I know lives in my mirror!"**

                        **"Ever get that feeling were you have had to much coffee?---me either!"**

                                                                         Make your mark!

               Over the last few days I have not gotten very much sleep.  So I apologize if my random rambling makes less sense than normal.  To me it is amusing, but I am easily amused.  There are many times at work were I look around and I am the only one laughing.  But at least I am happy right?   I have always survived on little sleep, but sometimes it gets to the point were even the coffee is not helping.   I work late-ish into the night and it seems hard for others to recognize that I might not be out of bed before 7 AM.  Yesterday it was a friend of ours--again, who knows I work late.  Today it was our son, who decided to stay up all night, and than be extra loud this morning at around 6 30 in the morning.  I am now attempting to keep him up all day, reminding him that we sleep at night, and that was his chance for sleep.  This game is already getting old, and it isn't even 8 o clock yet.  I wish I had the sleeping "powers" of my wife, who slept soundly through everything.  I have the amazingly annoying powers to hear everything, even in a near dead sleep.  

              So the other night at work, we were talking about random things--such as how baby carrots might make some men jealous.  And how a server I used to work with was overly angry with Subway, because there foot long measuring stick was not the same as his.  During all of this deep thought-- a joke came to me, I will share here.  *Why did the man break up with his cross eyed girl friend??    Because he found out she was seeing someone else.  *   I share all of this, not only to take up space in my blog post, but because at work we just watched a video about how to harass our cow-workers.   Wait, it was about how to not harass those we work with.  And I must say the acting was something!   The actors should be harassed out of acting school, but that is another topic.  Sometimes it is amazing what offends someone else.  Sometimes it is great fun to continue being annoying, but not if it crosses into harassment of any kind.   At least I feel this way.  I joke around a lot, most of my waking hours, which as I said, is a lot lately.  And can usually tell right off, if my comments mesh with the person I am talking too.  If something like, red is not your color, annoys the person, I will defiantly not start right off giving them sh*t!  The other newbie at work who started the same day I did and I joke around constantly at work.  Everyone asks if we knew each other before we started work there, and no we didn't.  Thanks for asking.  I could just tell right off, I could give him crap, and he would fling it back.  Not go running to management, or go into the corner and cry into the salad mixins.   If anything above offends you, like maybe the thought of getting a wet salad if you ate at our restaurant, please notify me.  After I stop laughing, I will try even  harder to annoy you!  

              For whatever reason blogger is not cooperating once again today.  Maybe I truly do need more coffee!   Although I have written several great blog posts while tipsy on adult beverages.  What ever the case, this post is takin' me much longer than normal to publish.  Plus I keep having to pause to wake our before mentioned son up.   Now for some rambling in pictures.

          Our dog would lick you to death, and than help you carry out our valuable stuff. 

                It is now time for the much awaited picture of the day!   I know I know, the name of this section needs work for sure.   I am also working on many new features for both blogs.  And tons of new exploring posts.   As always if you wish to comment, good or not so good----please contact me on here or at my new Facebook page.  You can also post your pictures, jokes, etc on this page.   So far I am the only one posting on there.  

              Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head's Blogs Exploring Bellingham & Whatcom county

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                  Today's picture of the day you will want to keep on file, for when summer is over --very soon, and the weather report turns to rain and cloudy, every day.  This shows that we saw actual sun, lots of it, most of the summer.  I lived in Oregon many years before moving up to Washington, so understand the constant rain, and already have my webbed feet.  And the rain beats the snow and bitter cold from Wyoming, were I grew up.  But it is always sad when the sun time comes to an end here.  And than one glorious day, several months away, the sun makes an appearance.  And everyone walks around squinting, wondering what that bright light in the sky is.  And also wondering were they placed there dollar store sun glasses.  

              Speaking of the above, there are only six weeksends left this summer.  Git out there and enjoy them!   You can git back to reading and re-reading my blogs this winter!


          Monday, August 27, 2012

          Another Day In Paradise!

              Good morning all!   My other more established blog uses the above picture to introduce my "mini rants."  I do not know if anyone else enjoys them, but I find them very entertaining and calming.   Plus I get to rant without really yelling at anyone.  I have not written one for awhile.  But feel free to check them all out and leave me some feedback.  
          Today I use the picture to explain all of the construction going on in the Bellingham area.  It seems like every road is being worked on this summer.  And tons of new business construction is going on.  I can not begin to explain it all, just tell you if you are a driver in the area, expect delays.  

               With my many past experiences in court for traffic violations, all expensive.  I also believe that the roads in this area and Oregon, should be super smooth and great.  I alone have paid for the re-paving of most of I-5 and believe several court houses have an ashtray with a plaque with my name etched on them!  And every time I go to court, the court room is full.  You have to figure at least half of the people there will end up guilty and be paying into the court system.  Roads here are very nice compared to many places I have lived.  But I feel in that same thought wave, if we as a state legalize weed, and use even a fraction of the cash to finish fixing all of the roads that are now under construction, we could be driving on all streets of gold soon.   

               My newest blog sight is also greatly under construction.  I have a ton of new posts and ideas to add to the sight.  Including a whole list of web sights very useful for visitors and new residents to the area.  Of course there will many more pictures and exploring blogs.  Showing you were I explore and more of the free and reasonable types of entertainment this area has to offer.  Please show some support by visiting----

                I currently work at the Silver Reef Casino, and love my job.  More on that in a blog post soon. And this whole sight is under construction.  Adding to the fun and enjoyment for visitors with a major expansion.  Most of the highway is under construction when I come home late at night.   A good time to do highway work, but all of the flashing lights make it hard to decide which lane is yours some times.  

          Last week my wife and I spent some quality time at the casino. 
          I am in my work outfit because I was working. 
          She came to work with me, and than tyred to win some money.  The key word is tried.  She usually does really well on the machines, until I sit down beside her, and than she starts to loose.  making me want to seek shelter at the bar.
          Sadly I ended up working late, but we still had some time to hang out and enjoy the casino and each other. 
          Working there also gains me deep discounts on motel rooms.  So some day we are going to pawn off the kids and spend the night there.  Of course I will include a blog about that. 

          Us with our oldest, before we left the house. 

                   Woods Coffee, a place I enjoy and have written about many a time, if for no other reason than maybe to gain some free coffee's.   Because things somehow taste better when they are free. **Please note, I have still not seen any free coffee.....-just sayin'   They are adding two new locations.  One on Lakeway.   The only protest I have to all of this is that Bellingham claims to be a mom and pop store type of town, but places like this and Starbucks are taking over while the little coffee shops fold up and close all over town.  There is not much sadder than a "coffee house closed" sign out front of a store.  I love the local coffee shops were you get much more personal service.   I wrote a whole blog awhile back about my favorite coffee shops all around Whatcom.  And have a 2nd edition in the works.  Please share with me your favorite spots to sip coffee, so I can try those places out also.   Of course I am typing the above paragraph while sitting in a Starbucks, so that kind of alters my opinions I guess.  

              A new family kid zone is now open on the Guide Meridian.   Our kids and I have not yet tested out the place, but they advertise reasonable prices and an adult zone, with coffee and free wi-fi.   After we visit, I will give some thoughts on the place.  I do hope they last, places like this do not seem to last long in Bellingham, or they last and the prices sky rocket!

          In the midst of all of this construction talk.  
          Please note, if you see this sign--there is a large bump coming. 
          It might be a mile past the sign, but it IS coming and it will be a LARGE bump.

               I also must quickly add that I had before thought that the above sign was a joke.  But a few months back while my family was exploring, we spotted the same sign.  And it is real, for speed bumps entering the air force base.  

               We reside in the great little town of Fairhaven, so now some construction news closer to our home. 
              I talked the other day about having great donuts at Rocket Donuts downtown.  They are expanding with a 2nd location right in the heart of Fairhaven.  In a large build also including the new location for the flower store.  This construction sight takes up the surrounding sidewalk, but has many peep holes so young and old can watch what is going on.  
             Off Old Fairhaven Parkway they are building some new condos.  This is a fun sight to watch because it looks totally different every day we pass the area.  Plus many of the local residents are protesting the dig.  Because of wildlife and water runoff.   Not pictured is a large tree stump that remains, although everything around it is dug up.

             The above farmers Co-op and a tool store just opened further up the Parkway.  I was aware that it was under construction, but not that it had already opened for business.  You find this just before the entrance onto the freeway across from the AM/PM gas station.  

            Even the trails are under construction.  Friday the kiddos and I took off in the afternoon and ventured out Slater road.   I pass these trails every day on the way to work, and had been wondering were they lead.  From the road it looks like they just journey through fields.  This is partially true.  We stopped in the parking lot just before the large iron bridge.  

             Eventually we ended up in the wonderful parks in Ferndale.  I have several past blog posts about these parks.  After getting back to the car, we than cut across to Ferndale and attempted to go to the street festival.  I can not say about Saturday, when more events were hopefully going on, because we did not find a need to go back.  Friday evening was highly disappointing.  With maybe a block of activities --mostly consisting of a stage and a super large beer garden. 

                                  But in today's theme will add that this playground was just added.  

          On this warm day I was some what jealous that the ducks had a pool and we do not.
          But when you rent, you can not just start digging!

               So last month I rambled on a little bit about a man who robbed the local Banner Bank in Fairhaven.  I still find it amazing that anyone can rob a bank and get away with it in this day and age.  And this guy got away on a bicycle.  Anyways, last Tuesday the same man hit the same bank, and again got away on a bike!   Did they not beef up security?  If you have your cash at this bank, maybe you should consider some were safer, like your bed mattress.  And all of this makes me start to really think I should buy a new bike!

                                             And now for today's picture of the day!   Wahoo!  
            I have really been into tree and cloud pictures lately.  This was shot Friday afternoon just outside our back door.  An the never ending attempt for the perfect picture, I find it amazingly calming to roam around and take pictures.  I hope you the reader enjoy my shots, even half as much as I enjoy taking them.  
                Were do you think I should explore next?  Do you have better pictures than mine?  Please share!   All comments help me improve my posts.  To my e mail   or my newest page on Facebook at