Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Day To Vent---Or Are You A Durp!

      Hello all!   As I watch it pour rain outside and fuel up on coffee, a few thoughts.

   First-- these few days of rain are really not that bad, after 14 daze in a row of complete sunshine and summer weather.   Although the next few days I need to work out in the soggy-ness. 
     Many changes and blog posts are in the works for both of my blogs.   So please keep checking back and share the links, if you like what you see.   This blog has 270+ posts to roam through now.   So you are sure to find at least one of them amusing!  

    And as of Sunday--I can post 8,000+ blog views so far this year.   Thank you all for that!  I am at 24 posts in my newest blog just about Bellingham and Whatcom county.   Please check out my newest Facebook page for links to everything.
Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head's Blogs Exploring Bellingham & Whatcom county

                              And now on to the deep quotes and random rambling!

                        **"Anything is pocket sized if your ass is big enough!"**

          **"I say, don't go where the path leads, go where there is no path and leave a trail."**---Anna Daniels-----  Perfect for my exploring posts!   I find trails overly boring anyway, because people have already been were the trail leads.  Of course going off trail also leads to many fails.com

       **"I love when people say I look just like my wife's kids. I wasn't involved in there births in any way."** lol

      **"Did you know that when you lose one sense you're other senses improve... that's why if you lose your sense of humor your sense of asshole is enhanced."**

      **"If my doctor ever tells me I’m not healthy enough for sexual activity, at least I’ll know how I’m going to die."**

      **"I was laying in bed with my wife last night, and i asked her what she would most like to do with my body. she said, identify it...."**

    **"Do not try to win over the Hater's...You are not the Jerk Whisperer!"**

      I know I know---just because you keep repeating and telling others something---it does not make it true.    Possibly my favorite part of having my own blog---is that I can write whatever I wish!   If you don't like what you see---click to another blog.   Most of the time I have stayed away from to many direct insults.   And have only published two apology blogs out of nearly 300!  Although I hope some of my "mini rants" are read by more Bellingham residents.   I usually seem to tick off more people on my Facebook page ;)  And have gained many a DURP follower.   If you only have one hater---you aren't having enough fun!   
      OK, back to DURP.   This was arrived from to much free time at work, and an annoying gent, also with to much free time.   This person was not on my friends list, but would go to my profile page, just to get angered about my posts.   So of course I had to make posts he would not enjoy.   None mentioned his name, and could have been about anyone.   Anyways, he happened to be the husband of one of my  bosses.  And would send me messages, mainly about kicking my a@@!   This all started inocently enough....

      The manager/wife was posting about her husband going through a mid-life crisis and wishing to buy a convertible.  Always a great idea, when you reside in sun-filled, Wyoming.  I simply mentioned that she should save some cash---and buy him a pink moped.  He quickly responded by telling me I should park the moped up my A@@!  At least this is the cliff notes of what he said.   Have I mentioned the husband had anger problems and was on parole?   Sure signs of someone to mess with.  In my eyes, this all meant---game on!

     **Side note:   I have often thought about buying a pink moped and heading to Sturgis during the big motorcycle rally.  The pink would bring out my eyes, until the riders decided it was time to beat me up.  There bikes each, worth more than the coffee shop I am at right now.   This paragraph just adds another glimpse into my head.

     After about a month of my postings, and angry responses from the DURP.   He showed up at work.  Ready to kick my butt.   He first responded with "I'm here punk!"  Which he kept repeating.  I said "I'm here to, I work here!"   He soon wanted to meet me out back of the restaurant.  I did not have a death wish, that day, and proceeded to edge him on--without going outside.  I did move in front of the security camera though.  I knew that one punch from him, would hurt--but also land him back in jail.   Have I mentioned the DURP was on parole?  Several of the workers ran back to find our boss that night.   Nothing exciting happened, but the experience led to my new phrase or acronym ---DURP!   And it is amazignly fun to yell.  Try it now!  Especially if you are in a very busy place.  Do it now!
      What does it mean--------   Dim-Witted, Urban, Redneck, Parole!   I have meet a few in my travels.   Many have worked or shopped at Wally World.  But Kudos to this "man"---he is there king!

                   In the same spirit.....

     **"Did you know bragging about getting free stuff & talking about how your boyfriend can't pass there upcoming UA is a bad idea in front of the boyfriends boss? You did?? Than your ahead of our friend!!"**----

      So- as I have mentioned in past posts, we have been by the carnival several times lately.  The mother-in-law and several family members work there.   We make it a point to visit quickly or during breaks.  Say howdy, bring food and move on.  During our last visit, a friend was making the rounds.   She is dating one of the workers and was making it very clear that this gained her free rides.  It was also soon clear that this was her 3rd day of free rides, in a row.   As she was explaining the above quote----she was telling all this, in front of her boy friends boss.  In all fairness, I do not believe she knew the man was her mans boss----but on the same note, I knew fully well.
    I had thought everyone beyond the age of 19--- knew to stay away from there mate at work.   This causes problems beyond suspicions of managers of giving away free product.  But apparently not.   This all gives me the urge to follow this person around her work all day.   Giving advice and telling everyone we are friends---so I should receive some free milk before I go home.   Maybe unknowingly to everyone, buy a carton of milk, and start to chug out of the carton in front of the worker---making it look like I was entitled to the milk, because I knew the worker. 
      My wife and I did work at the same Wally World several times in out past.  But we never did anything that would cause suspicion from management, or get the other fired.  When I was a cashier--- she would never even think about coming through my line to purchase anything.  
           Maybe I am wrong in my thinking here??    Please comment and let me know.

                             And now onto some pictures my wife recently took......

     Sheep are safe!!     I noticed a whole heard of these lawn ornaments for sale right up the street from our house at a nursery.   And we jumped in the car and got some shots.   Those of you that have not grown up in Wyoming, do not fully understand all of this.   I tried to explain it all in a past blog----but it is hard to type with Velcro gloves on!   And I believe I just made the topic as clear as mud.      A "find" while in a porn shop in Montana---for those of you that missed the sheep post

     We are still trying to finger out why the sheep is holding a beer.  If any of you that have never left Wyoming, have the answer.....

                                                               Thats baaaaaaaaad!

        More campus art around WWU.   I just acquired a book of all of the statues complete with a map to locate them all.   So a post in the works ---has me finding them all.  I figure if nothing else it is a great way to wear out the kiddos!

  A very rare picture she took of Max wore out!    My next "mini rant" is going to be about another form of animal abuse, at least in my eyes----owners that neglect there pets.    If you leave them tied outside 90% of the time, you shouldn't have a pet.......
     If you take your pet out-  so that you can add posed pictures to your Facebook profile---- you shouldn't be a pet owner.....
      More on Friday!   

                                              Another rarity--- a good picture of me. 
    Notice the sign is only have finished-----   "A Great...   Bobble Head?"  

    Me hard at work in my "office."   It is not really an office until it makes us money  I suppose.  And if summer ever comes back, I am taking my laptop outside to write my next blog.  I sometimes feel my blogs write themselves.  

Max heard the W word and is making a V -line to the door!    Wait, I can say it out loud on here, Walk.    he knows walk and ride and treat for sure!    Max knows my passion for exploring and does not let me out of his sight any time I get up.  

    Speaking of ride.    Here is Max again, always the back seat driver.  Offering his driving advice and bad breath!

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