Monday, May 21, 2012

Downtown Bellingham Full Of Art

A lot can be said about the natural beauty of the Bellingham area.  I try to show this daily in my pictures.  But it is something one must witness for themselves.  
The Big Rock Garden Park is full of art.  Both natural and artist renderings. 
Western College campus has great old buildings to enjoy and 27 sculptures spread around campus. 
I just found a book and map of all the sculptures--  so will be posting about both locations very soon.

Water trickles through this entire sculpture on WWU campus.

And of course the nearby mountains and ocean lead to some natural beauty!

                                                                 From sun up to sunset.

                                                                Art is on local cars
                                                            This car is winking at you.

                                                 Art can even be found on the city bus 

Art is even on walls.

"Reading is sexy!"

I recently wrote a blog on my other sight about tagging and it's fine line between art and 
vandalism.  Please check it out 

                                      Above Boulevard Park--just off State Street.

         "Are you not entertained?"   This was found on WWU campus.  And can also apply to my readers at the moment!

     Speaking of tagging, I have been spotting the below tag, all around Fairhaven--does anyone know what it stands for??   I tried looking up "angry gerbil" and spray painted hamster on Google, but got nothing helpful.  I did learn that it is a bad idea to spray paint your hamster if you wish to keep it alive. 

                                                       Art can be found in a classic old car.

                                           Or the many classic buildings all around town. 
                                                          Beauty can be found every were!
    All of that said, today's post is all about exploring downtown Bellingham.   This is 90% of the murals in the down town area.   I just found two more great ones, past The Mission, while driving our family home yesterday.   Finding as many of these as you can is a great way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon after going to the Saturday Market.  It also works well for wearing out your kiddos.  Right now, local kids art is displayed all around downtown ---an extra bonus!   I do not know street names ---so to some extent you will have to roam to find some of these pictures.  Find them all and win a great workout~!

Always on the look out for more pictures!

         Today's exploring started out with coffee of course!   The first statue awaited my buddy and I just across the street from the Flat Iron Building.
                                              And than across the street behind us this great mural.

                        Down the hill ---the city park offers great views and more art. 

                                       Enjoy some more murals on the walk to the park.

                                Follow the many stairs back up by the old city hall.   And look for the mural pictured at the top of this blog.   Half a block down you can see a full mural featuring salmon. 

 And near the post office....

            This giraffe guards the public library.    And the nearby museum has some great art both inside and out.  

   Marvel over "the last supper" near Interfaith Medical.

              This boulder blocking most of an alley-way connects to someones deck.  

       Find both of the above murals in the heart of Bellingham's downtown.  

                      Even the parking garage houses some great paintings.  

   One of my personal favorites on Commercial Street.   Although it does not lead to a coffee shop anymore.  :(

       At the Saturday Market....

    Down Railroad Avenue just before the large pet shop.    Well worth a stop inside to see the many animals.  And almost never ending fish tanks!

    Also watch the alleys near here for more abandoned rail road tracks.  

                                  In front of the bus station, watch this sculpture spin. 

                                             And lastly for today-----up State Street.  

                                                                    My kind of coffee mug!!
   Yet another coffee shop that is no longer in business.  Support your local coffee house!   I have noticed for a town that is so into mom & pop stores, and supporting local shopping, the big coffee places are quickly taking over.  

   In support of bike to work day--I am sure this is why this was painted way above the city.  

  I apologize for the next picture----it is on top of the Up & Up building.  

     And of course the newishly painted greeting along the bay heading back to our home in Fairhaven.

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