Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Now Really Like The DMV--Never Thought I'd Say That!

      **"If someone starts a sentence with "Do you know what your problem is... interrupt them and start telling them all your problems. They never expect that."**

         **"Doesn't "expecting the unexpected" make the unexpected expected?"**

      **"Why is everyone so impressed with showing up on time at work? Your bosses are at work twenty minutes early, another reason they are your boss. They have this invention out called a watch....."**----  I have not officially joined any work force again, so maybe this was just a huge problem at my last job, but somehow I kind of doubt it.  

      **"One of the major benefits of using a combined 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner is having enough room leftover on the shower caddy for the beer."**-----Not much beats a shower beer try it some time.  Although you have to watch the angle you hold the beer, or it is self-filling~!   Hot steamy water and ONE beer in the shower is the rule.   

      **"If you have trouble getting your children's attention, just sit down and look comfortable."**

       **"I saw my neighbour stealing my socks off my washing line. I was going to confront him but I got cold feet."**

       I am not going --but the sign caught my eye. Because sheep are safe! Just recall that it is a petting zoo, not a heavy petting zoo!

      Fair warning to all of you out there with mothers.  This suggests you were born and not hatched.   Mother's day is THIS Sunday.  It was declared a holiday on this date, in the early 20's.  And thanks to my wife, mothers day is covered!  At least here, it is supposed to be an awesome weeksend, at least weather wise.   As is my dads very near birthday.  And my parents 40th wedding anniversary, also coming up very soon.   

   Speaking of weddings ---again please check out our wedding page.  Like us, it is still a work in progress.  We only have one guestbook signature, but hopefully that will get the ball rolling.
     We are in the process of picking a sight for the ceremony still.  But it will be in the Bellingham, Washington area for sure.  I looked at what might be a great sight yesterday.  Some pictures of my wandering in a very near blog.   

                        Stupid truth in advertising laws. Wonder what the small T-shirt tag says??

      For all my thoughts on this sign----please check out my older blog  ---
                                         And let me know your thoughts.   

An in attempt to post about coffee in all my blogs!

          Earlier in the week I talked about the super moon.   I personally got no good pictures of the moon at all.  But saw it.  I DID NOT take the above picture, but it is beyond kool!   I also do not have credits for whom did take the photo-sadly.   This picture also shows the new paint job for the top of the Space Needle, celebrating it's 50th year this year.   All of you readers in Seattle, in case you did not get the memo, the President will be in town today.  And it basically looks like lunch time traffic will be effected all around town.   Have fun with that.  

       My new blog starts this month.  Mostly about exploring Bellingham.   If you have great pictures you would like to share, or exploring stories---I will post them --and give you full credit.   I will have a full Facebook sight up for easy picture sharing, but for now ---please contact me at

                                                        This is to true to be funny.  

           Our new back street driver!    Is today's photo of the day.   Max seems to love sitting in the middle of the back seat.  So he can take up all of my view and of course "help" me drive.  This was takin' in our rear view mirror as I was parked of course.  You can just see his blanket to his right, protecting our car from his messy/shedding self.  He seems to enjoy jumping in the water every time he is near it.   He actually looks a little angry in this picture, but I never claimed to be a good driver!
      This all leads to the fact and or statement, that I am now a legal driver!   Yes the Washington DMV decided that I was approved to get my licence back.  I am still doing the math, but it has been at least 9 years since I have been able to say that before.  
     On Tuesday I returned to the offices and took the written testing.  There are 25 questions, and everything is done on the computer.  You are allowed to miss 5 questions, and than on the 6th---you fall below 80% and flunk.  Do not pass go, you are not smarter than a fifth grader!  I was a little worried, because right off the bat, I missed two questions.  But quickly settled into the groove, and realized how easy the questions really were.   Amazingly my driving test was than set for the very next day.   
       Yesterday I took my mother-in-law and returned to the DMV.   Very eager and very nervous. We arrived early, and watched two drivers flunk the driving test.  Gladly I passed the test.  Again I needed an 80% with no glaring infractions, like launching your car in the air or getting in a wreck.  Anything that would make Max bark at me from his vantage point in disapproval.  I barely passed with an 82%--but it was still a big win!   After going over what I had done wrong with the instructor, which included a parallel park job so far from the curb, one could have parked another car between us and the curb---whoops!  I got to go inside and wait in the very long line!  I left with my paper temporary licence that might just be in a frame as soon as my real licence appears in our mailbox.  

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