Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today's Random Randomness

     **"I couldn't believe it when my wife announced she was leaving me for being too lazy. Especially after I'd spent all morning taking the Christmas decorations down."**

   My newest badge--I am still deciding were to stick it.  Right now it is displayed on my computer desk.  

   For whatever reason, this week the coffee is just not kicking in.  I have been overly tired.  I share this because this means even I have no idea were my rambling will take me when I am tired!  

                                                                       He is the 99%!

                                                               Seems very kool to me.

     **"My buddy *Professor Getty* comes through town next month!!"**---
    Speaking of good ideas---He and I have worked together for many years at Wally World, and is one of my few long term friends.  As many of our past co-workers, including my wife can tell you, our ideas were seldom good for others!   This included about any hike we took.  These always became very dangerous with us lost for several hours, falling down hills, and into blackberry bushes.  Very few people went for hikes with the two of us a 2nd time!  If we had a video camera in those days with us on most hikes, we would be very rich now.  From sending in the footage to some Jackass type web sight.   His real name may or may not be Professor Getty.   This was given to him after his 4th attempt to go back to college, and he soon realized he was the oldest person in all of his classes, except maybe the instructors.   All crap aside, I am really looking forward to his visit here next month.   If he ever gets Internet---he will be a regular guest column writer for my blogs.   *You are pre-warned! ;)

     **"Holy sheep, are you driving? really? Have April shoot a video please, I wanna see it!!"**---MJ

      So happy to be driving again!!  Even if others might not be happy for me.  Just because they have to give up walking on the sidewalks here in Washington!  Actually I think I am a decent driver.  And the more I drive, the more I wander how most of the people around me continue to have a driving licence.  I am happy there is testing, but maybe the testing is a little to lax?  I feel personally feel the worse driving problem in the Bellingham area---is people getting on and off the highway, that have no idea how to merge.  The merge lane does not give you the right away if you are hauling a** or driving far below the speed limit so that highway drivers have to slow down to a crawl to not a** end you.  In a town with 7 on and off ramps to the highway, this is a constant annoyance.   I have no fix---just sayin'!    Having the licence has been a daily help for our family!  
     After not being legal for such a long time----I find I still have that twinge of fear/panic when a police car is near me.   An officer followed me for a mere block last week.   And I instantly went into almost a fight or flight mode.  Than I realized two things.  1.) I and the car was fully legal.   And B.) The officer was not interested in me at all, I was in the way of donut time or some heavy criminals.  Like some jay-walkers!
     Having the vehicle has also improved my exploring.  Although with gas prices already nearing $5.00 a gallon, we will be cutting way back on just driving because I have a licence.  Many more picture filled exploring blogs coming your way!

   Fred Myers is having a rarity----- A good sale!    We scored with these foldable chairs with cup holders for $5.00 a piece.  And if the weather holds up, this will be my new "office" many a morning.

       I finally took some time and hung some of my pictures from my favorites above my computer desk over the weeksend.   The large picture is not mine, but amazingly calming.  I am very aware that they are not straight.   I also can not find any more of the frames we picked--- so at the moment many are hung by thumb tacks.   Very tacky I know!   

    One of the pictures, I blew up and hung.   They have all been in at least one blog.   And I have to say---they look extremely nice, and make the room.  Each an original of mine.   I am considering selling these framed in 4 X 6 size.   Please take a look at some of my favorites and let me know if you would be interested?    A blog on all this is in the works.   These were shot in my travels-- so a little bit of all over.   But MANY are in and around Bellingham!

      In the above picture---I am the "you"   I try to make this blog as interactive as possible.  And there are many ways to leave comments on this page.  I also have a Facebook sight---- for anyone that wants to leave feedback, check advertising prices, vent, show off you own pictures, or sell an item in the Bellingham area.!/WyomingJackBobbleHeadsBlogs          All your comments help me make both of my blogs betterer.  I seldom receive comments of any type though.   When I do they are usually very positive.  So thank you for that!   It keeps me from rolling up in a ball and crying all night long.   Or was that laughing all night?  

                                     **Last weeks most colorful/random comment**

                                         "He needs some respect beatin' into him!...." 

       Now it's your turn to leave some comments.  Maybe you can beat the above!

        Or suggest were I should hike next----Were do you think I should hike next? Beyond the fridge of course. I love food!

    Yesterday found me exploring near Teddy Bear Cove.   In an attempt to find a grand old sailboat that has been sitting in the cove and get some pictures.   Sadly the boat was cruising around the bay.   A beautiful sight, but past the sight of my cameras lens.  

        **"Quick hike around Teddy Bear Cove this beautiful afternoon. THE warning proved true again! Old guys like to swim and sun bath here nude. Like 80+ Fair warning. Pictures of the other sights and a blog post coming soon@!"**

     Last thoughts for today-----I wish to enjoy the sunshine!    And have already learned that much of my reader base has an attention span of about 5.5 minutes.  Most of my readers, as in I am not making fun of you.  This totally made up statistic means that I lost most of you, about three paragraphs ago.   And that I could now be typing insults and would probably not get caught!   Like how entertaining it is to picture you reading this paragraph with your lips moving.....    But I am above typing things like that!
     Last month we tried Taco Bells new taco ---made with Doritos.  It looks amazing on the advertisements, and the kiddos never stop talking about wanting to try them.  I have to say I love Taco Bell and I really like Doritos, but the two are not a good combo at all!    Plus the taco leaves your hands that orange chip color.

     A few days back, my wife scored us a free set of encyclopedias.  And we soon had to find a book shelf mostly for them.  Why is this extra kool?   The books will not be published any more, starting next year.  Another victim of the Internet.  So we are going to make our kids do research papers the old fashioned way and look things up in these.   Some day in the not so distant future your kids will not know what these books are.   I enjoy the Internet, but an actual physical book can not be beat in my eyes.   


  1. Teaching the children to look things up is a good idea. Teaching them to rephrase/rewrite what they find, and to do a correct citation, is equally as valuable. They should learn to do a correct citation for internet sources, too.

    Ah, the teacher in me.

  2. They can all run circles around me on the internet, except maybe at typing speeds ;) But until they are kinder to the actual laptops or we get a PC for the house, they are kind of stuck using books for knowledge, at least while at home.