Friday, May 18, 2012

Teddy Bear Cove

                                                      **Fair Warning!**

        I have read most of the local hike/activity/guide books and have never seen this warning before.  And I feel into this fact by accident the first time.  It usually holds true.  
    On this trip--my  warning proved true again! Old guys like to swim and sun bath here nude. Like 80+ year old guys.  I believe I shielded our youngest from seeing the sagging wrinkly sights--only because I have not heard him tell his friends or mom about the older man that jumped out of the water just as we were passing, who was completely nude.    Again---Fair warning.   And now some pictures of the other sights!

       A short drive up the Chuckanut Mountain road way towards Larrabee State Park leads to a few parking lots that are still free.  One is easy to pass, but look for the one way entrance just after the large flashing lights on the wide turn.   This meets you with a long twisty trail right down to the cove.  Recall it is a long trail back uphill to your car also, so do not over due yourself while swimming nude.  

                                                         The view from the parking lot. 

The views are well worth the trip down the trail.  
You do have to cross the rail road tracks to get to the bay.  So keep pets and kiddos close at hand.
This is also one of the only local bay areas were you can play in actual sand. 

  And of course there is plenty of rocks and such to explore.   This whole cove also offers some of the clearest water!
                                              X marks the spot!     Underwater message.

   Above this first cove also offers some great views and more exploring.  We originally roamed to this spot to capture some pictures of a massive sail boat I had before spotted---docked in the cove.   But alas I had waited to long, the ship was roaming the outer limits of the bay--in full beautiful sail.   Sadly I took the wrong camera that day, and you can just make out the magnificent ship in the below pictures back ground. 

       On this day we ventured to the right of the cove.   You can stay far away from the rail road tracks and walk along the bay.  In fact there is soon water on both sides of you.

         As always I warn everyone from walking on the tracks, no mater how fun it may be.  

The only trains that are safe to climb on or around are in museums. 
This is in Ogden, Utah

                              More great bay line, large rocks, and views await for the adventurous. 

       In the hills and around this 2nd cove are huge houses.  Also a ton of that deep sticky dark black mud that one sinks into slowly.  

                                                                    Huge house with a view. 

At this point, I distracted our youngest and our dog down by the water.  Skipping rocks in always hours of entertainment.  
And I ventured slightly up the trail.  This train bridge was one of the most un-nerving events I have tried in awhile.  Most of the boards were beyond lose.  And looking to the sides at the flowing water, gave the illusion that the bridge was moving.  I will not dwell on this, because one is not supposed to be on this bridge unless you are a train.  I am not.  

                                                        On the bridge looking down. 

                                                    This is defiantly were to turn around!

                      But if one were to venture over or through this mountain some how---it is not that long of a walk, back into Fairhaven.   Just sayin'        
                                                           My hike buddy "The Ninja!"

                                             Extreme close up of me   down by the bay. 

     It was nearing super time, so at this point we started back to the car.   If you have more time, stay to enjoy the sunset.

    To the left of our starting point at the bottom of the trail, another sand filled cove awaited.  

    A short adventure, but well worth the hike.   Although the trip back up to our car reminded me that I have asthma for sure!   

                     Any guesses were my next exploring hike will be about??    

       As always ---please send your guesses to me.   Or any comments~!   
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