Monday, May 28, 2012

Western WWU Carnival

First off on this Memorial Monday--Thank you!   Thank you for all that have served, are serving, and those that gave your lives for us and give us all of our freedoms daily!   This was a great float in the Ski to Sea parade Saturday.   More on that great weekend, in the works.   Today a little about last weekends Red Square carnival on Western campus.

      Many events were happening on this sun filled day.  And I think the parents were happiest that the sun was out!  This friendly viking was part of the welcoming committee.  Back To Bellingham was also going on, to welcome new students, returning students, and alumni alike.  

 The Race for A Cure, was also going on at the track on the other side of campus.  An all weekend event to raise cash and awareness to breast cancer.   You can just see some of the many tents just beyond this great statue on campus.    Music also continually blasted from the track, for further entertainment for all. 

  Another very welcoming sight as the day grew warmer.   As you sat on the fountains rim, the wind randomly covered you in a mist of cooling water.  Instantly frigid but wonderful at the same time. 

    The entire area is patterned with red bricks.   Weaving a wide walkway around many of the campus buildings including the gym were the Vikings get many of there wins.   Many of the bricks offer artwork.   These also lead you past many of the great sculptures with a permanent home here.  While we were at the carnival, we found a  book of all of the sculptures complete with a map to were they were all located.  I was not aware there were so many, in fact I think I counted at least 27 in the book.   So another blog post in the works is finding and getting a picture of every work of art.  This also seems like a great way to wear out the kiddos.  Although it could easily back-fire and leave me much more worn out then the kids.  
                    Follow the yellow brick road to some great adventures and sights!

     One of the many great sculptures.  This one is hidden on the ground.  Water trickles through the entire piece.   I would not have spotted the art, if we had not gotten lost during the carnivals scavenger hunt.   The hunt took us all through campus, into many of the main learning buildings, in search of passport stamps.    In the end some nice campus prizes were offered for the kids. 


Today's drink of choice.
Some how an ice cold soda just tastes better out of a glass bottle or a Styrofoam cup with crushed ice. 

Now on to the games!

For only $10.00 your child could enjoy the games all day.  And if they did the scavenger hunt, receive a kool prize.  
Prices were the same for the kids at heart.  But on this day we just watched.

This was defiantly the ride of the day.   With constant full lines.
Once strapped in you could bounce and somersault until the timer sounded.

At one point, a worker slipped a dry ice "bomb" into the fountain.
The explosion echoed off all of the buildings and certainly got the mans full attention.
He soon got more attention than he wanted, as campus security was not aware of his crowd drawer for his next "trick."

In these post 911 days, something like this could cause much more panic than planned for.
And although it was not the concept at all, made me think how
easily we could all meet the end of days.   
No one saw the man slip the pop bottle bomb into the fountain.  But everyone heard the explosion.
This was his segway into blowing up another bottle  weighted down in a large bucket of water. 
Quite a sight, as the water gushed high in the air!

Several bands also performed through the day.  
This was a great, very affordable way to spend the day.

One of the concept cars also on display.

  I can not forget the seal life petting zoo.  They had some of the largest star fish I have ever seen on display.

Lastly this shot of the sky.  As in many cases it was much more magnificent in person.  
But the clouds were beyond fun to enjoy.   

As always I hope you enjoyed this post even half as much as I enjoyed writing it.
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**Happy Trails!**

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