Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hello Readers

     I am so far behind on new posts.We have been out enjoying the suns return the last few weekends!  Many exploring posts in the works! Filled with pictures of Ski to Sea and beyond of course! Please enjoy some of my old blog posts while I catch up.  Also my newest blog series --Just about Bellingham and Whatcom county always needs more readers.

        **"How many exercise/workout videos does a person have to buy before seeing results?"**

   **"If you took a Facebook IQ Test and it determined you’re a Genius, the fact that you participated in a Facebook test negates the results."**

       With my new drivers licence and a lame brush with the law last night, in my next blog I will have some of my top police stories.   Also with the two month mark coming very close--to me being on an actual rental lease, something that has not happened for a long time!  I am going to post a list of the worse places I have stayed, briefly, in my single years.
       Yesterday was a long day at the parade and carnival. Lots of sun. Got cussed out, the police called on me, for drinking water, and 2 rednecks that wanted to beat me down. But the kiddos had fun, and I won my wife a stuffed animal--so a great day! Tomorrow night we watch them tear down the carnival.   Full report on all that coming very soon in yet another exploring blog.  

    **"If one is late for their speciel ed class—is it proper for the teacher to call the student tardy?"**
   " If one spells special different every time---does that make them extra spceial?"

        **"The guy that discovered milk—What was he doing to that poor cow?"**

   **"No one gives a sh*t about all the things your cell phone does. You didn’t even it, you just bought it. And anybody can do that!"**-----Sh*t my dad says web sight.

        **"He was madder than an albino hitchhiking in a snow storm!"**----Larry The Cable Guy

                                    **"How did Mr. Crabs have a baby whale?"**

      **"I’m going to open a liquor store and call it the 13th step. And then open a topless coffee shop called Perkies right beside it."**

        **"Lets all take a moment and be thankful spiders can't fly!"**-----
     There has only been one spider that scared me, so far in my life.   Snakes on the other hand --of any kind, make me scream like a little girl!   This spider appeared in my shower one day.  It was very large.  I must note here.  I turned the full stream of the shower water on the spider.  And I swear, it started swimming up the stream --towards me.    I decided my shower was now over, and got out of the shower and the apartment to search for some bug spray. 

    I only share the above picture, because my birthday is coming up, and I enjoy a great BBQ.

    **"Maybe, just once, someone will call me "Sir" without adding, "You're making a scene."**

    **"I opened up a bottle of pop and it said, "Sorry, you didn't win". I didn't even know I was playing, but I was still disappointed."**-----   Last weekend we were chilling at mini carnival on WWU Campus.  The great Red Square fountain was on and the backdrop for this picture.  Full on sun shine added to the great day.   Full blog post coming about all this fun. 

     The west wishes they were seeing our sun!  This is the view near the top of the Big Horn Mountains, in Wyoming---Friday.   They predicted three feet of snow, but I never heard if that happened or not.   It seems like before June hits, Wyoming/Montana always gets one last major winter storm.   Two, three months later, if you are lucky--- summer is over.  

     Back to our summer with today's picture of the day.  With summer officially starting less than a month from now, it is time to get out and explore!   This was while I was roaming just past Teddy Bear Cove.  This lone dried out star fish offers a great picture, it's fate not fully over, since it's resting spot is high above the bay, on the rail road tracks.  

      In closing, I ask the following question.  This has been a weekly occurrence, and I am hoping someone out there has an answer to my pondering.  

                                                          **Help me ponder this:**
          Why do single people with jobs keep asking us for money???? At the moment I have no job, three kids, and a wife. You should be asking for budgeting/saving tips from me!

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