Monday, July 30, 2012


      Hello all!   I once again have some great pictures and exploring blogs in the works.  With my new job, my exploring has slowed down to make way for making actual money again and being a productive member of society again.   This may sound harsh to all of those that really can not find a job.  I have been there before, begging for a job I did not want at Taco Bell, and than not getting it.  But this time around every place is hiring around here--- in fact the place I am currently working at is hiring in 16 different departments.  I will refrain from calling many of the people I know dead beats at the moment, because I want to keep this a happy posting today, but dead beats is a good word for most of them.   

We only get one time to not think??
This looks like a good moving system to me, stairs are not fun!

     I pause now for all the guys out there that secretly hate Subway because there foot long ruler makes them cry for real.   
  • I can tell you it is great fun to turn down the volume on the foot long commercials and make up what the purdy girls are saying in the ads    but I am from Wyoming and very easily amused.  ----More about my short lived job with Subway, coming very soon.  

Or the winning video on Americas Funnest Home Videos

In case you have not yet gotten the memo, 
I am very against gun control.
Everyone in Wyoming has 12 guns, and guns cause very very few legal problems.  
Control new parents instead.

                           I am not sure were this is, but I think I want to eat there!

I have posted the below before---but think it is beyond perfect...

      I promise a deeper ----post next time.  I was strapped for time today.   I hope you got a chuckle of two out of some of the above.   

Saturday, July 28, 2012

                         **"Beer is good, God is great, and people are crazy!"**

   **"I'd like to find the judge who gave Pabst it's blue ribbon & kick him in the nuts."**

                     **"My wife and I had words, but I didn't get to use mine."**

    We have been dealing with a lot of crazy lately.   So much so, that I really do not even want to sit outside or have our front door open.  To get away from it just a little bit, we are running to our car this afternoon *so no one see's us, and going to BBQ/picnic at one of the local parks.  Always a three thumbs up idea in my book.  

         Speaking of crazy, last Wednesday an armed man robbed one of the banks in the heart of Fairhaven.   He than got away, on bike.  Not a mooter bike, but a bicycle.  We first found out because several helicopters were circling our area, flying very low.  The only one I could recognize was a border patrol helicopter.   Although it seems odd to have the boarder patrol involved, we are very close to the boarder.  And when we lived in Blaine, a boarder town, if you had to call the police, the boarder patrol would show up first.  Anyways, we got online and found out about the bank robbery.   After we locked out front door, I decided to take our dog Max for a ride, and roam around the small town in our car.  I got a few pictures, nothing thrilling at all, mostly of the bank and entire areas police force around town.   Since they were not great pictures, and I am still unsure of how legal it is to post pictures of police officers, I will not post any of these on here. 
    It took a few hours, but the criminal was caught.   What remains crazy to me, is that in this day and age someone can still rob a bank, and get away.  Even if for a little while.  With all of the cameras and such that are every were.  This isn't the wild wild west anymore.  
      While we lived in Arizona, the land of the sweating sun, banks got robbed all of the time.  One bank robber jumped in a taxi cab to attempt his getaway from the police.   One has to wander what cab driver would allow this, and why the cab driver would accept the fair knowing it would mostly be stolen money.  And the bright yellow color made it an easy mark for the police to follow.   By the time we left the "great" state, people were breaking into construction sights, stealing backhoes and than digging up ATM machines, and than driving off with the machines.  Usually these machines had big chunks of cement stuck to the bottom of them.  Try explaining all that to the police, when you get pulled over for having Bank of America's ATM sticking out of the back of  your pickup truck!


                                        I seldom have the above problem  ;)

                                             Sadly the above is my war cry way to much.  
But I am working on being more productive in all aspects of life.   And most of my list will start tomorrow!

   Have you ever gotten one of these cones stuck under your car?   It is a huge pain to get them back out from under there.    Although I hit a bucket once with my truck, and got it wedged very well under the truck also.  

      So the above person was told that he could not fly a flag in his yard by the home owners association.   So he quickly decided it was time for a new paint job on his house. 

                                                            Mmmmmmm coffee!!

    If you took all of my pictures and such about coffee in all of my blogs, you would have a lot of coffee pictures!     I hope you enjoy at least some of them.  

   Would you drink out of this coffee mug?   Or is it a complete fail in your eyes?  I still have not decided.  But if it was good enough coffee---- I am sure I would make it disappear even from this mug!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthdays And Other Pains

      So a few days back it was my birthday, nothing special it is just another day for the most part.  My wife bought me a French Silk pie, which was beyond wonderful in my belly!  And I went to work that night.  Possibly the best part about having this new job, is that no one knew it was my birthday.  No greetings on the time clock, no announcements of the PA loud speakers.  I got my own section of tables for the first time that night, meaning training was over, so that was a great present for sure.  I love that this place actually gives work training, most places train you in a super quick crash course and than set you loose on the customers.  Four days of training is great for the newbie worker and the customers, but it also means four days with no tips.  
      New stats show that many people die on the week of there birthday.  Because of stress and such factors.   Of course these stats came out just before my birthday.  So I do not know if it was old age setting in, or that I had heard these stats, that I started feeling really crummy that week, health wise.   And am very sure that I told my wife, that I would be overly annoyed if I woke up dead on my birthday!   Either way-- I  made it long enough to type today's post!   I am not sure how old I turned--but it was olllld.   My wonderful mother's birthday is the next day.  So I always recall her birthday.  What a birthday present she had the year I was born, getting to sit in the hospital and all.   If it were not for Facebook, I would not recall MANY birthdays.   But the real question is, do I really care if I know most of these "friends" birthdays or not?   My mother informed me that I only get half a credit this year, because her birthday card was still sitting on our desk on her birthday.
       I have rambled about this before---probably on my last birthday---- but I find it almost disturbing to wake up on your birthday and get on the computer.  Every social sight knows it is your birthday.   I realize I sign up for these sights and tell them when I was born.  But pre-coffee it is a little more disturbing.  

      In looking over my Facebook posts over the last week or so---I have noticed that I have been overly negative.    Our neighbors are driving me crazy and my wife and I have came to the conclusion that our friends and many relatives only show up when they need something.   I want to post a sign on our door that says   it says nothing, signs can't talk!    That reads "**We are all out of favors for ingrates, please try next door!*** I am done with ungrateful, selfish, babies this week thanks for playing!"

It's me!

I will probably post more about all of this on a later date, but wish to keep today on a lighter mood--so will show a positive, in my eyes from last week.....

    Exploring Big Rock Garden Park last weeksend. The kiddos were exploring, and some people yelled at them ---Because they were trying to enjoy the art work! Our youngest stopped--looked at them--and than said---"yha!? Well I am just trying to run!" And zoomed off. ;) Made my day !!   I have a post coming about the joys of this park--I really do!

    If I have not mentioned it before---I love my new job.   I have not worked in a casino before, so there is lots to learn.  But I have worked in many family restaurants, so the basics are there.   Anyways, last night --which was a Thursday night, I made $80.00 in tips.  That is about what I would make in two Thursdays combined at my last job.  

This is part of the huge expansion coming to Silver Reef Casino.
*were I work

                                                 Here here!      I wish it was that easy.
                                              I wish both of the above pictures was that easy...

Happily I have both!
Coffee and a more than wonderful wife.  
But we have definitely learned that you can not live on love alone.
Those dam landlords will not take food stamps or Monopoly money as payment. 

Speaking of beverages----It is Friday so 
To all of my readers.

    The Olympics also start today.  For those of you that will be watching all that excitement.  *Yawn

                                     We can only hope that day is only that violent!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Squalicum Bay

      I recently posted about  the joys of Squalicum Park and have also posted about the port and great sea life petting zoo.  If you venture past The Bellwater Motel and all of the snazzy restaurants  just before the road turns to go under the tall bridge, if you go straight down the dirt road, you pass the factories and than come to a nice sized parking lot.  Also the start of this park.  Wild grasses lead you to the welcoming bay, or follow the trail right to water and lots of rocks and tide pools to explore.

    First I must complain a little.  I have written this before, but am in hopes that as I gain more readers, things change even a little.  And by some off chance, this lady will read the following, and think a little more, before she ventures into the outdoors next time:


 This is Mr Max down by the bay.   Yesterday in fact.  Notice how he is on a leash?  I always keep him on a leash.  Because it's the law, because I am not sure how he will handle other dogs, and because the few times I have let him run free, he kept running.   I have mentioned this before, and will again--in fact there are several "mini rants" about poor pet owners already.   But yesterday this topic hit home twice while around Bellingham.   Once while at Laurel Park near WWU campus.   None of the dogs that visited were on a leash.   I did not have Max with me at this point, and was just wearing out the kiddos while my wife was at a doctor appointment.  I do not care how well you know your dog---he will not act good 100% of the time.   And I do not appreciate your dog as much as you do.  I do not want it licking me, biting me, or sniffing my crotch.  I am at the park for the kids.   
     The second --more annoying example is while we were down by the bay.   This time we had Max with us.  And no one else magically had there dogs on leashes.  All of the dogs played very nicely with Max.  In fact he might have made a new girl friend.   But I still had to pull at him to continue down the trail.   Followed by others dogs when we first took off.   The last dog we encountered was not so friendly.  And Max was instantly ready to add some bite marks to this unleashed dog.   The owner had just informed me at how well her dog reacted around other mutts.   "As I can see"  was my first response.  As I was pulling my leashed dog down the trail, to our car, I pointed at the near by park signs with my other hand.  And tried to inform the lady that most of them said to keep dogs on a leash.   As she argued this point, I informed her how much I love pulling my dog off all of the other dogs that's owners just let them roam free.  I am sure this section will land in my Bellingham blog---and I hope with more readership this owner and many others will read my rants and think a little bit next time they voyage out.   Hahahahaha---OK I just made myself laugh a little on that one!   Later today I hope to post a new exploring blog!  And tomorrow brings back my "mini rants"   this one will deal with bad pet parents --who in my eyes basically abuse there pets.   I hope you read all about it, and have insight----for or against my thoughts.  You can post your thoughts any time on this blog.   Or if you have Facebook   please check out my new page!  Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head's Blogs Exploring Bellingham & Whatcom county

                                                       OK  now back to exploring!

Just out of the parking lot.  
On this day I had our two youngest kiddos and Mr Max.

As always along the bay there was plenty of kool drift wood to explore.  
Later on in the day the kids made new friends and floated around in the bay on top, mostly of old logs washed up on the bay line.   Hours of fun and a great way to cool off.

                                         Small forts and tree houses dot the country side.   

This one is huge and includes a very large flower garden.

Keep a look out for this almost Eire rock.  
It forever keeps a look out over the bay.
On this day some one placed an eyeball pebble in the middle of the eye.

You are soon greeted by this sight. 
A great place to throw rocks. 
                              This tall pier is completely fenced off from explorers.

     You are never far from rail road tracks in Bellingham.  Many of the best places to look around, involve crossing the tracks in one way or another.  Leading under the tracks are many more trails. 

Soon the remains of another pier appear.

Above is a picture from under the pier. 
Many spray painted works of art can be found in this area.

Looking back on the big city...

Max always enjoys a dip in the ocean.
This is also the area our daughter found a floating pumpkin in the water.  
Neat but also very random. 

Around another bend you are greeted by the remains of this old building.

On the look out!

        Exploring in this area is recommended during low tide.  That way you stay much dryer and the rocks are far less slick.  Much further up the trail-- in fact you are past the airport----is the below pictured, huge fort.  Complete with a look out station on the top that you can climb into.  There are also books with memos from explorers from years past.   I had the kiddos with me this day, and did not wish to venture this far.   Below is a very old picture.  I have heard that the fort has since been torn down, but have not ventured that far to prove this true or not.