Friday, July 13, 2012


      So today as I was roaming around town, I passed though the campus area and saw several students happily holding up a sign---that said "Honk if you think we should drink!"   Most people were zooming on down the road.  But to there cheers, I honked several times.  Because --maybe they should drink several times.  It was pretty hot out.  If this story helped you decide what you are going to do tomorrow,  Cheers to you!   I suggest you bring a couch on to your lawn --for between cars, especially if you live on a dead end street.   Our drinking game of choice, used to be watching the cult movie classic "Office Space"  and drinking every time the boss said several key words.   Please note, he says them a lot.  And even back in my youth when I could drink like a fish, I could not keep that up through the whole movie.  I do not recommend trying this, but I do recommend you watching the movie, if you have before or not.  
    Drinking games are always won by the person that makes the rules.  And of course the most sober person, is soon to be the loser.  Or winner, depending on how much they enjoy drinking.  I fear I do not have good stories to share anymore because I do not drink much at all anymore.  ;(

Shoppers are always helpful at Wally World!
This makes up for how un-helpful the workers are. 
I still wish to know what the yellow symbol on the sign above and allll over the stores really stands for.  
I have a whole disturbing theory  but fear this mostly spawns from working at the retail store for so long. 
It mostly involves a symbol that helps the devil find low priced shopping.  
Because rhomer has it you can easily convert this symbol into a pentagram.
Try it for yourself, with crayons or sharpies ---all over the store!!

                                                              True  that Mitches!!

    In case you did not get the memo----today was Friday the 13th.    I hope you all came out unharmed.  If for no other reason, so that you can read my blogs, and than share them.  

   And possibly the view point from Garfield on today's date....

     Fair warning, I have been dusting off some old writing of mine.  Stuff that I wrote before these rambling blogs.   So this will be roaming into my posts in the very near future.   To bad for y'all!

                        That's funny right there---I don't care who you are!!

    If your family tree goes straight up----you might be  a redneck----just sayin'
                                         Just do not ask what either is thinking about!!

    Have you ever watched the movie "Falling down?"   I often kid that my buddy---will be the inspiration for the sequel.   In the movie---a man gets stuck in construction traffic, and goes postal when he sees several construction workers just standing around doing nothing at all.   The whole rest of the movie is about him going postal.  And some were near the end, he fires a missile under the workers.   I can see were actions like this will happen more and more.  It's sad, but it's a fact.
    For one thing, you can not even perform every day tasks, without someone being overly annoying.   I have a great life right now, and am very hard to annoy.  But as I was attempting to get gas in my car yesterday, someone did a good job of bugging me.  It was a small thing---I had pulled into the first stall to fill up our car.  I was at the pay station with my card out, and the guy behind me asked if I could pull forward, so he could fill his car easier.   Simple--but as I said annoying.   I grudgingly complied, and than mentioned that the guy should learn how to parallel park, I had just takin' the driving test, and assured him this was part of the test, and that he had a good huge space between our car and the next to pull in his car.   He replied by telling me how much easier it was for him, that I pulled forward.  He was right---it was easier, for him.   
    Everyone is all about whats easier for themselves.   What can make there life better.   What is happening to them at that very moment.   I am searching for a Family Guy clip that explains this perfect.   The typical American.    No wonder every other country hates us.   I will git off my soap box now.   Thanks for letting me vent.

    As I keep mentioning, I have many ideas and new concepts to add to this and my other blog.   
And it will all start happening soon!    

      I refrain from sharing stories about my wife, because I do not like being single, or sleeping on the couch.   Plus  I have enough stories of my own, to fill lots of books.   Flip books, with the pictures drawn in crayon, but still.   Anyway, I am going to share this one----  I will keep it short like me. 
    We recently learned that none of our kids have heard the story "The boy who cried wolf"  some how.  Our oldest sons principle gave the cliff notes of the story one day awhile back.   And with some current events at home, we decided we should own the book.   My wife was online trying to buy the book---and thought she had, until the next morning, when her receipt showed we had bought the book "the wolf who cried boy"    Close--but definitely not it.   I am not even sure how that book works.   Is it a story you read to your dog?   We will soon know though.  

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