Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2nd And All Is Well!

               Like a  G6   Far East Movement.

         I would have the link with picture here--but youtube does not want to share today.   Look up the song yourself. 

     Although I am still not positive what this video is about---it is very addicting.  
I have learned that like a G6 is not a good modifier when you work in a restaurant and are talking to your main cook.  Be he uptight or not.  But odds are he will be uptight and or an ex felon.  Anyway, modifiers are things added to a food order--- steak cooked medium rare, add tomatoes, no sauce, chill the plate the food is served on, lick both sides of the steak before and after you grill the steak.....   are examples.  The more modifiers you add, the more annoyed the cook becomes.  And the bigger potential the food will come out wrong.   When this song was very popular---we added "like a G6" as one of the modifiers.  The cook was annoyed, nothing new when I was working.   And asked the manager and I--what the F a G6 was??!    We both replied ---we need the food to fly out of the kitchen, you know, like a G6!   

     **"Everyone should have there own theme song for there life. What do you think yours should be?? I think mine is the Hokey Pokey!"**   Or Weird Al's ----White and Nerdy.

     I have argued the larger persons view point before.  And it soon led to a friend that would not talk to me again for months.   You can determine which of us was the winner with that outcome.   We are now buddy's again, but our argument started when he decided that BP, when they had that oil spill awhile back, the one that destroyed the coast line for generations to come, and now we never hear anything about.   He was trying to say that everyone, even big corporations makes mistakes. This is true, but dam it was beyond a mistake!   I have had trouble with big business actually paying me lately.   And this is a small mistake--or they really were paying me for the hours of actual work I produced = 0!  Some were along the line, the person I was arguing with--- brought up the restaurant I worked at, and said that the number one contributor to large people being fat, was servers and waiters.  
     I did not take this well.   Mainly because I do not recall shoving food down any of my customers throats.  They asked me for food, and than usually more food, because this is America.  I am growing a beer gut, but I know this is from eating and drinking much more than I exercise.  I also know how to fix it, and that calling repeatably moving your hands to your mouth, while holding a shovel and pitchfork is not considered exercise.   I could go on, but usually what I find amusing, others do not.   ;)


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         Above I also mentioned about companies having trouble actually paying there workers.  Again I am running into this problem.  Some how the finalize button was not pushed by my name, and I received no paycheck--do not pass go!  I will talk more about this "fine" company again, when I have a new job for sure.   Last week I received a nice money order from someone.  But the process took two days and four trips to attempt to pick up the cash.  And I have had many checks be lost for awhile while working at Wally World.   Of course everything always gets fixed---the only reason I bring this up, is that the World is trying to go to a money-less society.  Were everything is done on computers and credit cards.   Besides the many problems with this, we still have cash now, and no one can use the other system correctly.  
         This goes back to a comment I made a few months ago----no one actually knows how to do there job.   From call in customer support to the kid that punches in your burger order and comes up with a total of $999.00 dollars after you order 3 items off of the dollar menu.  You could blame it on him being a new worker, but when the 4 other workers and than 2 managers gather around the register ---they can not solve the problem either.   When they call tech support, who has no idea either.   Things get resolved, some how, and than we learn that no one knows how to count back Mcchange.  
         My next main exploring post will be about Ski to Sea---meaning I am about a month in a half behind on such posts.   But to get back in the grove of sharing, here is a quickie but fun trip my wife and I had just a few days back.   I have soooo  many exploring posts and pictures to share ---again thank you for being patient.  
           I had an interview at a local casino Friday afternoon, and we found someone to watch all of the kids, and ventured to the casino.   The managers sent me off for drug testing, and we took off on the short drive to another casino after.  I will of course update about my job offer.  It is a slow process, getting clearance to work in a casino.  They do an extensive background check including finger prints.  We took off for the large Skagit.  They are offering $10.00 for free when you cash in with $20.00 at the desk.  We should have cashed out than --already $20.00 ahead, between the two of us, but were is the fun in that?
       We enjoyed some great food in the snack bar.  Complete with free drinks from the casino floor.   And perhaps the best part of the meal was the company.   We seldom have time out with no kids.   
    She may not agree with that statement.   The next best thing about the meal, was the huge cookies!!

       So for the last few weeks I have been going to Band of Brother meetings or BOB.  They feed about 200 men every Tuesday.   Fed with food and than feed the soul.   The group is to lead men to christian thoughts etc and how to be real men in any situation.  Men from all walks of Earth and at every stage are accounted for.  And no judgement is held.  First off I would like to say, I have not been prayed for this much, in a long time, maybe ever. I have found the meetings very very helpful.   And the leaders and guest speakers are beyond great.  They also have daily radio broadcasts etc. If you are in the Bellingham area, and would like to learn more about this gathering, please contact me.   
            BOB seems to be used in a lot of work places or gatherings for abbreviations.  While I was working at Wally World ---BOB was used all of the time.  Sadly during my extra quick crash course it was not explained.   And while I was cashing customers out, manager like people kept asking me if I had seen BOB today.  I did not know who this Bob was or why he was so important.   As five managers surrounded me, very happy to be meeting Bob it seemed, I noticed a large bag of dog food on the bottom of the basket of the customer currently at my check stand.   I stopped her, and the dog food was paid for.  She had forgotten that it was even down there.  
         Long story, boring---- BOB was not a person, it meant to check the Bottom Of Basket.   

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