Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ski To Sea 2012

                                                       **"Get your race on!"**

            I have been so busy exploring and enjoying local activities and taking pictures, that I have been greatly slacking on posting about them. Case and point---this blog. This year was the 101st Ski to Sea. And since it ends in our home town of Fairhaven, we had an easy walk to the fun! This is an amazing race. I have grown very "soft" meaning my couch potato skills are taking over. And I am in a shape, just not a good shape. So just watching this race was, well exhausting!
Held every Memorial Day weekend. A limit of 500 Teams. A Relay Race of Seven Race Legs - Seven Different Sports -The course covers 90 Miles
The Ski to Sea Festival includes a 93.5 mile relay Race of seven venues from Mount Baker to Bellingham Bay encompassing seven different sports. The Festival also includes a community block party with music and food, a Junior Ski to Sea Race, a historical hometown parade, and other special events that provide a wide variety of entertainment and adventure for all who participate and cheer on the contenders. But enough history and facts---lets look at some pictures and such!

The weekend before the Jr division has there own race. And the carnival sets up. My wife has several family members that work for carnivals so we watched the crew set up. It was very entertaining actually. I had hoped to watch them tear down on Sunday night also, but we had scheduling conflicts. Having three kids, this happens a lot!

For whatever reason the corn dogs at the carnival are always the best!
You can just make out the corn dog wagon behind our youngest in the above picture.
I probably do not want to know what they do to these to make them so good---but Mmmmm!
**Note** You have to look for the corn dog wagon actually on the mid-way, not one outside of the rides, for the best taste.

Waiting to ride!

At last!

Today's picture of the day!
My wife worked on carnival crews for years.
This is in her past, but she could still work circles around much of the current crew.
Here she is pictured in front of the last ride they set up that night.
One her brother happened to be in charge of.

Bird's eye view from up on the Ferris wheel.

The following Friday night -- the have a block party in Fairhaven.
We were not able to make that.

Saturday morning was the big parade.
And we were greeted with full on sunshine!

After we had picked a great viewing spot, the boys and I took off to explore. We had an hour before the parade actually started.

We ended up just down from the old city hall. Wandering by the water and the park.

Always a great place to skip rocks!

The water through the park was running very fast.
And allowed for some more great pictures!

Greeting further up the trail.
About time for the parade to start! This parade is always super great! Although the kiddos were super sad that no candy was thrown from any floats.
Another great time to pull off a crime in Bellingham, the police force is very busy with crowd control.

The lone cop from Lummi??

Me in the middle of the street, waiting for the parade to start.

Starting time!!

Possibly the best theme of the day.

I like this shot with Mt Baker Theatre in the back ground.

Not only do I ride the short bus to work, I drive it.....

Santa even made an appearance! I bet that suit was hot.
But it is great practice for Christmas in July

Sunday Fairhaven was full of people. Sponge Bob is very happy that it is also the end of the race.

The beautiful and packed finish line.

Live music on The Village Green.

I hope if you went to any or participated in Ski to Sea this year --it was a great experience for you!
And if you could not make it, go next year!

As always

**Happy Trails!!**

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