Sunday, July 1, 2012

With July Comes Sunshine!

     I start today with today's picture of the day!   Each is a picture I have takin' and I attempt to keep them as current as I can.  And than I tell you a little bit about the picture.  Lucky you!  It is amazing how calming exploring and taking pictures is for me.  These blog posts also have the same effect.   Anyway, I took the above picture two days ago, while walking our dog, just blocks from our house in beautiful Fairhaven, WA.  I thought it was a perfect end to a long but productive day.   This spot of sunshine peaking through the dark and gloomy skies.  If I had had the energy, I would have ventured down by the bay, to get some of these shots with the water below.  
     I borrowed this whole concept from a blogger sight called "Bellingham Daily Photo."   In fact I try to set up some of the same pictures I see on the sight.   But this sights are MUCH better--always.  Anyways, I again hope, they do not mind me borrowing the idea.   And that you find the time to check it out.  By sending more viewers his way, maybe that will lighten the whole concept of me stealing there idea.   Or something like that.  With the full on sunshine today, and the dam ice cream truck parked just feet in front of me, with it's extra annoying song playing over and over, I fine myself overly distracted.     In a febal combat, we sent all the kids out with popcicles from our freezer, and told them to eat them beside the ice cream truck, and wave!

                      **"If you can believe something --you can achieve it!"**

                                      **"Positive thoughts = positive results!"**----

    Both of these great quotes are from my wife.  Actually she did not come up with them, but try's to live by them daily.   In looking back, I enjoy all of my deep quotes, but they are not very positive usually.  

   Sometimes my blog posts have a theme through the entire blog.  With pictures that match also!  Today is again not one of those days.   I would like to appoligize now to my readers.  For two things.   1.)  I keep talking of posts to come, and than ramble as filler through the rest of the blog.  And B.) For whatever reason, I can not get spell check to work on Blogger.   So, the thoughts are even more random and hard to understand than normal.  

    In the same note ---I would like to thank my readers!   Just for being there and passing on the links.   This page is nearing 9000 views!  I am still not sure why.    Maybe it is from the 1.5 laughs I offer each week.  Please also check out my other blog sight.  Just about Bellingham and Whatcom county.   I have been neglecting that page---and have a ton of posts in the works for it.   If you happen to have Facebook ---please take a look at my new page---  
  1. Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head's Blogs Exploring Bellingham & Whatcom county
    I am planning on ignoring my regular FB page, and doing most of my posting on this page for awhile.  You can comment there---on anything I say, send in your own pictures, ideas for my next exploring trip, thoughts, or items you wish to sell in the Bellingham area.   
    **"Should I make my own coffee this morning or drive to the coffee shop? I hope this is my most challenging dilemma today."**

    Mmmmmm coffee!

    I have recently heard that my random thoughts and pictures are much more ammusing, like most things, when you are drunk.   So with that same concept, my best posts should be the ones I did while I was drunk?   For the most part now, I do my blogs with lots and lots of caffine in my blood stream.   In case you have not gotten that memo.  

                                                          "The more you know!"

    I ask questions all of the time, and no one ever seems to have answers for me.  Or really even like my questions.   But it is good to constantly ask things instead of accepting what you are told, from most powers that be that is.   But if you go the above route instead of just asking the question.  The IRS will answer for you.  

    I have told many of my police stories before--and have many examples of other things not advisable to say to cops.   
    At the top of the list---is to ask a motercycle police officer were his seat belt is, when he is writing you a ticket for not wearing a seat belt.   
    Top thing not to tell a judge---Do not call them a dumb ass, in any way, shape, or form.  
    Although that day I did learn what contempt of court meant!

    **"I don't get how people in this day and age, with camara's everywere ---can rob banks--and get away with it."**----

    • When we lived in AZ---A bank robber jumped in a cab for his getaway car. Im not sure how he thought that was going to work out, but it ended bad for him. Or if he thought the cab driver would want to be paid in stolin' bills.
      • By the time we moved, people were stealing backhos out of construction sights, digging up atm's and driving off with them.   I am still not sure how they explained this to the cops.   "The ATM was mine and I am taking it home to put in my backyard......"

      **"I told my wife I was buying her some diamonds for her birthday. She said that nothing would please her more. So I got her nothing."**

     This show starts again tonight!   In fact we got Showtime just to watch the new seasons.  After becoming basically addicted to the show while it was on Netflix.  Basically to pass on the addiction, I got my wife interested in the show also.  

        I have noticed that all of the residents here are overly nosy.  I notice this every day, but more so today.  I am outside enjoying the sun, holding on to our dog, and typing away on my lap top.  Apprently this is a sign, that I want to be bugged.   And looking over my shoulder as I am typing, asking what I am typing--is a good way to bug someone.  Luckily I was not typing this paragraph at that time.  Mostly the residents here just appear when they need something.  Or when they are digging for more information to call housing or the police about.   We live in housing, although very cheap, everything else is overly annoying.  Although most of the residents are in the same boat---and should be banding together.  Actually most of the residents here are completly abusing the system in some way.  The best example is the house that got busted with pounds of drugs in it.   Because of all of these fine people-- people in the state that really do need the assistance, are loosing it.  Also because of all of this, we have a savings account --just for a moving fund in our future!

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