Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another Great Weekend Playing In Bellingham

Summer made an appearance in our area, and was out in full glorious force over the weekend.  
Our family took full advantage of this, all weekend long.   
**The above great painting is on Rail Road Avenue by Man Pies**

I am sitting on our front deck--trying to ignore the neighbors and fully enjoying another sunny day, this Wednesday.   As the sun starts to go down, and the temperatures get nicer.  I am recalling the weekend, and digesting.  Because our family just ate at the Home Town Buffet.   
They are featuring steak every night and have an Icee machine now.  And the cliff notes are:  I ate way to much.     

First off----any guesses what my next exploring blog post will be about?  

And now it is time for my picture of the day!  
OK this concept needs a new title.
But it is what it is.   
I show a picture I took--try to keep them newer pictures, and than explain a little bit about the picture.

This is right down town Bellingham.
I have shot many great pictures in this area, just down from the old city hall building. 
This was just a few weeks ago, and is another reminder of how fast all of the area water is flowing. 
Stay out of the faster moving water!

That said---- I start my weekend with our family at the Aquatic Center.  
  Our oldest turned 12 on the 3rd of July, and he wanted to have his party, swimming.  My wife and I had never been to the building, and we took the family there during free swim.  They have family prices and single prices that are very reasonable and offer the whole area for two full hours.  We had a great time in the huge pool, hot tub, and slide that wraps in and out of the building.  A great way to beat the heat for sure!    

     Saturday it was time to give mommy a break, and I took off with all of the kiddos.  Including an extra.   We explored the Saturday market.   Always enjoyable.   The above statue is also praising the sun!   For more on the market  please check out

This market trip was fueled by Woods Coffee!

   Than we all went to Wally World.   The birthday boy had birthday cash to spend.  And so did all of the kiddos, just in lesser amounts.   I worked with the company for eight long years, so dislike the box store.  But some how like it less every time we visit.   I am still not sure how that is possible.  

    And than we ventured to Boulevard Park.   Always a great place to soak in the rays and the sights.    I have posted about this park several times already.  So I will not say much here.  But simply post some new pictures I got while there. 

Happy day!   

The view just past the coffee shop.

Me fully enjoying the sun as the kiddos played.  

Just above the park.  
I call this one
"coffee with friends!"

    On Sunday we ventured to Lake Padden for the day.   And enjoyed the water and some BBQ steaks!   The only good thing we have gotten at Wally World for awhile.   Yes, they came from Wal  Mart.    I was surprised how good they were.  

Can you smell the steak??

Another trail to explore!

Again I have talked about the lake before --so will just post some new pictures.   
Did I mention I love pictures?

Our dog Max  drying off. 

Next I will tell about Ski to Sea---yes finally!
Here I am waiting for the parade to start, while in the middle of the street. 
I also have many other posts in the works!

Including the 4th of July, our trip out of the area to Lake Sylvia, free & cheap local entertainment,  
More Chuckanut exploring, walking and viewing all of the statues on WWU campus, Pioneer Park, The bay, And many many more!

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And as always

**Happy Trails!!**

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