Thursday, July 12, 2012


  I hope you all had time to enjoy free Slurpee day yesterday at a 7-11 store.  Because the calender date was 7-11.  If not now you know way ahead of time for next year!  Our apartment complex has one of those large silver mailboxes, were everyone gets there mail at the same place.  Ours turns into quite the social gathering, because no one seems to get there actual mail.  Everyone gets mail, just not necessarily there own mail.  I should say it should be a gathering sight.  Everyone grabs there mail and runs home.   So sometimes it is weeks later before you actually see your own mail.  There are plenty of times when this provides for very late receiving payment stubs.  Luckily we do all of our payments online at the beginning of each month.   And than place bets about how late in the month we will actually see mail, like our rent statements.  My wife has called the post office several times.  Sometimes we even stand behind the mail lady as she "sorts" the mail, with our arms crossed, and an angry look on our faces.  Nothing helps.  We continue to get every one's mail.  

    I have come to the conclusion that when we are not watching, the mail lady opens up the back of the mail box, grabs one of those shirt cannons they use at ball games, to launch shirts to fans, across stadiums.  And delivers our mail ---aiming mostly at the mail boxes with that.  Whatever mail does not happen to land in any of the boxes gets converted into fuel or becomes property of the mail lady.   Of course this is all fiction, until I can prove it true!

I enjoy Craig's List---but check everything out for sure~~
This one seems legit to me~!
I think it would have a picture of an engine under the hood, if it had a hood. 

   Have you seen the huge list of warning labels on every product now?   It is a very amusing read most of the time.  Do not use BBQ inside, do not curl your hair while in the tub, do not use the Shake Weight with only one arm or it will become huge while the other is super wimpy!  Do not use the Shake Weight -any were in public.  **Get this warning**  Fast food is bad for your Mc health~
And most importantly----this blog is not responsible if you read every post and do not laugh even once.

    Coffee is once again the fuel for this blog.  After the lawn maintenance team started on the nearby apartments at 8 this morning and two telemarketer calls, I decided it was time to get out of comfy bed.  I actually slept past 9---very rare in our house~ !   

      I hope all of my readers actually enjoy me posting again.  In both blogs.  I plan on enjoying the summer-- and working again next week, so posts might slow down again, some.  I will post about my last short lived job, and the "joys" of big business very soon.   And have a ton of new ideas, pictures, and exploring posts to share.   Please bear with me, as I try not to hold the above banner high.

    I enlarged this ----for your eyes enjoyment.  

    We have all been guilty of this.   Even when I used to actually exercise, I would drive my car to the trail I would than jog on.   I do not do well in actually gym's though.  Something about sitting in other peoples sweat. 

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               And now it is time for my picture of the day.   Always a picture I personally took.  
     Another post in the works----is about July 4th.   This shot was takin' on that day as the sun was setting.  I am close to the Bellingham terminals.  And I really like the way this pier post reflects back in the dimming light.  I again attempted to take some firework shots that night, but learned again, this is extremely hard.   One tends to keep attempting a kool shot, and than misses the entire fireworks display.  My wife got better firework pictures than I did on this night.   More on this in a very soon post.  

      A close runner up for the picture of the day is just above.   Also on the same day as it gets closer to the big light show.   This was our view of the fireworks show.  

      And of course this one is a favorite of mine for that day also.    Because it is what the 4th is all about.....

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