Friday, July 20, 2012

     I hope everyone has been enjoying the exploring posts.  I have many more in the works.  Please do not forget to check out my newest blog series --just about exploring Bellingham, Washington  at   This sight is still greatly under construction, but is growing.    

     As always I welcome all comments and thoughts.  They help me more than you can imagine.  I usually get very positive feedback.  Or comments that basically tell me I should learn how to shut up faster.  And these are usually deserved.  I got this great comment the other day, and have to share.  "Your blog is ok for kids, not for adults."      Short and to the point for sure.  I do have 10,000 views between both blogs and almost all of these are from adults, so I am not sure how true this thought line is.  I can say last time I was told to grow up, I chocked on a Lego.  If you are a kid at heart, you will really love my posts!

   I now offer a moment of silence to all of the victims and families to the shooting victims in Colorado today.  Terrible as it is, I believe this kind of thing will happen much more, as stressors increase.  Big business grabs for the all mighty dollar even more, laying off more workers, grid lock turns your morning commute into a parking lot, three digit temperatures all summer long.   The only two comments I will bring up---  Witnesses said that the movie watchers were very slow to respond to the gun shots, because they were watching an action movie.  They must have thought the effects were extra awesome and well beyond 3-D.  I say there is another D which includes people that have really bad B.O.  So bad that you can taste the smell.  Maybe they just can not afford "pit juice" which is what I call deodorant.   And 2nd--- enjoy every moment of your life, because you never know what evil lurks just around the corner. 

     I am very happy to report that I just started a new job on Tuesday.  I am becoming a server at a nearby casino.  I say becoming becoming, because they issue a deep training.  It is very strange to actually receive training for success.   Most places I have worked "train" for about an hour and than throw you lose on the public in a crash course.  I will soon offer some thoughts on big business and my last very short lived job.  But not today.   I have worked many family restaurants through the years, but never a casino.  So far I enjoy it a lot.  Not to mention the great perks my wife and I will soon enjoy.   Including motel rooms at low rates.  

I thought this chart was interesting.  I shows per capita how many Star Bucks each state has.  
I am happy to show that Washington ranks #2
Coffee shops are huge here.

I believe soon the only place to open another coffee stand is in the restrooms of current coffee 
That should make tipping your bathroom attendant interesting.

                                                    And now some rambling!

                                         How are those two banners for motivation?

    Speaking of motivation....

But as long as I am amused--that is all that matters!

     I have been greatly slacking on posting deep and or motivational quotes at the start of my blog posts.  These will return very soon.   

Any guesses were my next exploring blog post deals with??

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