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**Mini-Rant #16--Another Form of Animal Abuse **

                                                          **"Less bark, more wag!"**

    I attempt to do my "mini rants" on Friday's --I really do.  This concept lets me vent without really yelling at anyone.  At some point I hope to video record my rants and post them on here also.  Please send any thoughts for future rants to me.  And roam around my blog page to read them all!  
   Today's spurs from a news article last month -were a child's provider, as in not the parents--thought it would be funny to put there baby in an industrial washing machine at a laundry mat.  I was going to include the video --but it is beyond disturbing.  Anyway, they put the baby inside, no one is still sure why, and the machine turned on.  It locked itself and started to fill up with water.  Everyone in the laundry mat went into panic mode, and the child was saved.  The cliff notes of all of this is that I had to take tests to become a licsened driver again, to advance in my jobs, to graduate, but these "great" people are free to go off and reproduce.  With no tests needed.  At least once they get out of jail.  The government wants to control everything from how much fat we eat to how many guns we have.  But they do not wish to monitor our offspring at all?  There is a great song called "Dee dee dee's"  Explaining how if a not so bright person has sex with an even dumberer person there kids are, well basically doomed!  This is not what today's rant is about- I went off on a side rant.  

     My rants have been dealing with poor animal owners, at least in my eyes.  Related to this--I feel is pet owners who really do not have time for there pets.  I feel these are highly neglectful parents, and it is a form of animal abuse.   When I lived in Wyoming last year, I was missing my family and living in a motel.   Working helped me escape my life and my feelings, and I worked a lot!  I would have loved to have a pet--someone to greet me when I got home, to love me, all of that jazz.   But I was in a small motel, that I called the "No tell motel,"with no real yard,  and at work sometimes 12 hours a day.  It would not be anything close to fair for the pet.
     We got Max a few months ago.   And we include him in family outings all of the time.  The many pictures of him might be a clue to this.   He is laying right beside me, outside right now as I type this blog.   Because he is great on hikes and because he does not want to be left at home for anything.  We put him on a chain outside, and he wants back inside with us very soon.  On the few occasions we have had to tie him up most of the day, he freaks out.  We have recently learned this is probably because he was tied up most of the day, every day by his last owners.  This dog is 8 and does not know how to play.  And while looking at his last owners pictures posted online, it is very clear that they are posed.  Meaning they take the dog some were kool, just snap some pictures of them and the dog-and than throw him back in the car.  It's not for the dog at all.  
     Max is soooo loving and people friendly that he should never be tied outside for more than an hour at a time.  We learned this on a recent trip, and will be putting him in a loving kennel next time we have to leave town.  Were he will get personal attention every day and outings.  If you do not have the time, energy, or space for a pet, you should not own them.  A dog like this needs at least one long walk a day, not to be tied outside all day.  And if you need a pet to show others how great you are with pets--- just look at the pets face in your pictures.  You can tell by there eyes most.  Do they look happy?   Or do they look sad that you are hanging off of them, to get yourself in the picture.  And than ignoring them the rest of the day?   I feel this is animal abuse, pure and simple.  Please let me know your comments on all of this.    Am I right on the button as usual or waaaaay off in left field in my thinking?   I enjoy every comment I get, although rare, they are more helpful than you can imagine.  

                                  And now time for some random rambling from me!!

     I did not take today's picture of the day, just above.   But think it is great!   For awhile we lived about two hours from Viva Las Vegas.  I say about, because this trip involved going over Hoover dam and a pickup that did not like to run in the God awful heat.   One time this trip took six hours. We took lots of mini trips to the town that never sleeps.  And I kind of got tired of it while we lived there.   When I was sitting in Wyoming last winter, freezing my butt off, I missed the heat and excitement.  I think our worse trip there was to Circus Circus with all three of the kiddos.  They advertise the town as a family town, but it is still far from that.   Beyond all of the sights that youngsters should not see, any time you enter a casino to see the sights, or kool off, you have to keep all of the kids far away from the gambling floor, or get jumped by security.   Tomorrow I will return with a picture I actually took.  MANY new pictures and posts are on the way.  Next exploring blog will be all about the great Ski to Sea!

   While we are talking about places I am not----Here is a great picture of Main Street in my home town!   They are gearing up for the big rodeo.  I did not take this picture either, but follow the link/watermark in the corner for some awesome pictures by Mr Stan W.  I also have some past blog posts about the rodeo and other fun events in Sheridan Wyoming.

   What better way to wake up?  I get the extra bonus of waking up beside my beautiful wife, and than having lots of great coffee!   I miss our automatic coffee maker, because you almost wanted to get out of bed, with the smells of a fresh brew through your entire house.  

                   I wish I had a skill or two.  Being a prick does not pay well!  
 I have rambled on about gun control in a few blogs past.   This continues with that....

  1. **"I support the death penalty--to show people that killing is wrong."** Brian -Family Guy

                  And now I find it time to talk about coffee some more!   Cheers! 

I have very few blog posts that do not talk about coffee ---go ahead and check it out for yourself!

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