Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A New Post Like Wow And Stuff!!

              **"It's fun to wait a week for a phone, that dosn't work!"**---Me  last night
                               **"I like my new phone, because it works!"**---Me  today

      Sorry about today's title, but it has been awhile.   I just don't seem to have motivation and time off at the same time latly.    First I would like to say that I finelly have a cell phone that works.   I recieved a replacment phone last night.   And a mere hour later, found out that it could not be programed.   They wanted to send me another phone---involving another week of waiting by the mailbox.   But could not assure me that the re replacement would actually work to do stupid things like send or recieve phone calls.  Although I will have to admit, this phone now makes a great paper weight.   I have a fine collection of paper weights  sadly.   Several being vehicels that no longer run.  And would make an even finer base for a coffee table, if melted down and squished.   So, I gave up and went to the store and bought a new cell phone, with my no money.   I have very few bills right now, so my friend always jokes about the thousands of dollars proably lying in my bed mattress.   For all intrests, mainly mine, there is nothing green in my mattress.  
     I heard that the world population is now very close to 7.5 billion.  So if you are having trouble finding a parking space,  theres your answer.   Not related to any of the above at all, it snowed here in Wyoming last night.   Seems to early for that fun, but it is the 2nd of November some how.  

    **"My shirt must have been sleepy drank all my coffee on the way to work!"**

                     **"Mam, you have more crabs than Red Lobster!"**----Beufurd-----I must admit that at first this just made me hungry for some food from Red Lobster.   I really can't relay most of the conversation before this, but can say it was one of the few good come backs I have heard from Beufurd, ever!

     So at the place I work, our work uniforms just changed.  To white shirts with a tie.  Very fun when you work around food all day.  Mostly because they are very hard to keep white.   In order to not offend any of my bosses --the only observation I will make, is that I felt like a mormon all day the first day of the new "outfits."   But thats OK, because they get all the gals, right?  

I just found what I am doing this weekend!
And know some streets, were I would be very happy very quickly.

           **"I like to collect dog pop and make fun shapes out of it!"**---That's funny sh*t right there

 This picture just proves, that no matter how bad things are, things are always worse for someone.  I used to ride the city bus and talk to people to make myself feel better.   There sob stories were always much worse than mine.   Riding the bus stopped for two reasons----   One day , no ones stories were even close to as bas as mine.  And I moved to a town with no city bus system.

   I am not saying were I got this picture.   But I think it is great that everyone is always looking out for my well being!

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  1. My wife and I had a good laugh about the new uniform. No, they do not get all the girls, either.