Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Snow meets ocean.
This is a big --town stopping snow storm in
a great little place named
Bellingham, WA

                Although Arizona's state motto is "Land of the sweating sun!"  And the more annoying - "At least it's a dry heat."   What the residents like to say the most, actually rub in during the winter time is " At least you don't have to shovel sun shine."  All of this said, it gets down right chilly -ish in the winter time in the desert.  At least before noon.  I got up with the kiddos this morning and am still trying to warm my body up.  And am also having a hard time keeping my coffee warm.  Granted this is nothing like real winter like in places such as Wyoming, where I grew up.  Where it has been negative 34 ish with no wind for extra chilling and jaw dropping wind chill factors.   And they can have that weather.   Although I do not really like the extreme heat here--I have found now that I have moved away from such cold, I really do not like the cold any more.  My buddy recently decided to move to Bozeman Montana.  I am still not sure why.  And it is a wondermous place in the summer.  A summer that might only last a month long.  But he decided to move there last weekend--as in the middle of November.  Move there after living in Florida, California, and Washington.  All places that do not really get cold enough to stop wearing short shorts.  On the way he discovered the joys of shivering and of black ice at night time.  He is also the type of person that might attempt to lick a flag pole on a dare--just sayin' in case you meet him in person.  I have not talked to him on the phone yet, just in texts, but the consciences seems to be.  That he is cold!


Small amount of snow
Sheridan, Wyoming.

So I have done a lot of traveling across the US through the years.  And enjoyed almost all of it a great deal.  I just read this great article about a cross country road trip -consuming most of the US-and hitting most of the super famous land marks.  I am happy to say--that I have visited a great deal of the ones mentioned in the article.  No real point -just thought I'd share.  This isn't a page of random rambling for nothing.  

**Moral question for today----if you find cash on the ground but are 100% sure it came from a tweaker getting ready to buy her drug of choice, not food for her kiddos---do you pick up the cash and return it to the tweaker. Or place it in your pocket??**

On kind of the same note---is this helpful or no?

And please exit the building before tweeting about the fire. 

With the days here now cooler---I am going to start taking many more hikes again. 
Instant therapy. 
It also provides for wearing out our dogs.
And lots of pictures!
I have so many new ones to share---
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In case you did not get the memo--
Christmas is right around the corner.

Speaking of Wally World
Here is a "fun" game you can play at any of there stores!

My wife and I just played bingo a few Friday's ago at the local Lions club. 
We have not played bingo forever, and I believe it was the first time we have every played it together. 
It was pretty fun, although actually winning some $ would have been much more fun.

Friday, November 14, 2014

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                     I hope everyone in reader land has an amazing weeksend!   I will be spending most of my time at work and on the road to and from work.  But hopefully the tips will be amazing.  It seems to get harder and harder each year to cover Santa's wages.  ;)  Work was defiantly interesting today.  And working in a large casino, that last sentence is saying a lot.  It is always interesting for sure.  When it is not, I will need to check myself to see if I am still alive, and than if so, probably find a new job.  Anyways our main boss was escorted out of the building by security.  I have only seen this a few times before at work, I believe both times at Wally World, none of the times was it a good thing.  At least for the manager.  The security was not assuring he got to his car safely   but that no secrets or poker chips left with the manager.  The rest of the day, no one left in manager positions would talk.  At one point several of the top managers did inform us that the manager no longer worked with our company but still offered no explanation or answers.  So as of now, I am kind of like the local news.  Baiting you to read or watch on, and than having no real facts or story really to show for it.   Just be happy I put what little I knew at the beginning of the blog instead of at the very end!
            Today we also had a customer briefly fall asleep at there table.  Not un common in a place that never closes, but a little more un-nerving when the customer is a senior citizen.  One is not always sure at first if they are taking a cat nap, or have hit there ninth life.  And you really want to take care in waking them, and not be to shocking.  But on the same not   many of them do not hear very well, so you have to be loud.  My first thought--after deciding the customer had slept long enough  and he was now making me tired---was to sit in the empty seat across from the slumbering diner and wait to see his reaction when he did actually wake up.  As usually seems to be the case, my now involved supervisors did not agree with this thought line.  Just as the manger was walking up to the customer, he stirred himself awake and we all breathed a loud sigh of relief than he was just napping and would live to gamble another day!
          This reminded me of years ago - very late at night or very early in the morning, depending on how you look at the glass of beer-I had a very tipsy customer fall asleep in his mostly empty plate of pancakes.  He was alone but he was so peaceful while asleep.  While awake and drunk-not so much.   Several of us had to debate long and hard if we should even attempt to wake him.  Again for a period of time, we were not quite sure if the person was dead or just sleeping.  But as we creeped up on the guy we could soon tell he was really alive!   By seeing the bubbles form in the leftover syrup as he slowly breathed!  At some point we considered it betterer, for us to just let him sleep.  An hour or so later, he awoke with a start.  An even bigger start  when he realized the plate was stuck to his head with all of the left over syrup.  Good times were had by all!  

Did you think I was going to make it through a whole post without mentioning coffee??

Did you??

Someone has to out vote all the dead people that also voted

                                       Poor Butch he just wants to eat the hat. Bah hum Bug!  ;)

**Maybe because I grew up in Wyoming But I hate when snow makes the news---- It is winter time, this is not news. If Phoenix or Las Vegas got nine feet of snow, than THAT would be news. Just sayin'**

Above is one of my favorite pictures from Bellingham, WA 
It also shows what they call a big storm.  The kiddos and I took it as an excuse to Explore in the snow.  With few people to annoy us, because no one ventures outside in such weather here.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How The Heck Is It Already November OR Bring On The Turkey Already!

              A hearty hello to all of my readers.  I realize you have not had much to read of late because I have been greatly slacking on this page.  Unless you keep up with MY Facebook page.  It gets updated much sooner than my blogs it seems.  And that is were I test out my jokes and such ---It is also the quickest way to see if I am still alive and to send me death threats and any correspondence.  My pages do love haters by the way.   Please check it out   and send me some thoughts and or love  at   https://www.facebook.com/WyomingJackBobbleHeadsBlogs?ref=ts&fref=ts
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Also a featured trip coming very soon. 
And many more trips around Tucson. 

Arizona sunsets are almost always at least this amazing.

       Fall has finally arrived here in the desert.  The signs were there--- with it getting dark way to early in the evening.  In fact many nights I have to push it to return home from work fully in the light of day.  But with that the sun sets in my rear view mirror are often beyond amazing!  I have even seen a leaf or two change color in the last few weeks. But the temperatures have stayed in the 90's here until about Halloween.  After that night, it was like the temperatures were scared into dropping.  And it defiantly feels like fall when we roll out of bed in the morning.  Although it is not amazingly cold outside, it is cold for the desert.  If that makes sense?  When one is used to it being 120 outside and than if finally cools off-- you soon find yourself chilly when it is 60 outside.  I know my Wyoming friends are shaking there heads at this, as they put on yet another coat.  
      Last time we lived in Arizona, when the kiddos were still small and cute, we believed that it really never got cold or chilly in the desert.  I mean they do call it the Land of the Sweating sun for several reasons.   When we first moved into a home in the extra nasty town of Kingman, AZ  our land lord gave us a big discount on rent, for not having to hook up our heaters.  My wife and I shrugged, said it is the desert and took the discount.  Winter hit, and we froze our butts off~!  I have pictures--that I can not find at the moment, but I am sure I have shared, many times.  Of my wife dressed in a big coat, or two, gloves  all the best winter gear  huddled in front of the open stove attempting to warm up.  I believe after I snapped the picture, I shoved some kids out of the way and stood in front of the stove also.  Or sat on the open door for more warmth.  
      This all of course brings us to something that has caused me constant wonder and thought while living in the desert.   How are there so many very large people that live here?  I am a bean pole  almost stick of a man  and still find myself sweating most of the day and night.  If I am working, sitting, using the bathroom, or attempting to sleep.   How do these extra large people stand the heat?   I than start to picture them sitting on the curb of a busy street baking in the sun.  Making there own gravy.    Let that image sink in, you can thank me later for being so descriptive when it dawns on you what I am talking about.  

We do not see that many fall colors in this part of Arizona  but we do see some.   Here are some highlights from last fall.  

This time of year is amazing.  And with kids, it flies by for sure!   
Halloween is always an amazing day   but for us it is just a little sweater because my wife and I became a we on Halloween nine years ago now. 

Even with pictures like this, she is still with me    for better or worse indeed. 

Me and the focus button were not getting along on this night. 

My wife and my pumpkin. 

Trying to hide from the flash.  

                                   Our spooky results   with mom hiding in the background. 

                                  I will think about showing my costume in my next post.  I can say it resulted 
in very good tips at work and more than a few entertaining comments.   My lovely wife repeatedly killed me as she told the local teenage "hoodlums" if they needed an alibi for Halloween night, that we would verify that they were with us all night.  

    Beyond all of this fun, and the great holidaze coming up, it is finally cool enough outside to Explore!~   Many new picture filled posts in the works.  

     And now time for today's Exploring picture of the week!   I have been slacking on re naming this feature   and on doing the feature it seems.   So today I have two pictures!

This was in the heart of Tucson.  
My wife and I were in town for the big home show and I happened to see this door while driving. 
I had to double back on foot to snap this picture. 
It is even more amazing up close.  
I realize it is just a door.
But it leaves so many questions.
Mostly were does this door lead to?
More than likely another door, but it is beautiful on so many levels.
Especially because it opens right out into the street.

One sunny day last week I was roaming around in nearby Sunsites Arizona and 
came across an abandoned church. 
Of course I had to check it out.  When I ventured into the first open room, I found these
people posed in a never ending fight.  I realize I am very easily entertained, but I 
still found this very kool.  When we lived in Bellingham WA  I used to find posed army men all 
over the downtown areas of the town.  More on both of these days coming very soon!