Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Snow meets ocean.
This is a big --town stopping snow storm in
a great little place named
Bellingham, WA

                Although Arizona's state motto is "Land of the sweating sun!"  And the more annoying - "At least it's a dry heat."   What the residents like to say the most, actually rub in during the winter time is " At least you don't have to shovel sun shine."  All of this said, it gets down right chilly -ish in the winter time in the desert.  At least before noon.  I got up with the kiddos this morning and am still trying to warm my body up.  And am also having a hard time keeping my coffee warm.  Granted this is nothing like real winter like in places such as Wyoming, where I grew up.  Where it has been negative 34 ish with no wind for extra chilling and jaw dropping wind chill factors.   And they can have that weather.   Although I do not really like the extreme heat here--I have found now that I have moved away from such cold, I really do not like the cold any more.  My buddy recently decided to move to Bozeman Montana.  I am still not sure why.  And it is a wondermous place in the summer.  A summer that might only last a month long.  But he decided to move there last weekend--as in the middle of November.  Move there after living in Florida, California, and Washington.  All places that do not really get cold enough to stop wearing short shorts.  On the way he discovered the joys of shivering and of black ice at night time.  He is also the type of person that might attempt to lick a flag pole on a dare--just sayin' in case you meet him in person.  I have not talked to him on the phone yet, just in texts, but the consciences seems to be.  That he is cold!


Small amount of snow
Sheridan, Wyoming.

So I have done a lot of traveling across the US through the years.  And enjoyed almost all of it a great deal.  I just read this great article about a cross country road trip -consuming most of the US-and hitting most of the super famous land marks.  I am happy to say--that I have visited a great deal of the ones mentioned in the article.  No real point -just thought I'd share.  This isn't a page of random rambling for nothing.  

**Moral question for today----if you find cash on the ground but are 100% sure it came from a tweaker getting ready to buy her drug of choice, not food for her kiddos---do you pick up the cash and return it to the tweaker. Or place it in your pocket??**

On kind of the same note---is this helpful or no?

And please exit the building before tweeting about the fire. 

With the days here now cooler---I am going to start taking many more hikes again. 
Instant therapy. 
It also provides for wearing out our dogs.
And lots of pictures!
I have so many new ones to share---
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In case you did not get the memo--
Christmas is right around the corner.

Speaking of Wally World
Here is a "fun" game you can play at any of there stores!

My wife and I just played bingo a few Friday's ago at the local Lions club. 
We have not played bingo forever, and I believe it was the first time we have every played it together. 
It was pretty fun, although actually winning some $ would have been much more fun.

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