Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A December To Rember.

                  With work and the holidaze right upon us, things have been going doubly fast in our house hold.  Because of the commute to work, I am finding myself on 12 hour days during work days, before any of the shopping or extras.  Of course figuring in the drive time greatly messes with my high per hour earnings so I do not count this.  Wages have been very good this time of year--unless you work for the IRS.  Because of a little thing called tips.   Something that many people do not fully understand.  And something that will diminish greatly for several months after Christmas.  When everyone gets there credit card bills in the mail.  As far as the people that do not understand tips--that is for another blog post for sure. 

                  Every one of our Christmas--each year has been amazing and special for sure.  From the years we were together to the terrible years we spent the holidaze states apart.  Again that is for another post.  Last night we enjoyed the lights and sights at the zoo in Tucson.  All free because of my work place.  Pictures to come very soon.  For much more local Exploring please check out my Exploring Arizona blog page  at:  http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com/  

Another great Tucson find I have not yet added.
For more up to date Exploring
Pictures, coffee love, and random rambling to the extreme  please

    Poor Wally World Santa! What gift do you want from Santa this year most? What is the best gift you bought for someone else this season??

  **"One should always wear a ski mask to bed than if there ever is a home invasion at your house, the robbers will just think you are part of the team! "**

  *** After an extra busy extra long day at work on Turkey day and have worked 8 black Friday weeksend at Wally World I have to say I was rather disappointed at how ffriendly and happy the shoppers were at the local Benson AZ Wally World. Nothing close to a fight actual friendly even helpful shoppers every where. At one point I believe I might have purposely slammed my shopping cart into someone lacking in moving with the flow skills--- and they actually happily apologized to me. *wait this was not the reaction I was expecting!* Causing me to pause, and quickly re think my bah humbug attitude! Kudos Benson shoppers.***---  It was an amazingly busy day at work for Turkey day.  One were I almost wished I had roller skates on.  Almost--until I recalled that I could not ride roller skates and probably would have started and ended the day under a booth filled with hungry customers after I could not stop in the roller skates.  With my legs doing things that normal legs should not do. 
Yup,  pretty much what it looked like inside the local Wally World store. 


     Crazy day on all aspect. Super busy at work-- spilled coffee on a customer--that didn't go well at all--learned some more super good news at work---- *can't tell yet, because I don't officially know* Saw a fully engulfed in flames car in 1-10 Went to the madness at Wally World. Now time for some pie and maybe some booze. Hope everyone in FB land also had an amazing Turkey day!!

     ***Everyone has there own thoughts on the Fergeson mess and how it will affect the rest of the country. My only thought for now In the video footage last night, I saw tons of people looting a Dollar Tree Who takes the time to loot a dollar store??---I do not know everything about this case--nor do I wish too.   I can say the riots were ridiculous-- especially the riots in other parts of the country.  I think this whole thing is a whole conspiracy -especially after hearing the "presidents" speech---but what do I know.   Last thoughts on it all ----   If some crazed man rushed at your personal mini van full of your wife and your kids--and this man had a gun pointed in the window of your mini van---no matter what color he was   would you not do whatever it took to make sure your family and you came out of the situation alive?   YES  the officer should have had training and probably had no reason to shoot the man 7 times---but training only does so much.  If this man was hopped up on drugs   he would have been greatly un predictable.  The average Joe Father driving the mini van--has no real training.  Yes he might have a gun and since he has kids, he should have training with the gun---but the thug in Fergeson also had a gun---and the only time he probably held it was to take selfies for Facebook.  The 12 year old kid that just got shot by police because he was holding an air pistol  was also very sad.  But --what youngster needs any kind of gun in the middle of the night or in any public place.  These fake guns look amazingly real---treat them like they were real.   Lastly I have been involved in several riots and such.  I did live in Oregon amongst the hippies for years.  And I never got arrested or assaulted by the police.   The people trying to tip over cop cars and break windows got beat down--but not me.  Put all that in your peace pipe and take a few smokes on that  before you reply to me with your versions of why all this is wrong.

This reminds me  that we will soon have new Christmas pictures for everyone to enjoy.

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