Sunday, December 21, 2014


       I hope you and yours have an amazing Christmas filled with family, joy, and lots of booze if needed to survive all of that family time, and time off from school your kiddos will be on!   Our kids are ticked because mom decided that they need to wait until I get off work and home to open the main gifts.  This will be like 6 PM.   They still get to open one gift on Christmas Eve.  And everything from Santa.   I see it as pay back for all of the years they have very excitedly gotten us up at 3 AM.  ;)  

Anyone else this excited for Christmas??
Before and after.....
So last year we got rid of our fake Christmas tree and tried to start a tradition
of buying only real trees.   I did not think this out to much
living in the middle of the desert and all.
We drove miles to look at trees from Washington state.
Since they were shipped so far--they were far from reasonably priced.
The little baby, Charlie Brown trees were like $50 bucks. 
We sadly ended up at Wally World, but had a real tree!
This year I caved and we bought a new fake tree.
Possibly the best last minute gift for all of those people still on your shopping list.
The ones that are not really family or even friends for that matter.
Great flask I got for Halloween actually.
More Christmasy thoughts and pictures in the daze to come. 
Maybe our best gift this year.
After our other car decided to stop running --and became yet another "paper weight" for us,
we went for broke and got this car. 
With all of my hatters  I kind of do not wish to post a picture of the car,
but it is in our drive way all the time, so I guess it is OK. 
It is so nice, that I am still almost afraid to touch anything in it. 
We seem to have a lot of paper weights, but not much paper.  ;(
I kind of want to have the old car squished down   and turned into the base of a
new coffee table for us. 
Another great gift I got.
We did leave a few things to open on Christmas too. 
Part of the Wally World village  this outhouse poopin Santa is great!

      **"Santa stays so jolly because he knows where all the naughty girls live."**-----More deep quotes in every blog post   

                                           **What do you call undercover cops??

                                                               Pigs in a blanket!!**

                                             **"Angels are often disguised as moms."**

        Enough coffee to join the masses on last minute shopping runs!

We have many attempts at ginger bread houses   and this seems like the
only real solution!
Although this year we found large ginger bread men to decorate.
Since we do not have to put them together   it should go
much smoother this year.
Last thought for this morning.
OK  So I was driving home from work a few days back and it was pouring down rain.
In Arizona  no driver knows what to do when it rains---and they all seem to just run into each other on the highway.   They also seem to drive at a very safe speed of 25 MPH on the highway.
It is just rain, one can just slow down to a safe 100MPH people. 
Anyways, I passed a lit up over head highway sign that warned me of winter weather ahead.
I grew up in Wyoming and had to laugh to myself a little.
Above is a picture of a normal July day in Wyoming.
When we took a road trip during the long winter there we loaded the trunk with emergency items in the very likely case you would be stuck along the side of the road or in a huge drift for the better part of a day.
Such fun items like shovels, sand and blankets. 
I realize areas of Arizona see snow--quite a bit of snow, but here winter weather does not get much worse than spitting rain, crashing cars, and a low temperature of 50.

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