Monday, December 15, 2014


            Hello!   I hope you also have a coffee in hand.  Today is my day off and I sadly got way less sleep last night than I had hoped.  Our new puppy is in heat, and my male pit bull is beyond crazy for her smell.  So it is a constant attempt to keep them apart.  The puppy was staying at a friends house, but my wife missed the baby being home, so she came back last night.   All night at least one of the animals was whining about something.  Or trying to hump something.  The pit bull got so excited at one point that he was shaking, humping air, and proceeded to throw up all over the living room floor.   Sounds like a Monday to me for sure!   Today actually sounds like more work than any day at work, because we are trying to get all of the last minute things done around the house before Christmas.  And it is a long list.  Tomorrow night is the big Christmas at work.  They are giving away amazing prizes, the trick is to actually win one.  While I am guzzling coffee and trying to energize, and yelling constantly at the pit bull, I thought I would type out this blog post.   I forgot the good news, at least for me.   My laptop has been out of commission for a few months now---we finally got it fixed and this is what I am typing on this fine morning. 


     **Benson friends riddle me this: We have a legit complaint about neighbors that have been harassing us since May---cops show up and make fun/laugh at my wife. Tonight --just now a drunk yells down the street----3 cop cars and 1 sheriff show up just for him. Really?**-----   So last night I came out into the living room to turn off some lights and raid  the fridge before bed, and saw some bright lights in our front yard.  That is when I noticed four police cars basically in our drive way.  Of course we went out front to witness the commotion.  There is a bar very close to our house, so drunks cause noise problems a lot.  We are still not quite sure what this particular one was guilty of.  I just find it odd that this was so many cops top priority last night. 

    **"If no one comes from the future to stop you from doing something how bad of an idea could it really be??"**

                                **"You say tomato  I say summertime snow ball."**

                      **"I can make beer disappear, what is your super power?"**

    ***Call me stupid---,many have but I believe if you have kids and you can't afford to pay your rent. Most purchases are not essential.***----Not really a whole lot to add to this I guess.  When I was I my 20's I bought a lot of stupid things, but I could always make rent, and most importantly I did not have any kids at that point.  My mistakes were just my mistakes, they would not hurt anyone else.  For the most part.   Ideas do seem way betterer when you are really drunk.  ;)  I keep reading peoples statuses on Facebook--were they buy dumb as* items all of the time.  There right.  But one in particular has not paid rent for over a year  because the rent goes to a very lenient family member.  They also have kids.  I hope soon the landlord becomes a hard as* and the tenant grows up.   If nothing else for the kids sake. 


    Last year the Benson light parade was amazing. It was our first year in Benson and our whole family enjoyed the whole night. Here are some of the highlights This year was beyond lame sauce we waited to get good seats longer than the parade lasted. Boo!


                              If you are stuck on what to get me for Christmas.  ;)

Here's your sign!!
Now a few toys to stay away from this holiday season....

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