Thursday, December 4, 2014


               A big hearty hello to all of my readers in blog land!  This very page has lots of posts to read --while I am slacking in making new random rambling filled posts.  My next Exploring Arizona post will be about Exploring the Coichse Stronghold.   Take a look at some more pictures and adventures at:                             And MY Facebook page is updated daily---and the fastest way to contact and or gripe at me.   Check it out at :                   Before I get to wrapped up in the activities of the Holidaze   I wish you all an amazing Christmas.  Filled with family and peace!

                      **"Caffeine is a drug---- Deal with it.   You're a junkie!"**

    I do believe I might have slipped up on my last post and gone an entire entry without mentioning coffee or caffeine in any way.   This does not happen much on this page.     ;)

      "People" are now spending thousands and thousands of dollars on plastic surgery so that they will have much betterer selfie pictures. AND girls are now coloring their underarm hair as a new fad. Thoughts before I share mine..... And go !!**

    **Although I love the rain I spent years in it in Washington and Oregon I hate desert rain, because no can drive in it. News flash 20 MPH on I 10 is too slow!**------  People in Arizona have no idea what to do when it rains   and them seem to settle the confusion by just giving up and running into each other on the highways.   I wrote the above post this morning before leaving for work.  And it pretty much held true, traffic was terrible for a Thursday.

     **Got to tweak out on someone again yesterday about how lines work. As in lines to buy food etc. Everyone stands in them daily, but no one actually seems to understand how they work. I believe at one point I told the lady that she never got to cut in the well fare line. Not very Christmas like but Dam if it is not stress relieving.**-----I realize I should try and be more calm--especially this time of year, but maybe this was my nice version of handling things.  ;)   Plus I am very sure a few friends of mine only talk to me because of constant stories like this.  I am not making this one up, nor do I any of my stories -- I have found you can't make things like this up. 

    Speaking of that I just yelled at a homeless lady the other day at Mc Grease Pit--because she was one of the many that does not understand how lines work. I think I concluded my point by stating that I was sure she would not be allowed to cut in line at the welfare office.   I have had anger management classes in my past--and have to say it is nothing like the movie with Adam Sandler.  I did learn how to count backwards from ten--an activity that was supposed to give me time to calm myself and than handle the situation at hand but mainly just angered me more. 
    On a some what related topic---we just had harassment training classes at work.  Something everyone got to go to--or lose their jobs.  During the classes we got to learn how best to harass others---wait that's not it..... how not to harass others, or at least how to do so without getting caught.  Either way   I think I will be very good at it.  I really wanted to ask the instructor -if we could get rape whistles for when things got to harsh at work.  But counted backwards from ten instead, and refrained from the asking.  Althogh this does make me wonder  who at work would answer the whistle blows  and how they would handle this.    Cliff notes of the meeting--- When I wore the dress to work on Halloween---I was told that if I liked any actions by others--it was not harassment.  ;)  We also got to watch some great videos-- 5 star videos, out of 100 stars, maybe.  And than deduct if the actions in the video were harassing or not.  I seemed to be the only one a little alarmed that the background music in each video was very similar to that in most porno movies.  Again I refrained from bringing this up.

   With all the craziness of shopping, and Christmas parties, and food and such   
Your moment of Zen!!..................

I am a poet  AND did know it!

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