Monday, December 22, 2014


                         Hello all!   Putting the date on each of my posts in the last week or so, does not necessarily mean that I have no good titles for these posts.  It is mostly a way to keep everyone, mostly myself updated on how close the big day really is.  And a very easy filling system for when I go back and read these posts again.   Last night I found I could not sleep, and got more in the Christmas spirit by reading old holiday posts of mine.  We have had every kind of Christmas possible from being states apart to living in a run down motel with all of our stuff in storage across the state.  That year we made all of our own decorations for the tree and for the walls.  Including a very kool fireplace complete with stockings for each of us.  The mother in law was also flew in to visit that year, so I do believe a lot of adult beverages were also consumed that year.   I do have to work this year on the big day, but sympathy tips for working on major holidays are usually well worth it.  Plus it is at a job I love, a place filled with worker benefits.  We have helped Santa out very well this year, I managed to sneak out and get a few gifts my wife does not even know what are, and we still have a nice cushion in the bank.  All things considered this is a very good year for us!


I have been busy taking new pictures---so some day there will be loads of Exploring updates.
For those all around Arizona  please check out my newest page
And now for your moment of Zen...
                                                     Found this great vehicle while roaming around Sheridan, Wyoming one fine day. 

I didn't get this one at first, and than it hit me!
Simple but true sign!
Sign in front of a bar I found one night
while roaming around Billings, Montana.
I will let you read this whole blog, drink more coffee, rest, go shopping, and than
start laughing.
Good times!!
    Guess dogs need alone time too... I am glad other people see this. I thought the same things out loud and my wife was not amused. Although our dogs got these.... lol
Walmart pet stockings...

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