Monday, December 29, 2014


                                          **"Bacteria, the only culture some people have!"**


                                           **"To Dam early to be up this Dam early."**-----
        My new-ish all morning work schedule is great, but because of the distance from work that we live, when I am scheduled to start work at 7--I have to roll out of bed before 5 AM!  One of these mornings is when I wrote the above deep quote.   While I was guzzling lots of coffee.  I believe this might well be the first time I have mentioned that I enjoy coffee maybe a little to much.  I do however not enjoy getting out of bed early in the mornings.  Once I get out of bed, I am fine with it.  I kind of figure if it is still dark outside, it is not morning yet.   And was recently very shocked to learn that there really was still a 3 AM o clock!

   MY Facebook page is also full of random rambling, my pictures, attempts at jokes, mini rants, and gallons of coffee love!   Plus I update this page much more often than my blogs.  And it is the quickest way to contact and or yell at me.   Please check it out and tell me what you really think of my ideas.

Another great sign that sadly does not
lead to an actual coffee shop.
Exploring Sunsites, AZ

       My third and newest Exploring page is  looking for new readers.   Tons of new pictures and posts in the works.  Please join us as we Explore all around amazing Arizona.   And please pass on the links if you enjoy this great page!

Painted wall behind a park
that could easily be a postcard.
Guess what city we found this in?
In my Exploring I fall down hills, so you don't have to.
Good times!
     **Crazy ass week at work great tips but super busy. I do not believe I am getting out of bed tomorrow. AND they slipped up and gave me next Friday and Saturday off work. I believe we are going to find some Arizona snow, and do some sledding than spend the night in good ol Tucson!**

       This was my post on Facebook last night.  With Christmas and all the casino was beyond busy and the customers just kept coming.  Great for sales, and tips, bad for worn out workers.  Although I do believe that I figured on Christmas day and the day after that I made $35 dollars an hour   not to brag or anything.  At any rate the kiddos are still out of school and we are taking full advantage of my very rare weeksend days off.  I have heard there is a good  pile of snow ---even a ski able amount in the hills about an hour from Tucson.  I would love to venture near Flagstaff, Arizona   but want to save that trip for when we have a few days to spend in the area.   I of course will have pictures, and will report if we actually found snow or it was a huge Arizona joke.   Like a vast mountain of white sand.   This could also be enjoyable I suppose.
       I grew up in Wyoming, so mainly try to stay away from cold and snow in general.  And have been doing a good job of that, living in Arizona and all.   I figure after 18 years in bitter cold--I have seen enough snow to last a few life times.   I kind of calculate that the long Wyoming winters are extended on the mind and body---so like dog years, each year in Wyoming can be timesed by 7.  This all started a few weeks back, when I was digging in storage for Christmas decorations.  I came across several sleds that we hauled with us on our long move from Washington state.   This move was about a year and a half ago now, and the sleds have not left storage.  Something about us living in the middle of the desert and all.   After I moved the sleds appromitly 10 times --to get to more Christmas stuff, I decided we should actually use them!    I have not been sledding for a number of years, so it should be more than interesting for sure.

     And now with the Christmas crazy-ness and relatives, and all   your moment of Zen---you can thank me latter!......

                                                    Our 2014 Christmas picture! 
    If you have not received one yet----I was the person sending you one--and as of this morning I have not yet mailed them, or written on the cards.   Sorry!   My wife was in charge of mostly her side of the family, and they all made it out in time.  Mine---not so much.  

      Like many of "my" pictures---I have posted this one before.  But today it is up in honor of my wife's sister---who very recently had twins!  Even though the new mother never looks at this page---I will spare my very negative thoughts--for now.  It was just Christmas and all!  And leave you with these pictures I borrowed of this new place  called the world wide web. 


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