Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year Or Winter Hits The Desert

Sign just down the road from our house on I-10
that we usually laugh at.

      Happy New Year to everyone and all of that jazz!  I have to say that we as a family all managed to go to bed seeing the new year in.  And it may have been the soberest new years I have every had.  I had to be up very early on the 1st for work.  Work at the casino the day before was again super busy.  Some time that night it started dumping rain outside.  Late in the night or early in the morning, that turned to snow   even in the desert valley.   Benson residents awoke to about three inches of snow on the ground.  At least those that rolled out of bed before noon.  I grew up in places that see great deals of snow each winter, and know how to rid the roadways, especially highways of snow.  Arizona is not one of those places.   On the long commute to work, I saw 14 wrecks.  OK did not witness these, but saw the after maths.  It was so bad that I even started to see semis pulled over on the side of the highway.  Refusing to keep driving.  Something that does not happen much, because like the song says, they need to keep on truckin'.  I did thank my Wyoming heritage in getting to work safely.   Because who can miss holiday pay  and nursing all of those all night partiers back to life?  I was not worried about my own driving, but more the people around me on the roads.   It seems in areas were they see very little snow that all of those drivers with there snazzy SUV's   believe they can drive 90 MPH even on ice, because they have four wheel drive.   Mostly these such trucks are very top heavy and just like my no slip work shoes, mostly use less on real ice.  

     The cold weather has stuck with us here in the land of the sweating sun.  Today's high was about 40.   And we are told by the overly happy weather man that we should wake up to temperatures in the low teens in the morning.  Sounds like a great day to sleep in for sure!  Good thing my managers slipped up at work, and gave me a weeksend free of work.  This seems so strange because just a few daze ago I was enjoying a nice hike, and it was 65 outside.  I mean we moved here to get away from the cold.  Things will move on   and we will quickly thaw out, and than be sweating so much we will miss the cold front. 
     Today as a whole family we ventured up local Mount Lemmon for the first time.  To play in the snow and get in some sledding and such.  Near the ski lodge at about the 8500 feet mark, they were greeted with 12 inches of fresh snow in the same storm described above.  Of course I will have pictures and such about this very soon.   On my Exploring blog page.  Once I finally stop slacking.  I have yet to post on there about our fantastic trip to Lego Land   and that was in October.  Of last year   now!  Please check out the sight anyways   

                                                                          So many trails   So little time!


I have possibly snuck on a lot of private property  but this is 
the first such sign I have seen.

My PSA for today!

                                                                 Wisdom as always from Jeff-fa-fa fa  Dun-Ham
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