Sunday, January 4, 2015

Davidson Canyon/Arizona Trail

  **Another blog post first published in my local Exploring blog page.  All about wonderful Arizona.    Please check it out!

                    I really enjoy Exploring in all senses of the word.  As my family and I drive around the area---I enjoy pointing out local places that I have hiked.  Mostly around our humble home in Benson.  I must say all of this is much more exciting for me than for anyone else in my family.  Many of these areas I have talked about in past picture filled posts.   Today a new one that led to an great even more hike filled discovery for me.  For more Exploring please check out my first blog page at   
   Last Monday I had a very needed day off work---with the holidaze and all it has been extra busy-and it was a nice 65 outside!  That soon changed to snow and ice --a huge rarity in Arizona, but that is in stories to come.  I have many posts in the works--from our recent trip to Mt Lemmon to play in the snow, to our trip further down the road to Lego Land, California.   Many to come, all picture filled!   Thank you for being patient.  

       At least five days a week for work and such I drive past this area, and always say to myself that I should add the Exploring to my list.   On this day I drove just past the highway sign, around the bend, and parked on the gravel road.  

Like many of my hikes, I might or might not soon have been on private property.

The other side of this abandoned road took me right into the canyon.

Old metal -near a fence I just needed to get a shot of.

The hugely varied amount of vegetation found in the desert always amazes me. 
I try to add new pictures and forms in each blog post. 

In the Benson area, one is never very far from rail road tracks and trains.
The start of today's journey is about 20 miles out of Benson, heading towards Tucson.

One of the largest cactus I have found. 

Closer up view.

I was soon surrounded by mountain ranges. 
This one, far in the distance  begs to be hiked on a later date.  

Near the start of my hike with I-10 in the background.

Ready to head into the dry river bed--This shiny marker quickly caught my eye.

This long abandoned traffic cone caught my eye also.

Huge house in the distance that seems to me, to need a new owner. 

Every time I feel I am in a place few have been before me---I find stacked rocks
a silent reminder that many have been here before me and will be along the dusty trail after I am gone.   I used to find these along the bay in Bellingham, Washington ALL the time. 

Back in the canyon.

Just beyond the large rock above this small oasis. 
Complete with running water.

I started this Exploring rather late in the afternoon--and did not wish to try and find our car in the dark.  So I soon ventured up the canyon walls.

Where I was soon greeted by a perfectly groomed trail system.  
That led to a trail head complete with parking area. 
I was not aware that the famous Arizona Trail came so close to our home.  
And now have a great starting point for several Exploring adventures to come.

You are here   Thanks REI!

This trail gave me a flat and quick route back to our car. 
I tried to locate the car and snap some sunset pictures. 
But on this day the sunset just was not that spectacular. 

Although the setting sun shadows on the surrounding mountains was a sight.

This turned into a great day for sure. 
With the chance for many more hikes--just in this area.  

As always


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