Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy MLK Day Y'All!

              In case you were like my buddy, and did not get the memo  Today was Martian Luther King day.  Hooray!  My buddy was not aware of this and sent me a very disgruntled text message after he attempted to visit a government building, that was closed for sure.  Today was also my Friday at work.  I really did not think it was going to be very busy at work.  But apparently most of the people that had the work day off  decided they really needed to gamble because we were super busy all day long.  Because of all the busy  tips were also very good.  Even real holiday great.  One highlight-- this was a holiday to the casino also, in which we received time and a half pay.   For what it is worth here are my thoughts on today.    I will duck and cover now, before your comments come in!  

        **Super busy day at work today this "fake holiday" sorry if I sound overly white here. MLK was an amazing man. A man that is probably rolling over in his grave if he could see our nation now. And wonder why all the worst streets in any town he visited, where named after him.... All I know is we were super busy and now I am super tired. AND when I was growing up in Wyoming MLK's son came to town to speak--and we still all went to school. Not here in Arizona or in WA state.**

   **"The police want to interview me.  Strange.. I didn't even apply for a job there."**

                           **"The police never think it's as funny as I do!"**

  **"Beer before liquor, never sicker.  Liquor before beer, never fear!  Liquor and beer at the same time, your to drunk to rhyme!"**

                  **"Why do blurry people always ask me if I am drunk??"**

Today I tried to pick quotes that kind of go together.  Of course few can match what was said by the Mr Martian Luther King.

      Not sure if this was a trail or a water run off. But it became a trail. Exploring Tucson, AZ Picture filled blog post in the works.

Watch that first step!

Today's Exploring picture of the day comes from near the top of the above trail. 
The view really was worth the climb.  It always seems on the trail, the best 
parts are always up hill.   Both ways!
More about this trip in my Exploring page very soon. 

                                  I would actually be fine with a lil more winter time here in the desert.
                             Although I did really enjoy my hike last week in shorts and a short sleeve shirt.
             While thinking about all of my friends that are needing three coats to go check the mail.

Good times.

Makes about as much sense is most of the conversations/arguments I have on line. 
My only real thoughts on that tonight  are to never argue with someone online that can type faster than you.

Before the big game last night
the elf came off the shelf one last time.
Go Seahawks!!

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