Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1/28/2015 Yo! Time For A Laugh Or Three.

                    A mighty hello  to everyone reading this page!!  If you like this page you will love my third and newest attempt at writing.   Filled with pictures and Exploring from across amazing Arizona.  Lots of posts and pictures in the works for this page, all of which wish to be shared!!

   **" My wife  just remodeled our living room and Mr Butch just looks lost. ;) "**----
  My amazing wife likes to remodel and I am good at finding new furniture.  New to us anyway.  I believe we are on our 9th couch set.  And for those of you that don't know--Butch is our Pit Bull dog.  He will get used to things very soon.  But right now he just seems to stand in the middle of the room and stare.   Like he has lost the couch.  

    **"Do regular dogs ever see a police dog working, and think "O sh*t it's the police!?"**

    **"Sometimes I want to ask the pharmacist if he can make it a double!"**

    Picture I took behind a park in the heart of Tucson.
    Looks like it could be a post card for sure. 

      Being lost in Tucson when you are on a time line is not enjoyable Exploring. So no new pictures today. ;( Jumping on a city bus --just to see where it goes---enjoyable. Maybe next trip.---Or the new tram system in Tucson.   Although it does not go to many places  so I don't see how I could get too lost.   Seattle has an amazing tram system--with great rates.  But I have not yet had time to use the local one here in Arizona.  

        Exploring The Space Needle at night. In the hometown of the winners of Sundays Super Bowl.

        Flashback to last years Super Bowl. 

                      More deep quotes and thoughts in every blog post 

    Mmmmmm Coffee!

    True story!

    Please plant more trees   so that I can cut them down and stay warm.

      Today's Exploring picture comes from Cable's store. Where are you Exploring today>??  "Ummmm, don't look behind you!"  This is an older picture, I try to keep the pictures of the day more up to date.  But I was scrolling and came across this one.  

      Picture I snapped in the heart of Bellingham, WA
      where in the winter the sun is a rare sight for sure. 
      I have done decided--and if you read this page, 
      you have read about for sure
      that NO ONE in Arizona can drive 
      unless they have full on complete non inhibited sunshine!

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