Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Friday! My Second Favorite F Word.

                 Good morning to all!   We got up very early today.  And in my book if it is still dark outside, it very well may still be night time.  My wife had to book a quick trip back to Salem, Oregon for some family issues.  And the flight left very early today.  To avoid basically not sleeping last night, we got a motel room in Tucson for last night.  But still got u and to the airport very early in the AM.  Any time I fly  it seems to be out of very small airports.  And even though they, whomever they may be, warn to show up at least an hour before your flight to get through security.  Small airports do not have much security.   And exactly five minutes later you have met all the standards and are waiting in the very small terminal.  By yourself because everyone else on the flight knows to show up about 20 minutes before the supposed boarding time.  I did make the mistake of wearing a hoodie last time I flew, and about got molestered while they checked every pocket and inch of the jacket, while I was still wearing it.   I have to say it was kind of nice at first.  All that touching and such from gloved strangers.  But after the second anal probe, the thrill started to wear off.  This is a larger airport and supposed new tighter security measures are again in force across the country.   This may mean you have to take off your shoes AND hat before boarding.   I guess people were posting how to make "invisible" bombs online.  This invisible comes from common house hold objects that will make a big bang, but not show up on security cameras.  

   A few days back Tucson saw some rare fog. And it was very thick. Worse than the fog---all the drivers that thought they were helping by turning on there flashers. Not helpful! For the most part even though it was just fog, drivers were just losing the highway and driving off the road. When it rains-- everyone panics. I have decided that unless it is all out full on sunshine local residents do not know what to do on the roads.  If it rains---everyone slows down, and soon you find yourself driving 25 MPH on the highway.  And than as above the drivers do not know what to do and all just drive into each other.   Snow is different---it is very rare here in the desert and understandable why residents can not drive on it safely.  But fog    really? 

     **"Just give it away, because I have never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch....."** New country song lyrics I heard the other day Maybe the worse I have heard in years!  Horribly perfect maybe?**

                 **Look to your left Now look to your right I just virtually slapped you!**

                 **"To the person that invented the number "0" --Thanks for nothing!"**

    Again I have been busy snapping lots of new pictures for my newest Exploring blog.  Lots of posts and pictures in the works.   Please check out this page---and share if you enjoy.   As always   **Happy Trails!!**

This brings us to today's Exploring picture of the day!
I was out Exploring  in some hills around Tucson a few days back.
And high up in the rocks I spotted this flower I suppose  maybe weed growing strong. 
Insperation for sure!

I was Exploring near Old Tucson the other day and found this sign amusing. I mean aren't guns how the west was won?
Again when did we become such weenies?   I found a similar sign while Exploring around the local VA hospital.  OK it is a hospital  but these are all people that defended our freedoms.  I have been to Tombstone, they used to publicly hang people in the streets and have gun fights over cups of coffee,   what has happened to Arizona??

    ** In case some of you have not gotten the memo---My wife and I have been in the midst of a large fight--- She has her relationship status listed as widowed at the moment. And I was talking about this at work---Mainly wondering if there was something I should know---like my wife has been slipping little doses of poison in my coffee each morning.... Anyways, at point I yelled out "My wife is a widow!" and a passing co worker---exclaimed "Is she really?" In defence I don't think she still knows the definition of the word widow---but hands down it is the stupidest thing I have heard all year**   The year is still young so I am sure a betterer story will soon show up for me.  And this person can live it down just a little bit.  

    So we have a table busser where I work that has a hard time staying on task for sure. I joke about my job description being simply my name and a blank page---as in I don't do anything, but he takes this to heart some days. This seems extra annoying because his position is one of the only ones--where his job description is in the job title. I mean come on!   Just sayin'   ;)

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