Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wake Up


So yesterday I was out Exploring and got some great pictures before the rain decided to pour out of the sky.  Actually the storm coming in allowed for some great back drops to some of the shots as clouds go.   I do wish to share a few of the pictures I got though. 
*Above--I realize gas prices are now below $2 a gallon all over greater Tucson, Arizona    but sign me up for these prices--I found while Exploring near the VA.

Above is a portion of the Tucson VA.
I have caught glimpses of this building before--and thought it was another 
mission or church to Explore.  
Tucson has many amazing ones.
Just yesterday I found out what it really is.  
Still an amazing building. 

Just across from the super cheap gas deals--- 
I was watching Big Brother watch us.
This was on one direction of a corner.  

Vandals on a train bridge in Benson, AZ

Speaking of bridges ---this one was built in 1921.
And is my Exploring picture of the day!  
So just down the road I recently learned that I can easily connect to the Arizona Trail.
And set out on some of it yesterday.  I did not go real far, because there was a bike even going on also--and I quickly got annoyed about giving them the right of way.  
Behind this is an old R R bridge that is also really keen. 
But the slightly tilted camera gave this shot that depth that almost makes me afraid of heights just looking at it. 

Lastly today I wish to share this PIGS gas station I found in Patagonia.  

Actually the Lego Movie was pretty darn good.  Although the theme song 
easily gets stuck in your head.
I found this extra amusing though.  

When is it not really coffee -30??

And this here blog page would be very empty.  
I just had a few cups of coffee--by the way so fair warning!
It was also free coffee---the best kind.

I find an empty coffee pot more sader 

Looks legit to me!
I believe this shot is from my own backyard actually.

You killed Kenny----Bastards!

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