Sunday, January 4, 2015

Banjo Music & Bad Times In General

               At a risk of being a downer and losing my few loyal readers, I will keep from posting how much my life beyond sucks right now and go right into some good old fashioned random rambling and stolin' jokes.   I hope you enjoy.   The thought of you laughing is all that is keeping me going at this time.  Laughing and maybe peein'  but just a little bit.  

This truck we found while Exploring in San Diego  speaks the truth!
So do I when I say "Cheers!"

Looks like the passenger floor board in our car also.  

                                  I believe my wife and mother have this same look almost at all times also
    Well at least when I am talking.  

So the other day we made it to some snow   Yes!  Even in Arizona. 
More about this great trip soon
but some thoughts real quick  on the ice and such. 
So at one point we found a great place for the kiddos to sled---and I moved our Redneck pickup close to the hill so that we could watch for head injuries and such from the comfort of the heated vehicle.  I allowed plenty of room to pull out of the parking spot when the snow fun was done.   Some white  very new looking SUV decided to park right on our back bumper and we had a truck right in front of us.   We were not off the road in the snow, so if we had real tires, exiting should have not been an issue.  
But our back tires just spun on the ice. 
Fun but not very productive. 
After jumping out of the truck to see what my tire spinning had accomplished  I realized that I had flung black road muck all over the once white SUV. 
I than realized that about 23 Mexicans were now surrounding our truck. 
I really did not want an audience so I slammed the truck in park and turned off the key. 
I soon realized that the onlookers were not ready to snap pictures, but wanting to help us. 
They were even willing to push the truck onto the road, if the four wheel drive did not kick in. 
Something I was not sure about, because I have not needed to engage it since living in Washington almost two years ago now.  
Anyways they helped lock our hubs, so I did not even have to get out of the truck.
And when we soon sped out of the slick sparking space, I yelled out the window, echoed by many yells, and alas clapping!
Good thing I did not yell out my Mexican call I guess. 
More of them might of appeared and knocked us into a much deeper section of snow. 

Until happening across it the other day, I was unaware that the Arizona Trail came so close to our home.  
More about all of this and much more Exploring coming soon in my newest local Exploring page!
Please check it out

If you don't understand---trust me you really don't want to.

All I can say---is I used to have the Delverence song on my answering machine
way back when --when people had funny and hilarious messages and were not attached to there phones at all times.  
Cliff notes---NO ONE every left me a message.
Story #B
Years ago when I lived in another very rainy state know by some as Oregon-
a buddy and or co-worker of mine asked a bunch of us if we had ever watched the Deliverance movie.   None of us, youngins had.  
And it was soon decided that we should.
Movie nights--of any kind were always accompanied by lots of food and lots of booze.
But we could not be prepared or drunk enough for this movie.  
Burt Reynolds is like 20 in this flick  and it starts out very kool and peaceful
Long term friends decide to take an amazing canoe trip through the back woods. 
Soon after the banjo music is introduced and some very unsettling pig noises and plot twists, the movie goes very south very quickly!
The following day
more than a little traumatized and maybe tipsy still I tried to explain to our boss at work, whom  had missed the viewing--how we had had a Deliverance party....
"Wait what.....!" she exclaimed as she spit her food half way across the break room, half laughing, half scared, half crying.  
I spent the next month in a half trying to rephrase and re-explain that I meant we had watched the movie.  And trying to explain that in we---I was in no way part of that fun.  
All lost causes.

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