Thursday, January 8, 2015

1-9-2015 More Random

      Through my own faults and or issues, I have had more free time than usual.  And in an attempt to empty my mind and pass the time I have been posting more on all of my blog sights.  On the same note I have been reading a lot of my older posts.  I would not wish the later on even my worst enemy unless they were a huge enemy and reading the past posts would truly put them to sleep--so that I could skip away while they were sleeping, with there knife.  Or my enemy was very drunk--because that seems to be the only way to really enjoy my past or present posts.  This so called enemy/hatter/non reader could easily become a fan for the low cost of a case of beer!   That often is the exact cost to write each post also....    At any rate I have a lot of enemy's  and I kind of forget where I was actually going with this paragraph, so I hope that all of the new posts land some new faithful readers!

     Reading my old posts is always a joy for me, sober or not.  If nothing else it is kind of like an expanded, very open personal journal page!  Plus I grew up in Wyoming so am very easily entertained, so reading past posts can be very amusing to me.  Jokes that I long ago stopped laughing at and sharing become funny again.  Fights that I have had with my wife, get exposed for how petty they might have been.  I make others realize that although most of the things that come out of my mouth are either sarcastic or pure BS-- the stories I post for the most part are fully true!  For even I do not have a big enough imagination to dream up most of this crap.  On a similar note I believe several of my friends only continue to talk to me, to hear my newest stories.   I tend to have on average three great ones --each week.  Want to hear this weeks?   Sure you do!

    So the other day--I was deep in the dog house at home and stayed in a motel in Tucson. I have a lot of motel stories ---and I wish to rank some of the worse ones in the Tucson area soon because apparently there are no actual health code enforcements in that town. Anyways, this was a new one for me---- I rented a room, with the old fashioned actual metal door key. I lugged all my crap up the sta...irs to my door and instantly noticed that the door was barley shut. I than noticed that the lights were all on in the room. Strange... I looked around and the room was full of suitcases and back packs! I was in an already rented room. Luckily no one was in the room trying to make babies or something equal as horrible, like reading a book! I fought the urge to grab stuff and run--probably because my hands were full of my own luggage. And lugged my crap back down to the motel office. I than informed the manager that the room was either already rented out, OR that all of the stuff in the room was now mine, for free! The manager quickly got me a new --non rented room. But I had to ask when I received the key-if anyone would walk in on me later that night.


 **Three reasons to stand up: 
1. To get the remote
2. To go to the bathroom
3. Because you're the real slim shady
**"I needed more motivation in my exercise life, so I decided to face the treadmill towards the liquor cabinet.
More deep thoughts and quotes in each blog pos
t  **

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Actually the Lego movie was pretty wonderful.


Actually I really love my job at this point.
Although I spend to much time at work
and it may very well be ruining my relationship almost as much as 
my actions are.

Actual street sign in Benson, Arizona.

Time to move for us??

This works betterer on Facebook  
Where the arrow points to my name.
But still holds true. 
AND you can still borrow the picture for your Facebook page...

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