Saturday, January 31, 2015

Welcome To The Trademarked Month O Love

                         Sleeping in on a very rainy Saturday is very wonderoumous in several ways.  For one I do not get to sleep in very much it seems.  With morning work, three kiddos, and two dogs with weak bladders and such.  And although I do miss the tips from work, I could get used to guzzling coffee at 11 and watching my cartoons while eating Fruit Loops.  Plus we just got our taxes back yesterday---so although making tips is still essential --it's not as important.  The top reason I enjoy not going to work--- is that it is pouring rain outside.  I have talked about this before, but Arizona residents turn into bumbling idiots when it is raining outside.  And my long commute turns even longer  unless there is straight out sunshine outside.  Yes it was raining very hard last night, while I attempted to drive home---but it was not raining hard enough that I should have been driving at a very comfortable  but annoying top speed of 25 MPH on the highway!

     Hopefully things slow down just a little bit around our house this month.  Because last month beyond flew by for us.  And we really did not seem to get much accomplished.  Accept for already getting our taxes back, which I might have already mentioned.  This is officially February  and although I love my wife more and more with every passing day, I hate V D Day.  I am much more excited about March.  Our three year marriage anniversary some how.  I recently got an award or two at work, and one of the perks beyond a big self supplied pat on the back, was a $50 certificate good for food at any outlet in the casino.  We are going to stay the night in one of the extra fine rooms and have a good old time enjoying having no kiddos or dogs around.  

We also really love coffee!!

Good times!

Up hill both ways to school!
At least she is happy about sharing this information. 
Next time you feel old, just look at this picture, and you will feel betterer.

Work won't let me wear my extra special helmet at work.
Love the look on this creatures face. 
I kind of have this look before coffee each morning. 

My third and newest blog page is picture filled Exploring of 
amazing Arizona.  
Please check it out and share if you enjoy what you see

Tomorrow is the big game. 
Just down the road in the Phoenix area. 
The players flew in about a week ago. 
Although it would be amazing to be at the game I am sure the town is a mess. 
The town is always a mess, big games or not. 
Years ago when we lived closer to Phoenix  I would do anything possible to drive around the town.
And recall many hours of sitting in the heat in gridlock traffic.  

Just change this to a Patriots jersey and 
Go Seahawks!!

The Elf On A Shelf 
came down for one last delivery.

With weed legal in Washington state
fans here in Arizona and in Washington should be prepared for drunk and 
more than happy fans across the board.  
One distributor in the rainy state has prepped 22 000 special joints   that favor the Seahawks. 

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