Tuesday, February 3, 2015


      This has been a super tiring week in all aspects for my family and I.  So I will keep my thoughts and such light today.  And mostly just try to amuse.  I strongly feel that if I can make someone laugh   I have accomplished a ton.   If I can make them pee there pants just a lil bit, wow I have really accomplished something!   Just think of the power I would have if I ever got a night time talk show.  AND it was funny!   Cleaning companies such as Tide would buy thousands in advertising --promoting the best pee cleaning detergents and bleaches around!  

Sunsites Arizona

    As always do not forget my newest Exploring page    http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com/
And please share the page with everyone you know!   It is jam filled with local pictures and Exploring.   And just might have a new action void post tonight depending on how much time I waste on this post.  Use to make this post that is.  

                          Ground hog says more of this here winter stuff----ummmm OK!-----
    of course this just mean that here in the desert it will soon be 120 in the shade.  But for now it is fun to rub it in to all of you snow shoveling friends.   

                    **"Ask your doctor if getting off your ass---is right for you!"**

        Did the halftime show last night--cause anyone else to go into a seizure?? I do now have the urge to have a singing pet shark.....

Back to my above post of the local weather this week---
The Super Bowl winners  the Patriots
were overly disappointed to return home to Boston to no parade, no celebrations
but lots and lots of snow!
In other news Seattle still shot off fireworks from the Space Needle.
And opened its first electronic weed dispensing machine.  
All things aside it was a good game this year for sure.

   I wrote this for another page of mine  This very page    www.wyomingjack.blogspot.com awhile back and thought it applied again to life events for me   Enjoy!?: I had a whole gripe today about how so many people it seems feel they are entitled to everything. ... From cheap housing to free items. Because working and such is out of the question. Yes--we have been on several government programs in the past --but we worked our way out of the system, while our neighbors and family continue to use the systems. Worse yet they are teaching there kids to do the same thing-making work a four letter word to them. Locally there are so many sights set up were you can donate furniture and clothes and such to needy families. But it is mostly people asking for overly specific items, to deck out the house they never leave--or single people. Pretty much all people, we do not feel the need to help out. We receive free items all of the time, and donate a lot of them. And will bend over backwards to help someone out, especially a needy family. But almost all of these people seem to be way to ready to bite the hand that helps them. They do not want a hand up they want your hand outs. For example I might picture something posted like-- Our family would love a couch to sit on! It can be in any shape---but we really can not afford to pay much for it. We would even take some comfy pillows or a bean bag that still has beans in it at this point. Thank you! But the ads are usually much more like---- I really need an all leather red and blue sectional couch. Also four Lazy Boy new recliners for my friends to sit on. We also really need 12 beds for our 2 kids. This will be a real treat for the kids, after they come home from begging for change down by the court house. We also need a plasma flat screen TV. And a new computer so that I can look for a job and answer all my e mails about un paid child support. Even though you may want $5 for the big couch--I can not pay you. My ankle bracelet does not allow me to leave the house unless I am working, so you will also need to deliver everything here. Please be careful of all of the empty Amazon delivery boxes in my front walk way. They land were they land. Please find these items quick for me- because I am bored and the big football game is in just two days!

That's deep!

Speaking of deep.
Maybe my new logo for this very page?

Didn't this used to be used to play tic tac toe??

# # # # 
#shut it!

I thought you were only supposed to strap in 
6 packs of beer.

Best news story of the week
Muslims wanted to build a mosque on this gents property   and this is what he put up to scare them off.  
People say he is fighting dirty   but screw those kind of people.  

And the next best news story of the week    a former power ranger  just went to jail a few days back 
for attacking his roomie with a sword.   
A sword.  

Good times!!

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