Saturday, February 7, 2015

Greetings Everyone.

                        Greetings everyone!  I have another rare day off work on a Saturday and got to sleep in--some what.  I don't know how much one can call it sleeping in, if you stay up increadalby late.  But it felt good either way.  Now I am drinking lots of coffee and thinking of all the things I should be doing with my time off.  I actually thought I was sneaking into work today--wanting the tips much more than the actual work.  But boss said that would put me over on my part time hours and would not allow it.  I am not sure how that registers since I am about to take many hours off work.    I still get paid for the time off, but it is at my wages---my low wages, meaning I lose out on tips each of those daze.  Anyways we are about to attend a funeral in Salem Oregon.  Actually a celebration of life--- not sure what that means exactly, but we were told we could not wear black to the funeral.  The most interesting part of it all is that this celebration is on Valentines Day.  So much for anyone attending doing anything remotely romantic during the rest of there Valtimes Day.  I am really not looking forward to the long drive---only about 1200 miles one way, but I really am looking forward to the time off work.  Things have become mostly annoying at work over the past few weeks.  And I really need some time off.   Although I am not sure how clear a head I can get while attending a funeral. 

            There are several reasons --mainly the current and ex wife, that I do not see everything for this celebration going smoothly.   I will provide video if it goes south fast for sure though!

How did they know I was going to be on a hike here......
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Ready to Explore!!?

**"This one time at band camp my flute tasted like Ben Gay"**
O the things you over hear at work.....
OK  maybe I am the one that stated this---but still I am sure someone over heard it.
Kind of sort of goes with the deep saying...
"Snap into a Slim Jim has a whole new meaning in a gay bar!"
**"Have you ever gotten into a pillow fight with memory foam pillows? Believe me that is something you will remember."**
**"Want to have some real fun?? Call in sick to places you do not work!"**
More deep quotes and thoughts in every blog post

Mmmmmmm bacon!

Exploring in Sierra Vista still not sure what this blimp is actually used for. Although I have had lots of people try and tell me there version of what it is for. None of the many answers match.

So for those of you that have not heard---many cases of the measles are breaking out.
Most of the cases are now confirmed to have started in Disney parks. 

A few daze back I rambled about how disappointed the Patriots where when they returned home to tons and tons of snow.   Well here is there parade!


Look!   I see another Exploring blog post coming your way in the near future!

As always

**Happy Trails!!**

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