Friday, March 24, 2017


          Hello all this fine morning!   I hope that sleep found you all far quicker than it did me last night.  To much on my mind once again---and most of it stays way back in my mind while I am awake, but as soon as I attempt to lay down and sleep  it all floods to the front of my mind  were I focus on it, truly important or not.  Of course now there is coffee, but it can only help me out so much!  Now I am mostly just enjoying the coffee and the koolness outside before the sun fully kicks in.  That and the calm before work later this fine Friday and the extra calm before everyone wakes up here.  I was again asked the other day why my job as a server is so difficult-and found it easiest to just reply--that it really is not difficult.  Another person that seems to think I walk up to tables -take there order--deliver the food--than pick up a big tip.   Every table every time.  I have been training new servers at work lately  and would love to train people like this gentleman--who could never hack it as a server only because he could not continue to bite his tongue as he was getting yelled at by an angry customer for something beyond his control.  His little bit of control -while simply taking the order-and *poof, delivering the food!   I have a whole blog post forming in my head on all of this--and hope to run it past several of the waiter pages I am part of online, before I put anything down in writing on this page.  To make sure my thoughts mesh with people that do this easy job complete with an easy button they can always push to get instant help, for a living.  But for now I will just take comfort in my big tips each night.  ;)

When will I get this award?
And look as thrilled as him....
Wait I would have to actually complete ALL me side work
Not happening.

      I was highly disappointed to not really see rain yesterday.  The weather report ---talk about an easy job, especially in Arizona-- said it was going to rain, it smelled like rain, the sky got supper over cast and cloudy.  And yes we did see rain, but a wimpy storm that moved on quickly and by the time we got to Tucson yesterday afternoon  the cooling clouds had given up and moved on, and it was back to hot.  I love a good rain in the desert.   I feel that it basically gets so hot, that even God takes pity on us, and a nice cooling rain breaks on the whole land.  For the whole day if we are lucky.  Monsoon season is just around the corner--and than we get dumped on almost every day!  Rain wise, we seem to get dumped on by life every other day as it is.  Although our house and such is certainly not ready for the rain---I am.   Speaking of weather, my beautiful wife and the kiddos are soon headed to Washington state on a beyond sad road trip.  And we are trying to stock up on blankets and coats before they hit the road.  Because it recently snowed were they are going, and it is now moved on to rain and lots of rain.  The high temps for the day there are the lows here just before the sun sets itself on fry the land mode.  Yes, I realize the vehicle has a heater, but at some point they will have to get out of the vehicle.   Not every building has a drive through window, yet.  And no, folks, that is not discrimination against extremely fat people.  

    As always    PLEASE check out my Exploring Arizona blog page!   I really do have loads of updates, ideas, and pictures to share from this page.  Including our recent trip to watch hockey!   100+ posts on that wonderful page to Explore while you are waiting for me to stop slacking.  Please take a look around.

 You can just see the ice  past the teams logo!   Very fun night---full Exploring post coming very soon to the above sight.   

True story!

  So I must vent for a minute about our new bank search the other day.  Not that it really was a search -there is only one bank out here in this small town that we would use, have not had issues before.  And it is actually a credit union.   We both have accounts at other banks, but the banks do not have branches in this small village of a town.  We also have single accounts, that the other can not touch.   Both making it very hard when we wish to pay a house bill or when I come home with tip cash every night and would rather deposit it than stash it at our house.  I have had lots of issues with cash and banks and such--so that is nothing new.  The big one lately has been that my drivers licence addy has a PO box  and no one will let you send money --even electronically with a PO box.  Whatever.  The other day we attempted to open our account here, there was no one in the lobby and no cars even waiting to pull into the drive through or the parking lot.  We had the cash in hand to open the account.   There was two tellers, but one was going to lunch.  Long story short, they would not open the account that day because they were short handed.   I realize not having any tellers or workers is beyond there control.   Big cooperation's do this all the time.  One check out open at Wally World during the dinner rush, two tellers at the bank, etc.  But the one worker had not even clocked out to go to lunch yet, meaning she was still there AND on the clock.  I started to become mouthy, imagine that.   Stating that I had never been to a bank that would not take my money before...   but stopped myself, because we really wanted to open an account here.   And returned the next day----with few problems----although opening the account took forever.    A new one for me, we had to open a savings account----and still both got Visa debit cards, I have never had the option to have a debit card on a savings account.   Also this is a credit union, something we have never joined before.  Yesterday we added cash from other accounts to this account --for there upcoming road trip and maybe bills.  We found it easiest to withdrawal the amounts and than bring it into the bank.  That way there were no charges from either or both banks.  Another first----and I had to check the receipt's on this one, there is not branch of this bank in Tucson   some how.   BUT  get this   you can take your cash to almost any credit union, and get your cash put in your account.   Blew my mind.    Really!   

                      And now your moment of Zen......

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

     Hello all this very warm afternoon!  I might have mentioned before that I do not like the heat- and it is already beyond warm out today.  Probably to warm to still be drinking coffee for sure, especially since we do not have a running A/C here at the moment.  I used to try and decide in my last apartment if I was crazy crazy or crazy smart for cranking my A/C -sitting by it and guzzling my coffee last summer.  It already being very warm, no matter what time I woke up it seemed.  Past 5 AM that is.  Like many things I am here because my family likes the town and the heat.  I do love my current job though, 90 percent of the reason I stuck around last year, when I thought my wife and I were really through with us.  Plus when I work, and that is most daze---it is much cooler at work.  I just have to suffer on my daze off work.  The heat really does make me sick sometimes--although it has been long enough here, I should be used to it going from hot to extra hot about this time of year.  It really kills me out, because on my days off work  I would rather melt under a fan or sit in a pool all day and wrinkly up.   But I also hate sitting.  I want to Explore and get things done on my days off.  But like today   that does not usually happen.  Mainly because just sitting here typing--I am sweating like crazy.  Stupid desert life ;)   I guess I should be working on a cooling device in my space here -but I get stuck on all the things I should be doing right now, and than I just want to go back to bed.  Until it is night time and a comfortable shade of hot.   While I am slacking   because you know the slacking will win out once again today.   I might as well just work all the time---at least than I am making cash, and there is obviously less fighting going on at home.  Because I am not there.  ...While slacking I hope to add some more Exploring Arizona blog posts today also.  We will see what happens.  

   Last Sunday was also our five year anniversary!  Above is the last part of my prizes for her--for now.  I worked a good deal of Sunday and our celebrations as far as going out to eat and such were different days so we did not do a whole lot ---but it was still a good night of us.  Five years together, married   and 11 together--doing whatever we are doing.  Of course today I am off work and in the dog house it seems--although I am not fully sure why like usual.  Again I should just freaking work all the time---my days off work nothing gets done beyond arguing and its to hot to move.   Good times.  

I enjoy a good sign picture.

I saw someone by the Tucson truck stops holding a sign that said "to ugly to be a prostitute."
I should have got a shot of that one.  

   So last week I posted the above on my sights and on a local Tucson Facebook page.   I do not really care what people think on my pages because the key word here is MY.   On the Tucson page--at first people above thought the picture was great---one person even stated that that is how she found her husband  so it worked for her.  Than the true butt hurt "snowflakes" came out in full force.  And they were out for blood---because of how obviously offencive this picture is.     Maybe it's because I soon posted with this   that Trump approved of this picture...   Wow!  More butt hurt.  Say it back wards  woW!   Say it upside down   MOM    anyways wow was the word of the day after posting this.   I tried arguing logic----  many times my first mistake.   Stating that if anything this was making fun of the border patrol.  And than reminding readers that the mighty border patrol patrolled other boarders.  Asking if this same picture was posted with the words  "how to pick up Canadian chicks, Aye"   if they would still be so verbal.  No response to either of course.  Just lots of Trump hate and me hate.  Through all of this  people were liking the picture and sharing it like crazy.  So I than that the picture might be wrong on many levels but it was more wrong doing on allllll of those laughing, clicking on like, smiling, and  Wow--sharing the post.   They were more wrong than me  and were surely going to hell!  I was off work on this day   and attempted to defend myself most of the day.   Mainly going with   if you don't find the above amusing, keep scrolling there is lots of Internets out there to offend you or calm you down.   All the while my clicks on my original page were growing hugely.  Like over 8,000 views, mind you.   At one point I had to take the picture down---to save face.   Not because I think it is racist or anything, but because people online are crazy~  !   At one point they were posting from my personal Facebook page, were I worked  etc.   Saying that everyone should contact my bosses ----explaining how raciest I obviously am.   Even though I work in an native American casino--I must be fully racist -y'all!  Anyways this is when I instantly took the post down.  Off of the Tucson sight.   It is still on my personal pages   and now this one!  ;)   Editors note:   I am not racist   I dislike everyone equally!   Any person can be annoying   no matter there race or up bringing.  But I can honestly say I do not hate anyone.   Hate is such a beyond strong word in my book.  The most annoying I mark down as DURPS    Dim-witted Urban Redneck Paroles.  

Fairbanks AZ Revisited

     I really enjoy this very page--but do not get the chance to update this page or advertise it nearly as much as I would like to!  I have a ton of updates and new pictures in the works.  So please keep checking back to see what is new or what you might have missed.   And as always for up to date pictures and Exploring please check out my longest running blog sight at      

Once again I found the above buildings fully closed to any access. 

   Months ago our youngest and I ventured to Fairbanks "ghost town" one sunny day happy to Explore.  And maybe more happy they were open on a holiday so that we could get out of the house and out of my wife's way while major food was being prepared.   Please check out our first picture filled trip at            A few days back I ventured here again --in between errands in Sierra Vista and got about a five mile hike in.   This time by myself.  A few days later I ventured across the street  to see what that area had to Explore.  But that, and the pictures is for another day.  I would like to say this is another short/quick post--but every time I seem to state that in the beginning, it seems to turn into a super long post.   ;)

X marks the spot for great  Exploring!? 
Vandals-- but not on any of the important buildings.
At least away from Tucson & greater Phoenix   graffiti seems hard to find. 

Down by the river!

We last lived in Oregon and Washington state were water was very easy to find.
So ANY time I find water here in the desert, I get pictures!

From a distance it almost looks blue.

Again under the bridge.
Zen stacked rocks and a spray painted jelly fish.

So many trials  So little time!

This was my view much of the time.  I did get in about a five mile hike on this fine day.

Last time we were here we visited the old cemetery and such.  I really wanted to venture on to the old mill area, But my hike partner had seen enough.  

Near the abandoned rail road tracks.

View from the tracks.

Water follows this trail for a good while. 

Open pit

The old mill   or at least whats left of it. 
A good view from the top, but not much more of the mill can be seen.
I had pictured, before the hike   an old wooden -huge building that could be walked through
before the hike.

More mill

Picture of what it all used to look like. 
Hard to imagine.
This mill used to run 24/7 back in it's day. 

As always thanks for Exploring with us.

You Put The FU in Fun!!

            Hey all tonight!   It is officially spring by the calender today.  But the spring weather kicked in here in the desert at least a week ago.  Already nearing if not hitting 90 outside several daze now.  I even broke down and turned on our cars A/C a few days back while sitting in Tucson traffic.  We have never used it, and from the smells coming out of the air conditioner I would have to say it has not been used for quite awhile.  Yes, it cooled the car right down, but I was checking my work shirt to see if I carried the funk from the vents into work with me.  This is one of the first cars we have ever had in the desert with actual A/C!  And I usually forget we even have it.  For a few more months, you can get by with rolling down the windows and hoping you can drive faster than the hot air.  When summer actually kicks in -and it is 120, in the shade---the wind blowing into your car, even while on the highway  is just hot hot air.  I already can not wear my work shirt during my long commute to work, because I sweat to much on the way to work--even with the A/C on it seems.  Were was I going with all this.... O yes--Now is the time of day, in the desert, after midnight--- were it finally cools off--and sometimes is down right chilly even.  Last night it was so hot when I first tried to get some sleep --but I still wanted a blanket close by for when it did cool down.  Now this cool down is like 50 outside, but compared to the hot hot temperatures, it seems down right chilly.   Living in places like this for so long now, is yet another reason I am delaying my trip back home until the snow stops flying.  Because there when it warms up to 50 outside, residents break out there shorts!   This cool down does not happen around the Phoenix area---it just stays Dam hot all night long.  
     As always THANK YOU for reading this very page!   I strive to keep it interesting and or funny.  And to keep our hardships off this page, because we all got sh*t we are going through.   Please keep checking out and sharing my Exploring Arizona blog page also.  Full of pictures and our Exploring across this amazing state!

    **"Mondays at work don't seem half bad when it's your personal Friday😀. To bad it's also old person discount day ..."**

  **"...It was like a midget using mouth wash, who would know??"**--- Jeff Foxworthy

            **"I used to think I was bi polar but now I just know I'm an A Hole!"**

       **"We are hrs into St Patty's day, and I am still sober!"**___ Homer Simpson

  So last Friday also just happened to be Saint Patrick's Day--I am sure many of y'all knew this.  You knew it for sure on this morning while you were still nursing a hangover from all of that green beer.  ;)  I happened to have the day off work and our youngest and I snuck to watch some hockey!   As of this year--Tucson has a hockey league  ---and we have been trying to go all season long.  I had lots of fun, I'm still not sure about our youngest, but he seemed to enjoy it.  The local team got there butts kicked  4-0  but since it was the home rink   they made it fun --even with all the breaks and pauses in the action.  Filling each one with some kind of contest or such.  Originally my wife was going to come along too---not to watch the game but to dink around Tucson, because it was $2.00 beer night, as to be the driver after, but she decided to let us boys have some time.   I was going to have one green beer, because of what day it was and all, but they were $6.00 each  for green Bud Lights.   So mostly water----  Bud Light is what one drinks to sober up... ;)   I  just read about the many bad effects of drinking to much green beer, mostly ending in spending a lot of time on the potty.  So am kind of glad I did not even have one.  

Not to shabby of seats.

And yes--they do have ice in Arizona! 
I had several out of state friends ask me this.  
Although we now try to keep it a secret because in the rink it was
extra nice and kool!   
This is the down town events center in Tucson by the way.

Good times!
Only green shirt I could find---also my Sea Hawks, Sea Chickens

Pit stop at Denny's before the game.
More pictures to come of course from this great night. 
I had my real camera with me too. 
These are just the ones I snapped on my cell phone.  

    Lastly for tonight----  on the radio today I was hearing about a man back east --making quite a name for himself.   Not a good name...     Although I find it all beyond funny.   He finds dates on online sights and than when they go out to dinner he quickly scarfs down his extra large meal, excuses himself, and sneaks out of the building.   Leaving his date with the bill.  So kind of a half dine and dash, because surprised and than annoyed "date" is now stuck with the bill.   The original "news casts" were making him sound like a hardened felon--because he has been doing this for awhile, and of course his dates are furious, but as I might have already said, this is Funny!  With a capitol FU!