Wednesday, December 6, 2017

C Is For Coffee!

                **"   Money does not solve all problems but it could sure solve our money problems!"**

  **"I was arguing and arguing with this complete idiot.  Than I stopped, stood up, and walked away from the mirror."** 

**Can you deep fry pumpkin pie?  Cause now I wish to try this at work.   And than deep fry a can or three of beer!---Questions I proposed online before Turkey day.  And than walked into work the next day to the main kitchen boss explaining all the reasons we would never try this in his kitchen.  I soon got several posts on how you can indeed deep fry pie--but honestly it did not look very good.  

 **"Smile you won't see this many fake homeless out again until Christmas!"**---So of course I worked on Thanksgiving--sympathy tips ! ;)  On the drive to work I could not believe all of the homeless people that were out that day.   Easily four times as many as any other day I drive to work.  Which leads me to believe a lot of them are just taking advantage.  A shame this time of year, when so many are more than willing to give.  

Fair warning: I do a lot of driving for my work. And heard the dreaded first Christmas songs on the way home tonight. Time to break out some CD s for the drive---This was Thanksgiving night.  At least the stations wait till than I guess.  

     **There is right and there is wrong and somewhere in between is life!**

**"I'm not short  I am just a tall elf!"**

   Hello all and welcome to December!   Wow!  I have missed making a lot of posts in the last few weeks.  And will try and re cap some of the things I have missed out on making fun of and or joking about.   My thankFULL list is still going strong almost every day.   Although it is getting harder each day to add to it.  I will attempt to continue it through the new year.   Time and good days will tell.  I am finding it very hard to grasp how fast this whole year went.   Yesterday it got cloudy and cold --yes here in the desert and between that and some new issues at home, I slept away way to much of the day.   Today it is still chilly -and my fingers just want to hold the warm coffee cup, not type.   Last month Tucson had a big bacon fest---I was interested in going but I am sure I was at work---Anyways some Peta type group was planning on also going to protest the fest and the cruelty to the pigs.   Really?  Arizona is still mainly a pretty down to earth state ---but some people just have way to much free time on there hands.  And should turn some of that free time over to me instead of protesting such an amazing food item.   One can only hope these protesters were from Peta based thoughts not Muslim decent.  I will end this with one last thought---If you are chilly-from the winter cold, those animals outside are cold to-including pigs, bring them in and warm them up.  On a nice hot skillet!

Wyoming Exploring!
Where are you Exploring today?

    I have finally got a few new Exploring blog posts up   including one last night.  I have detoured for a bit to tell my tales from my trip back home to Wyoming and beyond but the page usually focuses on Amazing Arizona and all the state has to offer.   Picture filled of course.  Over 100 posts to roam through   please check out the page!!  Next Exploring post from closer to home here---just down the road in Tombstone once again.  Our youngest and I had some down time and we roamed around the town once again--and even found some places we had never been to before.    Many posts from Tombstone already on the page for you to Explore.

I posted this online right before most people were heading out for black and blue Friday sales.  
It all starts on Thursday night now almost any store that remains open for the fun. 
So black Friday has kind of turned into a whole weekend--or a whole month   we call it December. 
I have to say that even after posting I went out for a little bit. 
But the Wal Mart in Benson remains very calm.  In fact many of the deals that came out that night, are still on the floor at sale prices.  
With all the issues we have had with Benson people --and service etc   who would have thought they were polite shoppers?   
I do have to say that whole weekend was crazy busy at work.
And that the customers on Black Friday impressed me.  
I originally wanted the day off work, because it was Friday and because in any other restaurant 
the customers that day are evil.
They have been shopping for at least 24 hrs and are angry 
they just want food to continue on with there day 
and they spent all there cash at retail stores so don't tip. 
This did not hold true in the casino setting luckily
because I did not get the day off. 
We were very busy but for the most part the customers were even friendly 

I was up very early on the day after black Friday 
and bought this Arizona tea when I got gas.
I thought I had had enough coffee for the time being. 
The tab broke off without opening anything and this is how my day and commute started.  

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Falling Asleep At The Wheel #3 Still Roaming Sheridan

    So I try to keep this page as updated and fresh as possible.  But work, my family, and just plain life seem to always be keeping me more than busy.  This is also an Arizona Exploring blog sight for the most part, but every once in awhile I wander and Explore further down the dusty trail and wish to share.  I hope you enjoy the posts--from wherever they may start even half as much as I enjoy taking the pictures and the Exploring.   My long running personal blog page usually gets updated more than this here page---Also full of my pictures and Exploring, but maybe not for the faint of heart, easily offended, any type of snowflake, or those in California who now have a third sex option to put on there drivers licences.  Anyways please also check out that page  at    

     Hello y'all!   I took many pictures on this trip  --mainly with my favorite digital camerae and several with my cell phone.   Some were also sent to me from my parents and such.   I am finding it hard to get everything I want to show in this post.  Because I am now having issues fining some of the pictures off my phone.   But I will do my best.  It was a rare cloudy and chilly day here in the desert, so I slept in on my day off work and now have to much energy to kill.   Hopefully this will result in several blog posts yet tonight.   I hope you enjoy!   And please share this blog sight with everyone you know.  

Again a big part of this trip was seeing my family.

I like this picture of dad. 
Several people did not. 
It is not making fun of him in any way, he is worried that one of the ladies at our table was going to leave there purse. 

Whatever I like this picture. 

It was about seeing family  but also saw some snow up in the hills.

Painted garage downtown Sheridan.
Back home I finally got our car a little Wyoming-nized

Starbucks was my work station a couple of mornings.  
Mainly checking up on news and attempting to download my newest pictures from the trip.

I ended up at the city park   Kendrick Park at one point of course the pool was closed for the season. 
It was all off  because they were doing construction through the whole park and the road through was closed.  Also the great stone lions were not at the entrance any more. 
We later found them while Exploring Sheridan College.  But that is one of the pictures I can't seem to find right now.  
One of the two empty pedestals the mighty lions used to stand on.
At the park entrance. 

As I said much of the trip was to visit family but I also had a rental car and do not sit well.
So took lots of time outs to Explore. 

Entrance to the above pictured pool.
I swim like a rock so did not spend much time here but a lot of hours were logged in at the park.
Between the wandering creek and the hill that led up to the old Jr High and of course the playground and ice cream shop!

So this large field houses some amazing bison and elk but I did not see either on this trip.
On a side note have you ever ate bison burgers?
Way expensive  but O so good!

I got into Sheridan just before fall
Although the colors are hard to see in many of my pictures.
Amazingly enough it is just turning fall here in the desert.  I hope to venture out and get some fall leaf color pictures before it is to late but have not yet had the time.  

This creek kind of wanders through the park.

View from about the center of the park

I have pictures from last time I lived here    many more of the great park and beyond on each of my blog pages.  Just enter Wyoming or Sheridan in the search 
Including the kind of spooky Sheridan cemetery.

You can just see the ice cream shop in both of these pictures.
Closed for the season.

As I said you cold not actually drive through the park  so I limited my Exploring for more further down the trail.

These chain saw sculptures were not around when I lived here last.  

Back just off down town for a lil bit.
Rodeo is huge here  don't you know!?

Another great Sheridan coffee house   I must say.

My poor rental car. ;)
With the movie house in the back ground.
And a very nice bar just across the street. 

Another fine brew house a few blocks down.

Back by the river.

Good thing I can't read... ;)

Venturing back down by Starbucks and Wal Mart and such.
There is a neat little casino --of sorts down this way too.   I got bored one night and used a new member coupon to get free play  and walked out with cash off there free cash.   The place is small but homey  and when you are playing you can get free pops and such.   But they want you to have a gaming card.  Not sure why  they only have maybe 30 machines  maybe and putting it in the machines does not seem to give you any perks.  But to get the free play you need to sign up for a gaming card.  As I said last post   there was not gambling in Wyoming when I moved away several years ago.   

More of the kool mill turned motel.

Than a quick Exploring hike before I meet my folks for an early dinner. 
And before it got dark. 
All of this was marsh lands when I lived here last. 
There are trails through out and across the city now. 
I did not venture far  just my legs were restless and I wanted some more pictures. 

Across the street and just up from this trail head is the highway building.   Than up to the airport.

The fall colors were amazing but I hit town about a week before there true peek.
The clouds at this time of day could not decide what they were doing.

Very neat side trip for sure.

Next posting we visit my true home town Big Horn Wyoming and than go up in the mountains to find some food and snow.    And I will search for more of the pictures I can't seem to find. 
Than in the last trip posting--I spend a full day on a walk about in Billings Montana before my flight out and beyond.  

As always