Friday, July 31, 2015


                      **"Coffee first, than your mundane Bull Sh*t!"**

                       **"If you think you can---or think you can't do something, YOU
                                                          are right!"**---Family Guy

  I am not sure of the cleanness of my coffee cup this morning, because I keep looking down to find things floating in my caffeinated beverage.   I have found worse things in my home morning coffee---like bugs and tree offspring -when I sip coffee off the back deck.  But since I am to lazy to brew another batch or even change coffee cups, I do believe I just need to stop glancing into my coffee cup. 


  Some how tomorrow marks the beginning of August.  July was a very crappy month for us   in all aspects of the word.  So I truly hope that the new month brings good news to us.   Tonight is supposed to be an amazing -and rare blue moon.  Although I am still not sure what that even is.   Since I will be driving home from work about 1 AM --I should have a great view of the moon.  At one time I was planning on taking a trip home and than through the main sights in Montana in August.   But many car repairs and expensive lessons later---I do not see this happening for a few more months.  Of course when I do go  I will have lots of new pictures to share!    For local pictures and Exploring  please check out my newest blog page....          Tons of updates, pictures, and Exploring is on the way   to all of my pages.  Including another look at Benson, Arizona.  After living here three years now. 

                           Drugs  are bad   Mmmmmm   Kay!??

Check yours to see if it is autographed
it could easily be worth a small fortune.
It has been a super bad month in our house hold.
And it has gotten to the point that even little things --on the road and such anger me too much.
Maybe because there are things floating in my morning coffee.
Maybe because it has been way to long since I have
found the time to take a long ass hike.
At any rate I see myself fully snapping one day soon, if
things do not calm down around here very soon.
Maybe y'all can watch me on the ten o clock news.
I will be on top of the local Wally World store 
squirting potential shoppers with high powered water guns. 
Surprise   they are running again this year!!

50 Shades Of Bordom


    **The kiddos all went back to school today. And everyone rejoiced!! Except maybe the teachers.----   I do have to wonder why and when it was decided that kids should go back to school on a Thursday.   I know it has been a long vacation- and they want to ease the kids back into the groove of things, but crash course of starting back on  a Monday seems best to me. 

  The "K" key on my key board is sticking and does not produce a letter most of the time it seems.  I am sitting here trying to think up words that do not use the letter  but obviously am not doing very well at this. 

     Where are you Exploring today? Please check out my local Arizona page full of pictures.

           This has been a super nerve racking --expensive---stress full--annoying month for us.   I still have several stories to tell from this month.  Including a new one from yesterday, about beyond poor "mechanics"  My first sign should have been that he was the person my mother in law uses.  But he was willing to do the work for free.  Something that after all of our shop visits this month, required.   Also another sign....    I also still have the story about getting home very late one night   after getting a ride from someone that needed to chop up Smarties candies and smoke them on the way home.   *Might or might not have been what he was smoking......   Anyways, these stories are for another day.   Spoiler alert    they are crazy and fully true.   As always even I don't have a good enough imagination to make up this crap!    Plus it is 1 30 in the AM  and I am un winding from work.   So on with some lighter thoughts and or jokes y'all!

     Too soon??

It saddens me that I will never look this badass posing in front of Wally World with anything, let alone a goat. Real recognize real

     **"Support local police,   beat yourself up!"**----If you do not understand this,  you are part of the problem

  **"The party is not over until you smile for the mug shot!"**       ;)

                   **"Life is a garden   Dig it!"**-----Joe Dirt

     **"You are never to old to throw random crap into other shoppers carts when they are not  looking!"**

I burrowed this picture from a Wyoming touresum sight 
but I wish I could tae claim to taking it. 

   So with July almost over I was almost amused to hear that the mountains of Wyoming and Montana saw snow a few days back     to soon many of you residents might be saying.  Those people saying that are probably the same ones complaining about the "heat."   I put that in quotes  because I live in the desert.   I grew up in Wyoming and know what cold is   but not to many Wyoming residents know what real heat is.  Anyways to them that say   to soon    I reply with   "Welcome to Wyoming!"


    My wife and I rented 50 Shades Of Grey last night----and I have to say we were majorly disappointed.  What makes it even worse er   is we rented it several daze ago from Red Box and than didn't watch it but kept it hoping to watch it for several more daze.   Than re rented it last night.  So we paid like ten dollars to watch a crummy movie.   There is A LOT of chick flick stuff in this flick.   I seem to recall everyone raving about this movie when it first came out.  And I was ready to repent my sins for a week  just from watching the movie.  But I think the coolest thing about the movie, was seeing all of the sights in the sky scape from Seattle WA.   With a steady back drop of rain for the most part.  As in many cases I am sure the book is ten times better  but I am not willing to waste more time reading the book to find out.  And than the "ending" was 100 leave you wondering   tie in to the next movie.  Something else I hate.  It was painful to watch, and not because of the bondage or spanking scenes.  Totally not worth it   in my eyes.  Three thumbs down.   But what do I know?    I know I need to fix the "k" button on my computer or stop using it.  


Monday, July 27, 2015

I Wonder If I Am Done Wondering!?

              I start this blog post after yesterday's, wondering if I am done wondering?  The short answer is   never.  I have found in the past that my questions usually lead to trouble.  Mainly because the truth hurts and because many managers and self proclaimed smart people do not like to use logic when they are explaining things and or giving orders.  But I question on!  Because I would hate for work or even life to be boring.   For the most part I like a good discussion.   And I can hold my own most of the time.  Unless the discussion is with my wife, in which case I am always wrong.   The quicker it takes me to get to that answer determines how far into the dog house I sink.  


     Day off work AND getting things done---that has not been happing much in the last few weeks. The truck title I am looking at right now is soooo F'd up lol. Just spent a half hour at the DMV trying to figure out a way to put this Ranger in our name. Think we might have found a simple solution. Fingers crossed!-----Simple as far as--we have to get someone that is in prison in the middle of Montana to sign paper work-by first sending it to someone in Washington,  and get it notarized - n prison   as the easiest way to move along the process.  This title had a long year last year, and seems to be signed by everyone in town, and there dog!  Unfortunately many of the signatures are done wrong and or in the wrong places on the forms.  Simply filing for a lost title is a lot more complicated than I had before thought.   Imagine that.   And the police have to come out and look at the vehicle, this is fine   BUT they can determine it is a stolen ride, and just have it toed away.  Tomorrow I think I am going just down the road to Wilcox to finally go to our bank and to Explore.   We now only bank at Chase bank.  There is no Chase bank in Benson, where we reside.  Since I wait tables   our bank hates to see me coming, because I store up the tips until I have time to visit the bank   and tie up a line for a long while.   I recently went to the Wilcox branch for the first time   and loved it!   No customers were in the bank when I arrived  or left.  And because the tellers had nothing to do, they were more than glad to help me with all of my ones and small bills deposit.   Of course I will get some new pictures and check out some old empty buildings I have scoped out. 

   For more all local pictures, Exploring, and a soon post about Wilcox  PLEASE check out my newest Exploring page   at
A few pictures from recent Exploring.
Mostly around Tucson.

Inside an army surplus store.
    I have seen speed humps and speed bumps   but never speed lumps.   That is what I would call a fat person   laying in the middle of the road.  But I would hate to see the sign for that!   Thanks to my beautiful wife  for getting the above shot.  

         This was on a recent date night.   It would be a much betterer picture if I did not look like Homer Simpson after a few to many Duff Beers.  I had not had anything to drink at this point. 

Kool lights at the home and garden show in Tucson.
     This is an amazing picture of my wife.    I can not take the credit for taking this picture though.   This would be an all around great picture, if the hood to our car was not up---waiting for repairs.  

  Our truck will be up and running again tomorrow! Now to start the long process of getting our car back and in non paper weight condition. *I call large expensive items that do not work, paper weights. I have owned more than my share of these, through the years---Of course getting the truck back on the road was also a long process.  I at first could not get anyone to look at it for about a week.  Than three people wished to look at it on the same morning.   Than we had to special order some parts  just to change the brakes.  Anyways, those parts come in tomorrow and it should be back on the road!

                                           It has been a fun month     minus the fun! 

   ** My latest attempt to be deep on my local page. A page that is full of drama drama usually started and finished by me : I wonder why you care what people in this town say? If you know the truth about yourself others can either cherish this or believe what they want and move on. I have heard some beyond hurtful things on this very page about myself. I have heard some beyond hurtful things from my family but this page, and maybe myself loves haters! I post things on this p...age to start a stir, and even I am often surprised at the responses I get. Because of a post about bad food and service at Denny's I was told to move out of town multiple times, asked to meet an admin of another sight at the park to "discuss things" etc etc. And when I explained how much I hate the service and such at the local Wally World wholly crap! Days and days of comments calling me every name in the book. And than people tell me I need to calm down. Maybe true, but many of you need to also simmer down! It's a post. And surprise it may actually be true! The truth often does hurt. It s a post. Simple as that words strung together to make a sentence. Don't like the result or what the sentence says, work on changing the result not me. Just because I complain about things doesn't mean I hate life or even hate Benson. I am expressing my thoughts on my own vent page. It is surprisingly calming and a stress reliever. Plus if I vent on here, I don't bug my wife and that is a win win! Don't like it, go to another page, and leave mine! Simple as that!! I can tell you this very page has lost more members, than most of the local pages still have as current members SO maybe I am doing something right? I can say that for the most part my posts are to cause a reaction maybe I just don't have cable TV at the moment and Benson "logic" is as amusing as hell! And y'all can say what you wish about me. Go for it! I am at peace with myself and everyone that matters. So give me your best shot. But if you mess with my family than we are going to have issues. Big issues. Issues that do not allow for Karma to settle things

      Lastly for today     your moment of Zen.......

So we recently got a few truck loads of free stuff the other day.
We do this all the time  and than donate a lot of the items.  We also sell a lot of the items. 
My buddy has done decided our house looks like the yard from Sanford & Sons.
Anyways this paddle was in one of the boxes.
I am sure the image brings back bad images for many of you readers.
Even in my day---these hung in all of the class rooms. 
BUT the teachers never had a reason to ever use them. 
We respected the teachers --or at least the fact that they were adults  And we respected the
thickness of the wood enough to not need them to ever be takin' of there peg.
I wish the same could be said about most class rooms today.
Maybe because the threat can't be used anymore.
Teachers can't even put a hand on a student.
And there is no respect in most cases.
Just sayin'


I Wonder

             As I sit here on our front deck this late night or early morning I wonder a lot of things.  I wonder why I am still awake.  And if it really is night time or early ass morning.   My new work schedule has completely thrown off my sleep schedule it seems.  I did not even get home from work until 3 AM it seems.  I have the theory in my head that it is not truly morning, until I get out of bed.  My new work schedule has allowed me to see some amazing Arizona sunsets and the usually rare, for me  amazing sunsets.  I wonder what I taste like to bugs like mosquito's, because they are biting me like crazy.  I wonder how little I care when people call me a slacker, especially after an extra long day of work, and an even longer day off work trying to make ends meet and make all the things coming un raveled, come back together.  I am now pondering what a blue moon is.   Because there is supposed to be one on the 31st of this month.  I know growing up it meant I got to skip something hated, like taking a bath.   Once in a blue moon, you get no supper, and four desserts....   I wonder what people did before Google --to look things up, like what the heck a blue moon is.  I marvel at angry relatives and the great ones.  And I wonder how people become friends.  Out of all the crazies out there, why would anyone pick ME to be there friend?   I wonder if people donate items in front of a thrift store at night, before they are found or can be processed, if someone takes home these items--is it really stealing?   I wonder why I have the urge to smell almost everything.  I wonder how much coffee is to much.  And how late in the day, in the heat one should drink wonderful coffee!   I wonder how many beers is to much  this fine evening.  I wonder how you explain to someone who doesn't know what work is, that many things that look like slacking, are actually keeping a family unit together AND earned after a long work week at work and at home.  I wonder how long I can make this very paragraph.  I am even curious why you are so curious!?  I could go on and on.  To little sleep is getting to my head.  And I find when I over think things, it can be dangerous for every one around me.  I also know some of this rambling has started to make you think----because I can smell the bananas burning from you thinking to hard!

Wait!  I already have that   so the rest of you can just enjoy me being a prick!

                                 **"I do what the voices in my wife's head tell me to do."**-----
       For the most part if I stuck with this  I would probably stay out of the dog house much more.
   I have been married for almost four years now, and most of the time of late am just happy my wife does not smother me to death with a pillow in my sleep.   Most of the time I also seem to have no clue what the heck is going on---- just like the eight years I worked at Wally World!   The other night at work a customer noticed my wedding band   and said, "you look way to young to be married!"    Before I even began to explain that I was almost 37, and I can recall way to quickly when I thought 30 was flippin' old.......   I simply replied  " I think EVERY ONE is to young to be married!"    Do I regret getting married or anything about our relationship?   Heck no!   She is my best friend and the love of my life.  Forever and a day!  Do I tell her I haven't had a working battery for my Miracle Ear for the last two years?   Heck no!  

     My parents are moving again. Back across town but still a complete move. I don't ever wander how any of us kids got our gypsy spirit.-----   So growing up I moved A LOT.  Still my family and I seem to be in constant moving mode.  My parents and siblings and I seem to move around the US in a constant motion, just staying a few states away from each other.  I have seen a ton of sights, and lived in some amazing places through all of this. 

Since my marriage, my balls are in a decorative jar on the
mantle piece above the fireplace.  ;)

        **Today's soup of the day:  Coffee!     At noon-ish it switches to Tequila!

  **"Just the other day had it's famous annual running of the bulls.  The winner   as is the case   every year is Charles Darwin!"**

**The problem with political jokes, is they than get elected!"**
I post about coffee A LOT.
But one has to drink something  until it is beer --30.
And all the coffee wakes one up after it is 5 o clock some where for 8 hours straight. 
                                I do not need a senior center quite yet  but this one made me laugh.  I am though  VERY forgetful.   My wife often asks me how I am a server  because I can not recall sh*t. 


Golf clap for this   hands free device!

        And now what you have all been waiting for    your moment of Zen.......

Where are you Exploring today?  
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