Friday, July 31, 2015


                      **"Coffee first, than your mundane Bull Sh*t!"**

                       **"If you think you can---or think you can't do something, YOU
                                                          are right!"**---Family Guy

  I am not sure of the cleanness of my coffee cup this morning, because I keep looking down to find things floating in my caffeinated beverage.   I have found worse things in my home morning coffee---like bugs and tree offspring -when I sip coffee off the back deck.  But since I am to lazy to brew another batch or even change coffee cups, I do believe I just need to stop glancing into my coffee cup. 


  Some how tomorrow marks the beginning of August.  July was a very crappy month for us   in all aspects of the word.  So I truly hope that the new month brings good news to us.   Tonight is supposed to be an amazing -and rare blue moon.  Although I am still not sure what that even is.   Since I will be driving home from work about 1 AM --I should have a great view of the moon.  At one time I was planning on taking a trip home and than through the main sights in Montana in August.   But many car repairs and expensive lessons later---I do not see this happening for a few more months.  Of course when I do go  I will have lots of new pictures to share!    For local pictures and Exploring  please check out my newest blog page....          Tons of updates, pictures, and Exploring is on the way   to all of my pages.  Including another look at Benson, Arizona.  After living here three years now. 

                           Drugs  are bad   Mmmmmm   Kay!??

Check yours to see if it is autographed
it could easily be worth a small fortune.
It has been a super bad month in our house hold.
And it has gotten to the point that even little things --on the road and such anger me too much.
Maybe because there are things floating in my morning coffee.
Maybe because it has been way to long since I have
found the time to take a long ass hike.
At any rate I see myself fully snapping one day soon, if
things do not calm down around here very soon.
Maybe y'all can watch me on the ten o clock news.
I will be on top of the local Wally World store 
squirting potential shoppers with high powered water guns. 
Surprise   they are running again this year!!

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