Monday, July 27, 2015

I Wonder

             As I sit here on our front deck this late night or early morning I wonder a lot of things.  I wonder why I am still awake.  And if it really is night time or early ass morning.   My new work schedule has completely thrown off my sleep schedule it seems.  I did not even get home from work until 3 AM it seems.  I have the theory in my head that it is not truly morning, until I get out of bed.  My new work schedule has allowed me to see some amazing Arizona sunsets and the usually rare, for me  amazing sunsets.  I wonder what I taste like to bugs like mosquito's, because they are biting me like crazy.  I wonder how little I care when people call me a slacker, especially after an extra long day of work, and an even longer day off work trying to make ends meet and make all the things coming un raveled, come back together.  I am now pondering what a blue moon is.   Because there is supposed to be one on the 31st of this month.  I know growing up it meant I got to skip something hated, like taking a bath.   Once in a blue moon, you get no supper, and four desserts....   I wonder what people did before Google --to look things up, like what the heck a blue moon is.  I marvel at angry relatives and the great ones.  And I wonder how people become friends.  Out of all the crazies out there, why would anyone pick ME to be there friend?   I wonder if people donate items in front of a thrift store at night, before they are found or can be processed, if someone takes home these items--is it really stealing?   I wonder why I have the urge to smell almost everything.  I wonder how much coffee is to much.  And how late in the day, in the heat one should drink wonderful coffee!   I wonder how many beers is to much  this fine evening.  I wonder how you explain to someone who doesn't know what work is, that many things that look like slacking, are actually keeping a family unit together AND earned after a long work week at work and at home.  I wonder how long I can make this very paragraph.  I am even curious why you are so curious!?  I could go on and on.  To little sleep is getting to my head.  And I find when I over think things, it can be dangerous for every one around me.  I also know some of this rambling has started to make you think----because I can smell the bananas burning from you thinking to hard!

Wait!  I already have that   so the rest of you can just enjoy me being a prick!

                                 **"I do what the voices in my wife's head tell me to do."**-----
       For the most part if I stuck with this  I would probably stay out of the dog house much more.
   I have been married for almost four years now, and most of the time of late am just happy my wife does not smother me to death with a pillow in my sleep.   Most of the time I also seem to have no clue what the heck is going on---- just like the eight years I worked at Wally World!   The other night at work a customer noticed my wedding band   and said, "you look way to young to be married!"    Before I even began to explain that I was almost 37, and I can recall way to quickly when I thought 30 was flippin' old.......   I simply replied  " I think EVERY ONE is to young to be married!"    Do I regret getting married or anything about our relationship?   Heck no!   She is my best friend and the love of my life.  Forever and a day!  Do I tell her I haven't had a working battery for my Miracle Ear for the last two years?   Heck no!  

     My parents are moving again. Back across town but still a complete move. I don't ever wander how any of us kids got our gypsy spirit.-----   So growing up I moved A LOT.  Still my family and I seem to be in constant moving mode.  My parents and siblings and I seem to move around the US in a constant motion, just staying a few states away from each other.  I have seen a ton of sights, and lived in some amazing places through all of this. 

Since my marriage, my balls are in a decorative jar on the
mantle piece above the fireplace.  ;)

        **Today's soup of the day:  Coffee!     At noon-ish it switches to Tequila!

  **"Just the other day had it's famous annual running of the bulls.  The winner   as is the case   every year is Charles Darwin!"**

**The problem with political jokes, is they than get elected!"**
I post about coffee A LOT.
But one has to drink something  until it is beer --30.
And all the coffee wakes one up after it is 5 o clock some where for 8 hours straight. 
                                I do not need a senior center quite yet  but this one made me laugh.  I am though  VERY forgetful.   My wife often asks me how I am a server  because I can not recall sh*t. 


Golf clap for this   hands free device!

        And now what you have all been waiting for    your moment of Zen.......

Where are you Exploring today?  
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